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Rosh Hashanah Greetings from Azerbaijan

“Passersby, regardless of their religious affiliation, always congratulate us on Rosh Hashanah.”

Pro-Israel Group Urges Ethics Investigation of Tlaib for Retweeting Charity with Terror Ties

According to the release, the organization was investigated by the Israel-based Alma Research and Education Center, which indicated that some of the money donated to Baitulmaal goes to the Gaza-based charity organizations United Friends Association for Social Development (UFA).

Iran Enraged by UN Criticism of Its Murdering Thirsty Rioters

Human rights groups around the world have accused Iran of using unlawful and excessive force against the Khuzestan protesters and cited a higher death toll than was reported by Iranian media.

Water Riots in Southwestern Iran Enter 8th Day as Police Shoot at Demonstrators

“Khuzestan is a perfect model of how ignoring people would end."

Muslim Employees Sue Mount Sinai for Tampering with their Beards while Leaving Orthodox Jews...

The suit alleges religious discrimination in violation of State and City Human Rights Law, and cites Cohen's “failure to engage in a cooperative dialogue.”

Man Who Stabbed Rabbi Shlomo Noginski in Boston Charged with Hate Crimes

Awad will now be sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for the next 20 to 30 days to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

Israel Heeds US Ask, Supports UNHRC Vote on China’s Detention of 1 Million Muslims

Israel's vote may mark a change in policy under the new government and the new Foreign Minister Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid).

Human Rights Groups, US, Want New Iranian President Investigated for Crimes Against Humanity

"We continue to call for Ebrahim Raisi to be investigated for his involvement in past and ongoing crimes under international law."

Police Arrest Lod’s Imam on Incitement to Violence and Terrorism

Lod Police are preparing for the possibility of violent riots in the city following the arrest.

United Hatzalah Muslim EMT Saves his Neighbor’s Life before Friday’s Prayers

“After the third shock was administered, the man began to resist compressions, a sign that he was coming back to life.”

Founder of Hezbollah Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur Dies of Corona Complications

As Iran's ambassador to Syria, he played a pivotal role in the creation of the Lebanese radical Shia terrorist organization Hezbollah.

PA’s Mufti Chased Off of Temple Mount by Muslim Worshipers for Not Praising Hamas

Hamas has become very influential and noticeable among the Arabs in Jerusalem.

Arabs Using Mosque Minarets To Direct Pogroms in Lod

The rioters in Lod aren't randomly roaming around looking for targets for their pogrom.

Iranian Dissidents on Manhattan Billboard: Don’t Trust Ayatollahs’ Apologists in US Media

"They intend to harm America. Do not trust the mullahs’ apologists in the U.S. media.”

Arieh King – Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Discusses the Ongoing Ramadan Riots

Arieh King explained the connection between the current round of Muslim violence and the Palestinian Authority elections.

Israel Arrests 17 More Rioters as Ramadan Riots in Jerusalem Continue

Total number of arrests since riots broke out at the start of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan on April 13 is 157.

Muslims Continue Nightly Ramadan Riots in Jerusalem

The Muslims have been seeking out Jews to attack. [Warning: Graphic Video]

Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Zoroastrian Leaders at National Interfaith Iftar Urge Fighting Hatred

The event also featured musical performances and a poetry recital, centered on the theme of interfaith relations.

Cops Taser Muslim Convert Who Wanted to Shoot Jews in Doc Martin’s Cornwall County

He used Facebook Messenger and later his phone, to tell his acquaintance that wanted to kill Jewish people and needed a gun.

Natanz Sabotage Set Back Iran’s Nuclear Program by 9 Months, Improved US Leverage in...

Israel is not concerned about Iran's ability to avenge the ferocious attacks on key personnel and facilities connected to its nuclear program.

Former Jerusalem Mufti Issues Fatwa Against Arabs Who Sold Real Estate to Jews in...

The ban was originally issued in 1935 by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the pro-Nazi Jerusalem Grand Mufti.

Anti-Semitism in the 2020 Pandemic: Less Violence, More Desecration, Intense Online Jew Hatred

The advent of the vaccines, coupled with Israel's vast vaccination campaign, assisted by Israelis and Jews who hold prominent positions in vaccine-making companies, reinforced the anti-Semitic responses.

Bolstered By Chinese $400 Billion Deal, Iran Won’t Stop Enriching Uranium Until Biden Drops...

"The odds any progress to revive the deal before Iran holds a presidential election in June have dwindled."

Likud Party Quarrels over Reliance on Arab Party

Senior Likud figure Tsahi Hanegbi openly called to rely on Ra'am.

Michigan Imam Calls to ‘Join Hands’ with Jews that Wish Jerusalem be Retaken by...

Imam Mustapha Elturk: “Not all Jews are bad; some Jews and Christians are doing our work for us, as a matter of fact.”

Report: In Turkish Schoolbooks ‘Jihad War is New Normal, Martyrdom in Battle Glorified’

"Some anti-Christian and anti-Jewish sentiment has been introduced; in both cases the pejorative "infidels" is used.

Netanyahu Blames Iran for Blowing Up Ship, Tehran Newspaper Admits Same

Israel is convinced the IRGC Navy is behind the attack.


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