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South Carolina Rep. Alan Clemmons in a 2011 interview with Yishai Fleisher.

By an Act signed into law by Governor Nikki Haley on June 2 and effective immediately, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is permitted to issue to car owners in South Carolina special license plates. Those special license plates will have the message: “South Carolina Stands With Israel.” The graphic on the plate will have intertwined flags of Israel and South Carolina.

Rep. Alan Clemmons, a passionate supporter of Israel, introduced the legislation into the South Carolina House of Representatives on Dec. 3 of last year. The bill was approved in committee, approved by the full House on April 3, 2014 in a vote 57 to 1. The bill was approved unanimously by the Senate on May 21 and became law on the date it was signed by South Carolina’s governor, on June 2.


Because it is a vanity plate, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will charge $7 for each plate. However, Rabbi Yossi Refson, leader of the Charleston Chabad announced that the Chabad of Charleston has decided to front the cost.

Even those who don’t live in South Carolina can participate in this expression of support for the Jewish State, by donating money to the Chabad specifically for this project. The address can be found on the shul’s website.

Clemmons first visited Israel in 2011. He visited Judea and Samaria and supports the Jews living there wholeheartedly. At the time he addressed concerns that some Christians support Israel only because they have a secret plan to convert them. When asked about that possibility, Clemmons unequivocally denied any such intention.

“Israel is a special place for all Christians, and Jews have a right to be concerned with Christian persuasion and influence,” he replied.

“When it comes to Israel, abuse and injustice in the name of religion have worked against the Jews for millennia, but if there is any thought of missionary activity – there is none. I am not interested in converting Jews. I am here to support Jews,” Clemmons affirmed in an interview with Israel National News.

Stuart Kaufman, a former New Yorker who recently relocated to South Carolina with his wife was ecstatic to have found such an ardent Zionist in the South Carolina state legislature.

This is a wonderful accomplishment and I can say without equivocation that I am incredibly proud to be a South Carolinian,” Kaufman wrote in an email about the new legislation.


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  1. How many people in the State of S.Carolina actually put on the Vanity Plate that ‘We Stand With Israel.” Could open a real problem for your vehicle but then again not. Like the slogan on car bumpers, ‘Honk if you Love Jesus!” To each their own.

  2. Stuart is a member of a Southern Poverty Law Center designated Hate Group: The United FYI – They have serious Intelligence community and Military connections. “In 2002, Mr. Kaufman was one of the founders of Fortress Global Investigations (, an international investigations and security consulting firm. After closing Management Recruiters, Mr. Kaufman served as Fortress Global’s Executive Vice President for business development. – See more at: ” From:

  3. A vanity plate saying “South Carolina Stands With Israel.” While I believe foreign policy is the province of the State Department and not individual states, I don’t really see any harm in those plates, and in fact, I like them. I just don’t like Stuart Kaufman, for the many anti-Reform comments he’s made.

  4. I don’t want to jump to Kaufman’s defense, but Morris Dees is a putz and a of the first order. Moreover, who put this yutz in charge of determining what is and what isn’t a “terrorist organization”?

    Here’s a news flash: Morris Dees isn’t Jewish. Not even a little bit.

  5. Judith Dowla – I do not like being threatened by people ., but you have a point: “From a distance, there is harmony,
    and it echoes through the land.
    It’s the voice of hope, it’s the voice of peace,
    it’s the voice of every man.”

  6. A big “meow” to that; we have three cats, plus myself. I read that article; Kaufman has one excellent quality which ALMOST transcends his bad ones; he rides a Harley.

  7. If ever there was a hate group, it is the SPLC. I have been trying for years to personally get on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of “haters.” When I do, I will know for sure that I have succeeded in shaking their tree. Larry: I had forgotten about you. I don’t recall threatening to punch you in the face, however I confess that it would give me a great deal of pleasure to do so. Mr. Silagi: I absolutely acknowledge that it is my view that the Reform movement ceased being Jewish @40 years ago. If you dislike me for holding that opinion, so be it.

  8. Larry, please read Psalm 1:1-6. “How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked……..” (The Righteous and The Wicked Contrasted.) This is a good message to put into memory for future use. How I see this anyway.

  9. Dan Silagi a high 5 for Stuart Kaufman choosing Harley to ride on. We have one thing in common being a motorcycle. Is that enough common ground for getting to square 1 with Stuart. I wonder if he has a name for his Harley? Mmmmmm

  10. Dan Silagi , Stuart could be likened to a thorn in one’s side and that surely gets our attention trying to win him over to a little bit of our side eh?

  11. judith Dowla My pastor was motoring down the freeway, when he spotted someone in front of him with the vanity plates “Honk if you love Jesus.” So he pulled up alongside of this car and honked. the man in the other car gave him the finger. my pastor was totally insulted.

  12. Me thinks Dan that if you and Stuart met in person at The Hotel California it would be a whole different story over a glass of wine and a T-Bone Steak. 🙂 🙂

  13. Judith Dowla Stuart Kaufman name sounds like a mafia name, and why would one Jew threaten another Jew, one thing I admired about the Jews was they helped out others three times and if he still floundered after that he was on his own. what other nationality is so caring about each other
    G-d bless

  14. Dan Silagi -Dan Silagi – I expected that. Go to website and decide for yourself. They have latched on to a real issue (Radical Islam) and driven a tractor trailer (or should I say -tank) through that.

  15. Whew, it is a relief to know that I a less than a pimple on your butt. I do, however, appreciate that you and your ilk have decided to define Judiasm and Jewisness for the rest of us. I must assume that a major part of your issue has to do as much with politics as it does religious practices and beliefs.

  16. Lori, these plates generally cost more than $7 above the normal plate fee. They also raise money that is generally funneled to a group that is affiliated with the cause. Which group will be getting the money from the sale of these plates. I don’t speak to Yossi for personal reasons, but I’d like to see a follow-up to this that digs a bit deeper.

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