The IDF will open a rocket-proof field hospital for Gaza civilians as of Sunday evening, military spokesmen said. The medical center will include a maternity room, allowing Gazans to enjoy quality medical care they do not receive in Gaza hospitals, many of which are used as bases for terrorists.




  1. Why should Gazans enjoy the fruits of NOT USING RESOURCES (like cement) FOR WAR? Why should Israel pay for this? Plenty of people in Israel could use help. Do you think the Gazans, who don’t pay for electricity even–would do the same for Israel? No. Torah is clear about what should be done for/to those who try to kill you. Let someone else provide for the Arabs.

  2. Took? We handed back Gaza with all the greenhouses that fed millions of Israelis. They demolished them and said they had no food. Israel still provides water, electricity, food and medicine. Instead of providing for their citizens they use your tax dollars for rockets, launchers and mortars.

  3. To H Fragman Abramson: I am not a Torah scholar, but there is this: Shemot 23:5 “When you see YOUR ENEMY’s donkey collapsing under its burden, and you hesitate to help him [your enemy], you should be sure to help him.”

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