Photo Credit: Ministry of Defense
IDF Engineering "Namer" APC enters anti-tank trench.

The Ministry of Defense Tank Program Management, together with the IDF Ground Forces, has announced the start of the first series of tests on the Namer armored personnel carrier (APC), equipped with a 30 mm cannon medium turret.

The turret is to be installed on two of Israel’s armored personnel carriers- the Namer, and the first wheeled “Eitan” APC, which is currently undergoing tests as part of the development program.


“The APC equipped with the turret and cannon provide a better response to urban combat,” said Tank Program Management Director Brig.-Gen. Baruch Matzliah in a statement to media.

“The 30 mm medium sized cannon is designed to provide significant firepower to the infantry units, to allow fighters to be more independent on the battlefield and to reduce dependence on assistance from other units.

“The turret is unmanned and does not penetrate the combat cell, so that the ability to carry the soldiers is not harmed. Its operation is expected to be simple and will be performed by the armored personnel carrier team. The turret will also incorporate an active defense system and additional systems that will add to it additional significant capabilities. “