Photo Credit: Mark Neiman / GPO
Israel's President Reuven Rivlin.

The Office of President Reuven Rivlin has denied reports that he will receive on Thursday a citation of honor from the left-wing New Israel Fund (NIF) on Thursday.

It clarified that the Jewish-Arab Center at Givat Haviva, which is funded in part by the NIF, is awarding the President.


Rivlin’s office stated:

The Jewish-Arab Center at Givat Haviva does much to build a joint society and holds varied activities that connect between the two nations….

Givat Haviva operates alongside the Shatil organization, which – like many organizations connected to Jewish-Arab activity – receives funding from the New Israel Fund. To say that the President is receiving a citation from the NIF is to go too far, and even to mislead.

The NIF sponsors several leftist groups, notably Breaking the Silence, which has accused Israel of committing war crimes.




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