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Jerusalem Arabs in the neighborhood of Issawiya.

President Reuven Rivlin delivered a passionate plea to Israeli Jews Thursday to understand that Arabs in Jerusalem “are here to stay” but did not note that they have to understand that Jews also are “here to stay.”

Speaking at the “Haaretz Peace Conference in Tel Aviv, the President also blamed both the left and right-wings in Israel for failing to develop Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem, implying that their economic and social misery is the reason for their wanting to kill Jews.


Facts that he did not state were that an overwhelming of Arabs in Jerusalem do not vote in Israeli elections, that the Palestinian Authority claims sovereignty over them but that they have shown little political interest in becoming Palestinian Authority citizens and losing their rights and benefits from the Jewish state.

President Rivlin’s most interesting comment was that the left-wing is just as much to blame as the right wing for not developing Jerusalem.

He said:

The Left, in the name of ‘separation,’ refused to invest in its neighborhoods, citing the supposed ‘transience’ hovering over the issue of a unified Jerusalem. Accordingly, the Left did not see fit to realize our sovereignty there or strive to bring equality in the living conditions between the city’s eastern and western areas. The Right, for its part, for reasons of ideological struggle and electoral unpopularity, also did not deem it proper to invest in the eastern part and thereby to unify the city in practice

Rivlin is a committed centrist. He said that Israelis understand “the limitations of the old ‘land for peace’ formula” and that Jews are “a courageous people, which justly lays claim to its right and obligation to defend itself, and not to fall into fateful mistakes in the name of a naive yearning for instant solutions to end the conflict.”

His declaration to the conference that the right wing must understand that Arabs and “Palestinians,” as he called them, are here to stay was omitted the other side of the coin that they have to accept the fact the Jewish State of Israel is here to stay.

Rivlin told the conference:

The Arabs of the Land of Israel, the Palestinians, are already here, now, by our side and in our midst, and they are not going anywhere. Separation does not make them ‘disappear’ just as Greater Israel will not ‘swallow’ them. Separation will not render them ‘invisible’ or ‘non-hostile.’ and Greater Israel will not make them fond of us or make them our friends.

When the President of Israel calls Jerusalem Arabs “Palestinians” he fuels a disconnect with Israel and feeds their trying to identify with the Palestinian Authority.

In the same breath, he appealed to Arab youth not to turn to violence to solve their problems.

He far from justified Arab violence but implied that it can be understood because, in his words, “We froze and repressed dealing with eastern Jerusalem in the present – and thereby literally abandoned the security of its Jewish inhabitants and the welfare of its Arab inhabitants.

“Is there really anyone, on the Right or Left, who thinks that if in the eastern section of Jerusalem, if more than 70 percent of its inhabitants live below the poverty line, that this advances Israel’s interests or the security of the city’s Jewish inhabitants?”

After having explained why he thinks Arabs are violent, and without a hint of Islamic clerics’ preaching for “martyrdom,” the radical Islamic Movement’s hate Israel message or daily Palestinian Authority incitement, President Rivlin pleaded for peace and said:

I wish to reach out to the Palestinian youth. I say to you, choosing death is not a way out. For too many years blood has been shed like water on this land. Mankind – all mankind – was created in the image of God. No blood is redder than any other.



  1. He is an Arab, a Muslim, is Israel.
    But he has a sincere wishful thinking that he is afraid to raise his lips are his words:
    (Source Arabic, Hebrew translation below).

    انا عربي – مسلم. مواطن اسرائيلي. التواء نفسي يكمن في إعادة تأهيل ما يسمى العربي الفلسطيني, وحان الوقت ليقول ذلك علنا – الأمواج. نحن, العرب الذين يعيشون في اسرائيل والعرب فقط. اننا لم نكن يوما “الفلسطينيين” لأنه لا يوجد شيء اسمه فلسطين. “أبدا. ولدت معظم العرب في إسرائيل في الدولة – إسرائيل. جاء أسلافنا من الدول العربية المختلفة مئة وعشرين سنة, وتقدم فرص العمل والدخل للمزارعين التالية اليهودية أو فرص العمل للبريطانيين لمدة ثلاثين عاما.

    وفي الواقع, كان عدد قليل من العرب هنا قبل تحت العثماني – التركي ل 400 سنة. أي فلسطيني “.” وقد جمعت هذه حفنة من أسلافه وذريته يستمر العرب مثلي. اختراع للشعب الفلسطيني, وبالتالي الطلب من اجل اقامة دولة فلسطينية مستقلة هي كابوس بالنسبة لي.أنا لا أريد أن يعيش في أي بلد عربي, ولا حتى في شخ “. وستجرى آخر دولة عربية مثل أي دولة عربية أن أي العربية – الاسرائيلية يجب مراعاة حق معارضتها. أي من البلدان العربية اذا بلد واحد هو الديمقراطية.

    لا صراع – أي تمييز

    انا عربي – مسلم – اسرائيل تريد ان تعيش في – الوطن القومي في إسرائيل – ديمقراطية للشعب اليهودي هو أيضا بيتي. كما اليهود العرب / / الصينية / يعيشون خارج بلدانهم الأصلية تلقي حول القوانين والقواعد الجمركية المحلية. أطالب المساواة التامة بيني وبين المواطنين من أي يهودي آخر, سواء الحقوق والواجبات. أريد أن توزيع عادل ومنصف للموارد اللازمة لجميع قطاعات السكان.العرب في حالة اسرائيل ليست أفضل من حالة المهاجرين الاثيوبيين, ولكنهم يعرفون أيضا واحدة بديلة لتلك الدول العربية أسوأ بكثير. الصراع بين العرب واليهود يفرق بيننا وبين المجتمع الاسرائيلي يتطلب منا أن تنطوي على تمييز ضد اليهود سلبيا. لن يكون هناك صراع, لن يكون هناك أي تمييز. بسيطة.

    انا لست وحدها. هناك الكثير من العرب في اسرائيل الذين يعتقدون مثلي في أعماق قلوبهم, وحتى يعطي التعبير في الهمس. انها ليست موضة في الكلام والكتابة حيث الغربية – كنا نعيش في المجتمع الإسرائيلي, وعلمنا فصلا أو اثنين من طرق الحياة, ويجلب قتل قتل الحق في الحياة هو أعلى قيمة من أي شيء آخر. انا عربي – مسلم وعلماني اليهود الذين عاشوا بين العلمانية وإلا إذا كنا تنفق هذا هراء يسمى “فلسطين” في قاموسنا, لن يكون هناك فرق بيننا يجب أن يكون الفرق.

    نريد دولة عربية? – الخروج من إسرائيل!

    ولا بد من الاعتراف, واليهود يريدون أن يعيشوا في سلام مع العرب فيها. اننا يزعج لهم كل أنواع القادة العرب “لدينا” إلا إلى إدامة العداء. صلاح, والحروب, والآن هذا هو واقع, والدولة – ولا يمكن لإسرائيل العيش في سلام قليلا معنا.
    مصطفى حمدان بن علي الحاج احمد

    I am an Arab Muslim. An Israeli citizen. Sick of mind called lie with the Palestinian and Arab restoration time has come and say it openly. We, the Arabs living in Israel, just Arabs. We have never been “Palestinians” because there was no such thing as “a Palestinian”. Never. Most of the Arabs in Israel were born in the State of Israel. Our ancestors came from various Arab countries a hundred and twenty years, due to employment and income offered by Jewish farmers or different jobs for the British for thirty years.

    Indeed, a handful of Arabs were here before under Ottoman-Turkish rule for four centuries. No “Palestinians”. That handful was gathered to his ancestors and his descendants continue to be Arabs like me. The invention of the Palestinian people and the subsequent demand for an independent Palestinian state are a nightmare for me. I do not want to live in an Arab state, not B”flstin “. Another Arab country will be conducted like any Arab state that any sane Arab-Israeli conflict should oppose it. None of the Arab countries least one state to be democratic.

    No dust – No discrimination

    I am an Arab-Israeli Muslim who wants to live in his home State of Israel and the National Democratic Jewish people which is also my home. As Jews / Arabs / Chinese / living outside their countries of origin to abide by the laws, rules and customs of the place. I demand a complete civic equality between me and any other Jew, both rights and obligations. I want to just distribution of resources and fair for all segments of the population. The situation of Arabs in Israel is better than the situation of Ethiopian immigrants, but Both know the alternative to Arab countries is much worse. The struggle of the Arabs against the Jews distinguishes us from Israeli society and requires Jews to discriminate against us negatively. There will be no struggle, there will be no discrimination. very simple.

    I am not alone. There are many Arabs in Israel who think like me secretly and even give it expression in a whisper. It’s not fashionable to speak and write Western terms – we lived in Israeli society, we studied a chapter or two of the laws of life, sanctifying death brings death and the right to life is a supreme value than anything else. I am an Arab Muslim secular Jews who lived among secular if only we would take this nonsense called “Palestine” from our lexicon, there will be differences and there should be a difference between us.

    Want an Arab country? – Exit from Israel!

    It must be admitted, Jews want to live in peace with the Arabs within them. We bother them with all kinds of Arab leaders “our” only perpetuate the hostility. Hales, wars and now this reality, the small state of Israel can and should be a model state I do not mind being called “the national home of the Jewish people.” I want to live here. Does not see the value of an Arab life but an Arab country should go choose a country like this. there is a lot. I do not!
    Even if this country would be divided and a Palestinian state will be established, will not give up the opportunity to lead a democratic State of Israel. I love this country and respect the Jews who built it on the ruins of a desolate wasteland, neglected and abandoned was here.
    “State of Palestine” would be a terrible state. It certainly would not be democratic. Even today you can see the seeds of corruption among the leaders of the pre-Palestine. Who will put them on trial and will sentence them to penalties. The State of Israel to do it. Read newspapers.

    Mustafa Ali Hamdan Haj Ahmed

  2. A leftist is a leftist, as sick as those Jews who screamed their loyalty to Stalin, in 1937, as they were about to be shot, during the wholesale killing of the professional class of Jews. This left wing self-hatred should be considered a mental illness. Rivlin should never have been appointed President as he does more harm by being divisive and creating even more hatred than just by shutting up.

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