Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement to the press at the site of the shooting attack, at Sarona Market, Tel Aviv, on June 9, 2016.

By Jonathan Benedek/TPS

Tel Aviv (TPS) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed on Thursday night that Israel has apprehended a collaborator in Wednesday night’s deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv that killed four Israelis.


“We caught the man who collaborated with the murderers,” said Netanyahu at the Sarona Market in central Tel Aviv, the scene of the terror attack.

Although the collaborator along with two suspects in last night’s shooting attack, cousins Khaled Muhammed Musa Mkhamra and Muhammed Ahmed Mkhamra, have already been taken into Israeli custody, Netanyahu said that security forces will implement extra security precautions.

“We decided on a number of firm steps,” said the prime minister. “We have quarantined Yatta.” Both Mkhamra suspects are residents of the village of Yatta, located south of Hebron, where IDF forces made a number of arrests on Wednesday after the attack.

“We cancelled hundreds of work permits for members of their clan,” continued Netanyahu. “We have also halted the easing of tens of thousands of Ramadan visits in Israel, we have increased security forces in the buffer zone and here in Tel Aviv, and we decided on taking more steps that I will not provide details for here.”

The prime minister also criticized the Palestinian Authority for failing to join the international community in unequivocally condemning the terror attack.

The Hamas terror group in Gaza openly praised the attack. The office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the harming of civilians – without referencing the specific attack – while his Fatah party described the attack as a “natural and automatic response” to Israeli actions.

“I have not heard such a condemnation from the Palestinian Authority, although I did hear the rejoicing in Gaza and other parts of Palestinian society in Judea and Samaria,” said Netanyahu, referring to spontaneous celebrations that broke out in Palestinian communities as news of the deadly attack spread.

“It only reminds us whom and what we are dealing with.”

Nonetheless, Netanyahu expressed a determined effort on the part of Israelis to continue living the day-to-day routine.

“They will not overwhelm us,” said Netanyahu. “I can even see that life around us is back on track.”


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  1. Another we are strong speech, start pounding
    the chest Bibi!
    As we BURY our children,The Arabs are
    shaking…. out of laughter!
    WHat happened to the previous murderers,
    stone throwers.,.??? How could one stone
    Have been thrown, EVER,and the potential
    murderer not shot!
    Tell the world what is the penalty for attempting
    To kill Jews by stoning them?
    Save us the drama and release the third animal
    Today…. After all it's Ramadan.Easy PC points.
    As JEWS have been murdered in cold blood!!
    Your brilliant response … arrest a solider and
    charge him w murder!!!!

  2. Somewhere in (pick your location anywhere the American military is active) a bomb is dropped and misses its target. Civilians die, and America offers an apology and moves on. There is a reason for the military to be there, but it's lost in the political rhetoric.

    Let Israel internally react to a violent terrorist and the world condemns it. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but if it occurred in Tel Aviv, the U.N. would decry and denounce the victim.

    It is a time that Israel do what it needs to do. Tolerance has to be limited, but it has to be effective. Standing by and doing nothing empowers the terrorists. Referring to them simply as "gunmen" or "Palestinians." minimalizes and mitigates their actions. If indigenous people of America want to leave the reservation, they get treated like ordinary Americans. If an Arab wants to live in Israel, he gets the same rights as anybody else. Just like the Indian, who leaves the reservation, he joins the general society.

    It is way past the time to dissolve the Palestinian Authority. They are not doing their job. Israel can not allow the status to continue.Israel must take decisive action and forget what the world has to say. Self-protection has to come first and burying innocent people is not an acceptable option. We demand the same rights as the rest of the world. Petro-dollars, be damned.

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