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  1. Where have you been the last few months?

    Was there something unclear about three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun (HY"D) getting murdered, Bibi responding with "We will respond harshly to future terror attacks", tons of attacks happening in said future and then our government doing NOTHING???


  2. Feiglin is the only one who understands the magnitude of the existential threat of the overwhelmingly genocidal non-Israeli Arab Muslim population west of the Jordan & 5th Column among said group with Israeli citizenship. He's the only one who understands that Israel has the legal & moral right to save itself by repatriating them to Jordan & Egypt. And, he understands that Israel needs a far better political system as it currently has the worst one in the Western world.
    Lieberman has recently given aid & comfort to Israel's bitter enemies with his pronouncements about accommodating them on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan. He's not as good as Feiglin, period. Netanyahu, like Lieberman, is all talk when it comes to what Israel really could do to win its Civil War of Independence, which it has yet to do.

  3. I agree; though I'd like to know that it is a RIGHT-LEANING Bibi, who doesn't let murderers free. My second vote on this list would be Moshe Feiglin, then, not on this list, Danny Dannon or someone of similar stance. I greatly approve of Naphtali Bennett, but believe he is too young.

  4. Same thing I said to another poster:

    Where have you been the last few months?

    Was there something unclear about three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun (HY"D) getting murdered, Bibi responding with "We will respond harshly to future terror attacks", tons of attacks happening in said future and then our government doing NOTHING???


  5. The best PM for Israel would be BENETT. Second choice Netanyahou who seems to have resigned from…british foreign office,assistant of bevin! maybe he will try to be an ISRAELI PM next year but so far Israel has been governed by a triumvirate …bevin-de gaulle-hollande!!! As to all others included kerry's friend lieberman I would send them to hell!

  6. Netanyahou does NOT understand the game otherwise the game would be OVER by now! He understands best how to remain the PM…There has been no building for years and a very very small activity just to be elected now,loo at what happens inTemple Mount where arabs are making fools of jews and Israel,france and europe making fools of Israel etc etc. He does not even know what politics mean! He is a mere DIPLOMAT ie a big mouth!

  7. Liberman is a 2-state solution guy. While I agree with his laser sharp perception of the animals and BS against Israel, he would never get my vote. Promoting a 2-state solution under any conditions is a litmus test that exposes those who lack commitment to the true underlying reality facing Israel. And, that is that this is not a peace process, it is a Global attempt to keep the German mustache alive.

  8. Greer : netanyahou a "great leader"? are you kidding? he is only a diploimat all he can do is talk!He did not start the buildings in all those years and started now a very few of them just for elections sake,Temple
    Mount is a mess and arabs are making fools of Jews and Israel,all foreign governments likewise,he waited for thousands of rockets to rain on Israel before starting an actionon gaza…

  9. Thinking maybe Bibi should get another chance – working with a better cabinet without the strong leftist element, he may be able to do all the things he promises. Bibi, Bennett and Feiglin have to reconcile their differences because they could make a strong leadership team. But it's hard to even know where Lieberman stands, as he's very inconsistent on issues.

  10. The problem with this poll ( I know it is just for fun) is that it makes the incorrect assumption that Israel has a "first past the post" type of voting system.

    Everyone ought to know that if Israelis have ten candidates, each voter need at least 11 votes to reflect their opinion. 🙂

  11. You don't have to be religious to vote for Moshe Feiglin. I am most certainly not, but I do understand the importance of Israel being a Jewish State and I appreciate his effort and sincerity about exactly what Israel needs to do in order to continue to thrive within secure borders. He has no problem in speaking the truth (eg: stop pretending that we must negotiate 'peace' with arabs who want us dead, etc.) and for once do what's best for Israel while ignoring the outsiders who will forever continue to pick away at Israel until it no longer exists (G-d forbid).

  12. Americans like Netanyahu.He has convictions .He knows what he is going to to but on his timetable.He makes us feel more secure that Israel will survive. Don't elect anyone one but him. It would be a big mistake.We support all his ideas. God bless him

  13. Something's wrong with this poll as I know someone who voted for Feiglin and it hasn't shown up. Perhaps there is a suppression system in place here.
    Lieberman has a plan that further empowers the overwhelmingly genocidal Arab Muslims on the tiny splinter of land west of the Jordan River.
    I can't believe so many are voting for him just because he talks tough. Yes, I like him for that, too, but not as much as Feiglin, who really gets it, & who knows what Israel has the legal & moral right to do to save itself.
    He knows more than Avigdor and what he knows is better for Israel.

  14. If it ain't broke don't fix it. We don't want to take any chance in very volatile environment. PM Netanyahu has done a superb job as prime minister throughout his administration, mostly protecting Israelis from the vicious terrorists that want Israel wiped out from the face of the earth in the Middle East & around the world. Rise up Israel protect your Holy Land and your country. Vote for PM Netanyahu. God be with the PM.

  15. Israel elects Parties, not a Prime Minister. If a Party doesn't garner 61 seats, over 50% of the national vote, it has to join with other Parties until their % of the vote, or seats won for their Party in the national election, cross the 50% threshold. The Prime Minister is then a de-facto dictator until, as is again happening this time, the splintered coalition can no longer function together.
    So, this is a rather foolish poll question.

  16. He supported Sharon's illegal, immoral forced evacuation of 8,500 innocent people from their homes in Gaza until the very last moment when he voted against it just to look good for himself. He went through with ceding Jericho to the existential foes of Israel before that. Rather than destroy Gaza areas from where missiles were firing, he had around 80 innocent soldiers die senselessly.
    He's done many other things in support of Israel's avowed genocidal enemies as Lieberman also promises.
    He talks tough but acts far more as a traitor than to protect the innocent 7 million victims from the overwhelming genocidal Arab Muslims west of the Jordan.
    He freed thousands of bloodthirsty Arab Muslims from prisons, quite a number of which (not whom) are murderers & terrorists, some of whom have already murdered injured a number of innocent people.
    His overarching belief that, no matter what, no matter how suicidal in its foolishness, he's going to be the one to give statehood to an overwhelmingly genocidal population.
    It's broken. Fix it, Israel.

  17. Can't believe people still giving the same schmucjs the poser to continue their suicidal policies. Bibi is a leftist. He froze Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria. He gave away Hebron and released thousands of Arab Muslim Nazi murderers. Lieberman not only wants to give Arabs land from 1967 but from Before 1967 as well!!!!!!

  18. If we cannot have Moshe Feiglin (and we won't until Likud has another primary election), Lieberman at least has the saving grace of having never been "rolled" by a US President. Unlike Bibi, who made major concessions and still to my knowledge supports the US "two state solution" even if he realises he cannot keep his position now if he attempts to implement it. Lieberman also is willing to tilt Israel more toward Russia. Which gives Israel more flexibility, instead of Israel treating the US President as it's feudal liege lord. The question we need to be asking is "Who is best to lead Israel in a post UN Middle East?" The coming of the Islamic State to Syria and Iraq has left a coalition of everybody who isn't Sunni Muslim needing to fight for their very lives. This fight involves "ethnic cleansing", which is what Syria and to a lesser extent, Iraqi Shia militias are doing. If the Islamic State takes Jordan, the last of the context for Oslo goes away. The Russians "get it". The Russians are far more flexible about both population transfer and border changes than the US is–and far less legalistic. They get that the Mideast is fluidly moving from the petty Arab states established by the Treaty of San Remo that were supposedly secular but in reality enshrined the kleptocratic rule of a few favoured clans over everyone else–to unisectarian states. This may be an opportunity as well as a challenge for Israel–if Israel stops mindlessly following the American line in favour of the UN status quo and hoping against hope for a conservative Republican Administration in the next election that is likely not to happen. The one situation in which Israel may be able to engage in population transfer of Sunni Muslims (the Druse have bled for Israel and have earned the right to stay) without incurring near universal sanctions against it may be if the Islamic State takes Jordan and/or Egypt becomes Salafist. Israel needs a PM who can seize this opportunity if and when it presents itself.

  19. Do all the Russians voting for Lieberman know what his positions are? Do they know he favors the creation of a Muslim state in Judea and Samaria? That he wants Israelis to be able to buy pork products throughout Israel? Please, look at his web site before you think Lieberman is the answer to anything!

  20. I believe that the wrong question is being asked in the survey. A Prime Minister does not "run" for Prime Minister. Rather his or her party has a list which the potential Prime Minister heads, and if that list wins the most Knesset seats in the proportional number of seats won by the various political parties, that person heading this political list is likely to become Prime Minister. So the question before the readers should be "which list would you prefer to win" the March elections.

    It is true that the current Prime Minister "Bibi" Netanyahu was #1 on the list of the Likkud Party, and the Likkud Party won enough seats for "Bibi" to become Prime Minister. Because of the many twists and turns of partisan maneuvering and manipulations during the forming of governments after elections, it is possible that a #1 MK from another party might be chosen. In fact there is a very outside chance that anyone getting a Knesset seat might find him or herself taking the crown away from Bibi.

    The outgoing government has spent a great deal of time and energy on idealogical issues like the "nation-state" monstrocity, and that is because of all the parties represented in this outgoing government, it stirred up the juices of the rightwing ideologues.

    I would hope that any new government would behave more rationally, which leaves out the Likkud, which is split between conservatives, rightists, and "go along to get along" members, the Israel Home Party now led by Avigdor Liberman, which is a very conservative government willing based on the naturally conservative Russians who came to Israel during the last years and soon afterwards of the USSR, to accommodate such legislation as the "nation-state" bill, and a very rightwing national religious party that has substituted land for God as its primary object of worship, and whose leader Naftali Bennett has been a main-spring for the same bill which would have killed any effort for Israel's democracy to affect Israel's minorities.

    So which Prime Minister would I like to see elected in Israel? Any #1 of a party that offers peace at home and strives to genuinely make peace with the Palestinians.

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