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University of California at Merced.

Do you remember the stories from earlier this month about an angry young freshman male student who pulled out a butcher knife and began stabbing students, faculty and others who got in his way on his California campus?

The stabber’s name was Faisel Mohammad. He was shot at the scene by campus police and died of his wounds.


But the Sheriff of Merced County said that the University of California at Merced student was simply upset about being kicked out of a study group. And, the sheriff insisted, the fact that Mohammad was Muslim did not mean that the attempted murders had anything to do with his religion.

Now the authorities are rethinking that analysis, which was previously presented as absolutely ironclad.

It turns out that there has been some new information which “included questions about the manner in which Mohammad was dressed” during the attack, as well as “the types of websites he may have visited” in the weeks preceding his stabbing spree, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Also, investigators found a “printout of an image of an Islamic State flag among Mohammad’s belongings.” And in the manifesto Mohammad left behind, he wrote that he planned to behead one of his intended victims. Mohammad also allegedly interspersed his note outlining his murder plans with “praise Allah.”


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