Israel Moving to Electronic Tourist Visas

The E-visa will allow foreigners coming from countries that require an entry visa and who wish to come to Israel on a tourist visa to receive one through their e-mail, without having to go to the Israeli embassy.

El Al Pilots Ignore Attempted Cyber Attack, Switch to Alternate Comm Channel

It became clear very quickly that someone was trying to mislead the pilots.

UN Official Who Justified Oct. 7 Terror Attacks Banned From Entering Israel

Francesca Albanese, a UN official with a history of comments justifying Arab terror, will be banned from entering Israel.

EL AL Sky Marshals Overpower Man Breaking Into Cockpit

Security protocols were activated on all El Al flights following the incident.

Flying to Visit Rebbe’s Tomb, EMT Saves Passenger from Seizure

With remarkable composure, he directed the flight attendant to halt takeoff procedures and swiftly accessed the onboard medical kit.

El Al Cancels Flights to Pro-Hamas Ireland, Morocco and South Africa

"The cancelation of the routes allows for the expansion of our activity and the addition of hundreds of flights to existing sought-after destinations."

El Al to Add Five Weekly Flights from South Florida, Los Angeles, Boston

"Since Oct. 7, El Al has strategically adjusted its U.S. flight schedule to uphold an air bridge which is vital for the State of Israel," stated Shlomi Zafarani, an El Al vice president.

El Al Cancelling South Africa

It might also be a good time for all the Jews left in South Africa to pack up and leave.

FBI Said to be Investigating Balloons Over JFK Airport Amid Anti-Israel Protests

The pro-Hamas Nazi activists disrupted 60 flights during the long holiday weekend, one of the year’s busiest travel times.

Doctor Rescues Diabetic Passenger During Flight

In a mid-air medical incident aboard an El-Al flight from Bulgaria to Israel on Tuesday, a septuagenarian passenger faced a diabetic emergency. The alertness...


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