FBI ‘Particularly Concerned’ About ‘Lone Actors’ on Passover

“Unprecedented threats do not need to equate to unnecessary fear or panic,” said Michael Masters, of Secure Community Netw

Ritchie Torres: Anti-Israel ‘Haters’ Won’t be Thanking Israel for Protecting Islamic Holy Sites from...

"Critics cannot help but downplay the actual wrongs against Israel and overplay the fictional wrongs by Israel," the New York Democrat said.

3 Wounded, 5 Arrested as Philadelphia Muslims Exchange Gunfire to End Ramadan

No one in Philly sounded surprised on Wednesday that a bunch of Muslims started shooting each other on their holiday.

UK Honor-Based Crimes Up 62% in 2 Years

Such crime is not only on the rise but has also become more “severe,” said a U.K. family lawyer. Since 2016, honor crimes in the U.K. have reportedly risen by nearly 200%.

Dearborn, Michigan Arabs Chant ‘Death to America!’ at Al Quds Day Rally

It used to be a Middle East thing, but now the Middle East has settled in the Midwest.

Survey: Only 1 in 4 UK Muslims Believe Hamas Committed Atrocities

Younger, well-educated Muslims were most likely to deny Hamas's Oct. 7 crimes..

Police to Ban Jews From Temple Mount During Final Days of Ramadan

Ben-Gvir has not commented on the police ban, but it is believed that he was overruled by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli MKs Accuse Ra’am Party of Terror Links, Demand Probe

A charity associated with the majority Arab party has been accused of being a Hamas front.

Israeli Authorities Arrest 23 (Muslims) for Incitement on the Temple Mount

Several of them had led chants inciting and in support of terror attacks.

Pew: Half of US Muslims say Hamas has ‘Valid’ Reasons to Fight Israel

Just 18% of U.S. Muslims said that Israel had valid reasons to go to war against Hamas.

Mossad: Hamas ‘Striving to Ignite the Region During Ramadan’

The head of Israel's intelligence agency met with his American counterpart on Friday as part of a "relentless" effort to advance a ceasefire-for-hostage deal.

Fearing Ramadan Terror, US Embassy Bans Staff & Family from Old City of Jerusalem

The embassy announced the restriction "due to the potential for security incidents."

Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah Plotting Ramadan Violence, Israeli Defense Minister Warns

Hamas and Iranian proxy groups plan to turn the Islamic holy month of Ramadan into the “second phase of October 7."

Anti-Israel Groups Planning NJ Protest Against Shiloh Winery

“I purchased this land from the Israel Lands Administration, paid the Economy Ministry for its development and fees to the Binyamin industrial zone."

Muslim Month of Hate Looming over Israeli Government’s Decision-Making

All this goes on the head of this 6th-century Jewish merchant who hired an illiterate Arab kid as a security guard for his caravan.

Police Arrest 2 Imams in Lod Who Ran Mosque PA System at Excessive Volume

Several demonstrators came to protest outside the police station in the city.

Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush Vote to Allow Oct. 7 Attackers into US

The two “squad” members were the lone votes against the “No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act.”

GOP Jews Ask Senate to Nix Anti-Israel Muslim’s Judicial Nominee

“Mangi’s radical affiliations should have disqualified him from being nominated for a lifetime judicial appointment,” the RJC wrote.

Hamas Spokesman Abu Ubaydah Reveals: We Attacked after the Jews Imported Red Heifers

The Arabs feel exactly what many religious Jews feel – that history as we know it will end on the Temple Mount.

UAE Launches Mass Trials of Suspected Muslim Brotherhood Activists

Emirati members of the Muslim Brotherhood undergo a proxy allegiance ceremony.

Aisha the K9 Warrior Video Upsets Muslims on Account of Muhammad’s Wife by Same...

Aisha bint Abi Bakr, a.k.a. "Mother of the Believers," was the prophet Muhammad's third and youngest wife. According to most sources, Aisha was 6...

White House Removes CAIR from National Strategy on Antisemitism

A White House spokesman also condemns "shocking, antisemitic statements" from the Council on American-Islamic Relations executive director.

Christians Oppose New Hamas Recruiting Drive in Lebanese Refugee Camps

Hamas seeks to establish a new military force in southern Lebanon because the terror group’s leadership feels betrayed by Hezbollah and Iran

Islamist Yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ Stabs German Tourist to Death near Eiffel Tower

This incident follows a similar attack in Arras, France, less than two months ago.

Minister Cameron: Winston Churchill Who Fought Hitlerism Had No Illusions about Islam

Churchill witnessed a fervent zeal in the Muslims' approach to warfare.

Israeli Hackers Claim They Shut Down Revolutionary Guards’ Nuclear Projects

Last week, the group took responsibility for deleting the content of the well-known GazaNow Telegram channel.

Muslims Irate after Jews Blow Shofar on Temple Mount on Rosh Hashanah

All of which stands to show you that the Arabs already know the Jews are coming. Now, someone must tell the Jews.

New York City Mosques Can Now Publicly Call to Prayer on Fridays and Ramadan

NYC mosques will be allowed to use external loudspeakers on Friday afternoons and every evening of Ramadan to call for prayers.

Islamist Philadelphia Teen, Who Planned ‘Catastrophic’ Attack, Arrested

The 17-year-old reportedly had been in touch with an Al Qaeda-linked group.


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