For the first time in 2,000 years, there will be no Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services at the Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue in Alexandria in 5773, reports Daniel Greenfield in “In The Point.”

This was the last active synagogue in Egypt. The Egyptian authorities’ excuse for the shut-down, effectively outlawing High Holiday services in the country, were “security” reasons.


Levana Zamir, head of the International Association of Egyptian Jews in Israel, said: “It seems this is really the end of Jewish life in Egypt. The authorities have found a way to take over the last Jewish bastion, since all the remaining synagogues are already archaeological and tourist sites. It is very sad.”

This is yet another example of the fact that Jewish life is becoming extinct in the Muslim world.


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  1. And in response..chairman barack has ordered 3 missile cruisers be delivered to the muslim brotherhood to help them protect their waters against the "Zionist experiment." Any Jews that are not looking at all these events, and obama's support of them, are looking to relive Germany 1939.

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  5. shame on any Jewish person voting for this so called friend of Israel (NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL OR THE JEWISH PEOPLE and if vote for him then u have no principals so think on…………………………………………..

  6. shame on any Jewish person voting for this so called friend of Israel (NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL OR THE JEWISH PEOPLE and if vote for him then u have no principals so think on…………………………………………..

  7. shame on any Jewish person voting for this so called friend of Israel (NO FRIEND OF ISRAEL OR THE JEWISH PEOPLE and if vote for him then u have no principals so think on…………………………………………..

  8. Really Honig? Demeans history? EVERY time the MB threatens Jews or attacks Coptic Christians, the chairman announces a new donation to their cause. 2 weeks ago, there were open attacks on the Christians by the MB…within days chairman barack authorized a sign off of an IMF 1.3billion dollar donation to Egypt (US taxpayers pay 25% of the IMF funding). As for 1939, no demeaning at all. As a son of Shoah survivors I heard the stories first hand on how Jews acted pre-camps. Much of that is being relived today with many Jews globally hiding themselves and voting for those (like obama) who openly surrunds himself with Jew haters and proponents of our genocide. Examples: soros, his financier, who call his nazi alliance the "best years" of his life; Powers, who has called for a "US led NATO invasion of Israel to eliminate the criminality of the Zionist entity, return the lands to the indigenous owners, and return the aggressors to where they came from": The list goes on including Wright, Farakhan, Sharpton, Jackson. Add that to the expanding countries in Europe looking to make Judaism illegal and TWO US cities that have now also tried the same. I am on point!

  9. As grand child of survivor my grand father taught me about Tikkun Olam. The fact you keep going on about '39 shows poor grasp of history. Try '33. And your causal link just random.

  10. All of the 1930s as hitler grew in power; the kapos that assisted him then just like the kapos obama surrounds himself with; promotion of Anti-Jew laws in all of Scandinavia, Denmark, Holland, and now – with the approval or pelosi – in San Francisco and San Bernardino; There is a difference between Tikkun Olam and facing reality. Perhaps you should re-introduce yourself to the philosophy of Tikkun olam. Repair the world? First you must eliminate the flaws and threats

  11. World news reports have proven that Muslims are intolerable of those outside their religious communities. Many labeled as infidels are often beaten or put to death. Believers in cultural diversity should use whatever method necessary to end the Muslim cult. Its practice is dangerous and a threat to peace loving people.

  12. Belly dancing the beautiful Islamic Art has been banned in the Muslim world. Now the Christian girls are keeping the beautiful art of Belly Dancing to continue, by performing it, to keep it alive.

  13. @openid: in 2010, both cities pushed to establish laws banning circumcision with eyes on eliminating kosher slaughter of animals – namely ban Judaism. The Congresswoman representing them – nancy pelosi, as well as the democratic party senators n

  14. @openid: in 2010, both cities pushed to establish laws banning circumcision with eyes on eliminating kosher slaughter of animals – namely ban Judaism. The Congresswoman representing them – nancy pelosi, as well as the democratic party senators from CA pushed campaign funds to the groups promoting the ban

  15. My father is from Egypt and there used to be a vibrant Jewish community there…almost everyone is gone. My father found success, love and happiness in North America but it saddens me that he had to leave his home, his friends and his life to move somewhere else and start again.

  16. Arie Rosenrauch You seem to be randomly conflating different things and be under the impression it is that is presenting a coherent argument. As for your knowledge of history, to your previous sin you add the defaming of Denmark. The only country to be singled out & honoured as Righteous Amongst Nations at Yad Vashem. I think you need to reflect a bit more and say a lot less.

  17. I hate to say "I told you so" to all those who reveled in the "democracy in action" of the Arab Spring, and to the Occupier-in-Chief who helped bring about "Change" in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist terrorist groups throughout the region imposing their anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-capitalist, anti-alcohol, intolerant, polygamist, slave-holding, capital-punishing, no-separation-of-church-and-state, illiberal view of the world. But since these organizations are also anti-American and anti-Western-civilization, they must be exalted. Dumb move.

  18. Barely free and democratic and in terms of foreign affairs atrocious. As far as economy, without Israel #2, it wouldn't have lasted or gotten to this point. Rather than taking a side and vilifying the other, one should try to understand both sides as dispassionately as possible. But, of course, that's the last thing people do.

  19. Israel's accomplishments are *amazing*. Let's not forget, what would have happened if Israel had lost any of those (non-provoked) wars…. How about 1967, 1973? People tend to forget their history very very fast. Israel survived, up against tremendous odds. Funny, how people forget. Oh well, I guess, it's all about the Palestinians…

  20. Almost nothing about this post is factually correct (predictably), but it does raise the interesting paradox that, in most of the Middle East, those characteristics we celebrate as liberal democratic ideals (freedom of religion, equality for women, etc) are generally promoted by the very worst dictators while democratic movements often stand in opposition to those values.

  21. Obviously, and that is why I said "most of" the Middle East. For the most part, the best situation Christians and women have had in that neighborhood has been under Saddam Hussein and the Assads. Is there an Islamic country with a larger Jewish population than Iran? I don't believe so.

    Given the common assumption that democracy produces more freedom, these facts present something of a paradox.

  22. Sev, very misleading. From an interview a few years ago, there was only one attendant (and I mean one, not even rabbi) to the synagogue (and probably none now). Services were only performed only once a year by visitors from other countries. As to uniqueness of hate, a certain European country was a birthplace of many cold blooded Nazi assistants.

  23. Yakov, I hope you are not referring to Ukraine by "a certain European country". Anti-Ukrainian bias among Jews is such a cliche, it's far from amusing. Ukrainian-Jewish relations are complex and one-sided vilification does not help. As in most such cases. As if there were no collaborators among the Jews themselves or other European nations. How about the significant Jewish contingent among the workers of Communist regime in the Soviet Union? Or that's something we would rather sweep under the carpet? Double standards, if you ask me.

  24. As I said, no one got out unscathed from the War. Attempts to find the "most culpable" are despicable. The task is to understand our history and reconcile ourselves with it, learning the lessons and taking them with us into the future. That is hard enough in itself, without various haters and opportunists getting in the way with one-sided accusations. The recent approach among historians and beyond of treating the Eastern European lands as "bloodlands", as caught in between Hitler and Stalin, and therefore facing a situation which presented little hope and even fewer solutions, is a step in the right direction. I do not suggest denying any actual events that took place. But neither do I advocate distortions of history and biased portrayals of those times. Once again, understanding must trump accusations. Otherwise we're not going to get anywhere. We have plenty of evidence to show what mutual accusation looks like – Israeli-Palestinian conflict a case in point, although, of course, not the only one.

  25. Regarding nationalists – it's a complicated history. Neither wholesale demonization nor wholesale admiration is adequate. The devil is in the details, as they say. It is important to distinguish various groups of nationalists, various organizations, various units of UPA and OUN, etc., etc., etc. Yes, there were instances of criminal acts – I'm not going to deny that, because that's a historical fact, as far as we know. However, I also am aware of many positive stories and exemplary behavior from UPA soldiers and officers. As always, there is no black-or-white in this life.

  26. Jean Pierre Katz There is a site run by a make pretend "Rabbi" who pushes the theology that "tikkun olam" means the Jews must surrender to the islamists for there to be peace. I don't believe Honig is that extreme…just misinformed.

  27. Off topic.
    Back to Arab Spring and was it positive, and was it a good idea for the US to intervene on the side of Islamists?
    I maintain it wasn't, and that it was bad foreign policy on our part.

  28. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded by a fan of and correspondent with Hitler. I don't know what people think Obama could have done or can do about the situation in Egypt. Syria is heading the same way. What should we do about the situation there?

  29. We should have supported our ally in Egypt – by all accounts a tyrant but substantially better than what came after.

    We similarly supported the other "democratic" uprisings such as Tunisia while pooh-poohing any suggestions that the M.B. and other Islamist groups were behind them.

    And we actively bombed Libya to allow the Islamist groups to take power and immediately impose Sharia, and the beheadings of homosexuals, raped women, "apostates" and blasphemers began.

  30. You know Arie is right [and you should listen to him] all the parallels that he draws regarding B O and the left are unfortunately reminiscent of early Nazi Germany. Also, the Nazis could have never enacted there grand solution without the lemming Jews who acted as kapos in the ghettos and the camps. I remember asking the director of Yad Vashem about the fact that there were no displays about the Judenrat at Y V – she said: 'We don't talk about that here'.
    We must be just as vigilant with anti-Semites who are Jews as with anti-Semites who are not Jews. We have always had our 5th column since the biblical time of Moshe Rabeinu. They come in all sizes and shapes from and including self-hating members of the clergy to the rank and file. We must remeber that the Torah was given to all men not just to observant Jews and there was a very good reason for that. It was to admonish those whom the Torah was given to in the first place – to toe the line and not to turn your own in in order to procure you own survival. Europe is full of their ashes because it does not work. Only fighting for the right works even if you die for it – it works. Am Yisrael Chai!!!!

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