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Israeli women donate hair for cancer patients at a fundraiser arranged by "Zichron Menachem". (November 24, 2014).

As of the end of 2023, Israel’s population of women was 4,949,800, of whom approximately 31.3% were aged 0-17, approximately 54.8% were aged 18-64, and approximately 13.9% were aged 65 and over. This, and other data on the status of Israeli women, was released by the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics ahead of International Women’s Day 2024, to be observed Friday, March 7.

In Israel, Muslim women marry at an earlier age than other segments of the population. Their average age of marriage is 23.5, compared to 25.4 among Druze women, 25.6 among Jewish women and 27.6 among Christian women. (This data is from the year 2022).


In 2022, the average age of all Israeli women who gave birth increased to 30.7, a year and eight months higher compared to the average age in 2000.

The average number of children that a woman in Israel is expected to give birth to during her lifetime (Total Fertility Rate) is 2.89, higher than the average in OECD countries, which is 1.58.

In 2023, approximately 1.2 million Israeli women (35% of the total) are mothers of children who are up to the age of 17. Of them, 90% live with their spouse.

Women in Israel live longer than men. Their life expectancy in 2022 was 84.8 years, compared to just 80.7 among men.

However, Israeli women are only expected to live 79.7% of their lives without health problems that impair functioning, as opposed to men who are expected to live 83.1% of their lives without such problems.


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