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The Hitler store in Gaza

( Fashion is a business that must keep its ear close to the ground, to identify trends and capitalize on public whims. Which is why you can’t really blame the owners of a clothing store in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip for posting mannequins in black balaclavas (the bank robber’s ski mask) and black-and-white checked keffiyehs over their faces. waving Palestinian flags in one hand and a knife in the other. The hat tip for discovering this new gem goes to Facebook user Mohammed Asad who took the first shot of the inspired display on Nov. 1, and to Israel Radio’s Arab affairs correspondent Gal Berger who ran with the story.

The combination of the store’s name glorifying the world’s most reviled anti-Semite with the most negative aspects of the Palestinian image, an image Palestinian officials are trying to erase—claiming those killed youths were non violent protesters, “executed” by Israeli security forces—depicts accurately the state of mind of today’s Palestinians, as only a fashion enterprise can do.



  1. Merced, CA UC knifing was done days after this! I wonder how many more "Lone Wolves" stabbed or beheaded westerners as a result of this? The UC & CNN don't seem to know about this "Call to kill westerners/Israelis"?
    The war & " migrant crisis" seems is being used to take over other countries & kill others.
    Send those here back & don't bring ANY more over!
    We've had increasing problems with those who came over in the 1970's years before this! These people want to kill us! We are at war & many didn't know it until the attack on France, but it's been going on for quite some time.
    As I've been saying for some time… If you want to help "Migrants" or "Refugees", take them into your own home, feed them, create a job for them and be totally responsible for them and their actions!
    Since then, we've discovered several known terrorists have come over, been given housing, food, jobs, etc. Some have been caught, others not I'm sure!
    2 that have been caught had killed our people in Iraq and had made plans to kill veterans after their return home!
    UC students in Merced we stabbed by a Jihadist, but no Presidential visit, the news (CNN at least) discounted it as being an 'Angry student'!
    #WakeUpAmerica #SendThemBack #NoRefugees ##NoMigrantCrisis #MigrantCrisisIsTrojanHorse #MigrantCrisis is a Trojan Horse
    We need to get these people out of infrastructure jobs… They are dangerous AND they get FBI & Homeland Security briefings in these jobs as well.

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