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Anne Pollard, Jonthan Pollard's first wife.

Anne Pollard, the “forgotten” Pollard who was jailed along with her husband Jonathan but for a shorter time, is suing the Israeli government for millions of dollars for allegedly abandoning her.

Anne Pollard served 3 years and 4 months in prison, out of a five-year term, while her husband’s life sentence in jail was curtailed Friday.


She is arguing in her suit that the Mossad abandoned her and for defamation and Jonathan from the day the Israeli Embassy refused to allow them asylum.

Jonathan Pollard divorced her from his jail cell after she left prison. He then married Esther after Anne moved to Israel. She returned to the United States and then moved back to Israel in 2010.





  1. Where ever he goes, what ever he does, let it go unreported and leave him alone and he leave us alone. No more publicity, he is no hero but a mercenary who sold himself and information entrusted to him to the highest bidder. He is not to be trusted and should live the rest of his life in obscurity. He is a disgrace and embarrassment to American Jewry and has made it that much more difficult for any Jew seeking a carreer in American Intelligence agencies. Like other encarcerated American Jewish charlatans he pretends to embrace religion and disgracefully the orthodox establishment has embraced him when what he really deserves is a "Cherem".

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