Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

Our cartoonist, Asher (no last name, for his own safety), drew an amusing cartoon today. It was titled, “An ISIS and Hamas Terrorist Walk Into a Bar…”.

The cartoon (below) had the two terrorists discussing their preferred terror techniques, via some clever wordplay.


What we weren’t expecting was all the Muslim hate mail and comments – dozens of them – which had us rolling on the floor, laughing our heads off. But that might be a bad choice of words.

When President Obama talked about ISIS having nothing to do with Islam, I can guarantee you that his message definitely didn’t reach our Muslim readers.

A normal person gets upset that ISIS terrorists behead people, and that Hamas terrorists dig terror tunnels to steal dead bodies (to say the least).

But No. Our Muslim readers are all upset that we had the ISIS and Hamas cartoon terrorists (who President Obama said don’t represent Islam) sitting in a bar drinking alcohol.

And yes, to make that absolutely clear, our Islamic terrorists in the cartoon are drinking alcohol. The ISIS terrorist is having a Cosmopolitan, and the Hamas terrorist is drinking a Zombie.

We initially thought to tell Asher to go into hiding after drawing today’s cartoon, and we even sent him Salman Rushdie’s secret address, but we remembered that after a Hamas rocket blew out all the windows in Asher’s apartment – a month before he even drew the Islamic terrorists drinking alcohol – Asher had a few credits coming his way, since they attacked him first (well, they always attack first, so maybe we don’t have much of a case).

But getting back to the subject at hand… what upset all our Muslim readers about a cartoon of 2 terrorists, is that they are drinking alcohol. Because that is the worse thing in the world two cartoon terrorists could be doing.

It’s like our Muslim readers don’t even care about the ham sandwiches that both our cartoon Islamic terrorists ordered when they sat down at the bar.



  1. I am a young Syrian my life is in danger regime forces bombed our town and the state Islamic Front victory you want access to our town and want young people to be with her, please help my life is in danger beg you want to resort to Israel or America, please help Is there any one can help me I call on officials in the Israeli state to help me

  2. why only ISIS and why not also HAMAS, FATAH, AL QAIDA, HESBOLAH, JIHAD ISLAMIC, PLO, AND MANY OTHERS ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATIONS ????? they are the same creatures that left arabia peninsula 1400 ago, and since that they behavior are like primitive barbarians only promoting destruction, and killing every where in the name or their satanic religion

  3. EXACTLY! ! Why are they reading Jew News? Why go out of your way to read ANY Jewish websites? Basically just to troll and stalk. Funny, I have zero interest reading their sites.

  4. Facebook was founded by a Jew. So why are you even on it?!
    There is something called freedom of expression. At least they are not killing innocents by using them as shields or beheading anyone who refuses to accept what they deem as right! -_-

  5. ISIS is a diversion. Iran is our major threat. Throughout history horrible atrocities including cutting off heads has been committed. This is not something we have never seen. Remember the NAZIS and never forget.

    We can beat ISIS but America Israel and the free world cannot survive a Nuclear Armed Iran .A Nuclear Holocaust is the ultimate nightmare, the ultimate threat to our survival, Iran is constructing the ultimate killing machine.Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  6. muslims commit rape, they pillage, practice spousal abuse, MURDERER and TERRORIZE, and worry about drinking. GIVE ME A BREAK! SON-OF-ISLAM obama is the US' first muslim-born Pres. He removes his jewelry during Ramadan, and he and his family have not seen fit yet to join a church in Washington, DC after 6 years, where there are more churches per capita then anywhere else in America. He is more obedient to islam and mohammed and his koran then to the US Constitution.

  7. I can always rely on you two to remind the world that people with Jewish sounding names are also capable of Extreme hate ! Judaism abhors blind hate! President Obama is the president of the whole United State ! he is not just the president of the Jews, he is not the president of the orthodox shnorr , and is not stupid enough to valunteer the orthdox void US army to turn the weak arab world into "democracy loving " nations like Chaney and Bush did. If we think hedoes not understand an issue cursing and name calling , is not Jewish ,and totaly useless.

  8. Instead of wasting time spewing hate,can we find a Limited cure?we all despise being overrun and surrounded by poisoness snakes, biting ants, or billions of roaches, but only "consevatives" think the solution is shooting them, sub machine gun them, or nuck them. .How about figuring out what really works out ? how about using the Jewish grey cells ?

  9. At last someone has made me smile. Thank you. More cartoons of this kind, please – as long as you STAY OUT OF HARM'S WAY. Difficult at the best of times, when we're Jewish. Harry Potter taught me that the only way to mentally and emotionally conquer fear is to see that which you fear as RIDICULOUS. And indeed, Islamists are ridiculous. For one thing, they live in the 7th century and want to kill all Jews. Simultaneously they use all the 21st century technology researched and developed by Israeli Jews. Where will they get their technology once they (think they) have killed all of us?

  10. Ora Cooper : Oh, Ora, I don't think you can call it "blind" hate. It is, at last, eyes-wide-open hate. If I'd been a USA citizen, I would've been one of those idiots who voted for him. He is a brilliant con man; certainly the best I have ever encountered in my 72 years. Now, at last, I know what he is. And, as a Jew, I am entitled to hate, with all my heart, a man, the POTUS, who treats Jews and Israel as terribly badly, and with as much venom, as he does. And who, incidentally, tells the world that IS or ISIS or ISIL has "nothing to do with Islam." IS (Islamic State) is Islam. Read the Qur'an and the Hadith, and while you're at it try and learn how to spell in English if you're going to write in English.

  11. Divya Jacob : You seem to be confusing Hindus with Islamists. There is a huge difference, and you owe Sajid Manzar an apology. I have spent years in India, working with Hindu people, and they are warm, kind and wonderful. They do not "behead" people; nor do they use people as shields. Get your religions straight.

  12. Sajid Manzar can you translate your beautiful words – "O the people of the holy Torah, take your hatred out of your mind, let your mind be free of hatred. Hate serves no purpose" – into Arabic and email, text it to your Jihad extremists starting with ISIS, Hamas, Alqeida etc. Also, suggest that they read the holy Koran!

    But may be it is not hatred which is fueling all this bloodshed, just lust!

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