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Tel Aviv

The Ministry of Transportation, the National Public Transportation Authority, the Innovation Authority and the Ayalon Routes Company announced Sunday that four groups will conduct experiments in operating autonomous buses, as part of the national project for autonomous public transportation.

In the coming months, the winning groups are expected to begin trial programs for operating autonomous buses that will last for about two years, and upon completion of the programs, the public transportation operators are expected to operate the autonomous service lines commercially.


About NIS 61 million will be invested in the demonstrations that will be carried out as part of the Calling Voice, about half of which is from the state budget.

As part of the pilot, the winning groups will operate an independent public transportation service on public roads, including passenger transportation, within the framework of the license granted to them by the National Authority for Public Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation.

This is a two-phase project whose purpose is to examine the feasibility of integrating autonomous vehicles into the public transportation system in Israel. The project includes an examination of various operating models and their economic and operational efficiency and connects public transportation operators with innovative technology companies in Israel and around the world. The project will also increase the public’s familiarity with autonomous vehicles and their characteristics: safety, driving experience and environmental benefits.

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