Israel, Jordan Reach Agreement on Air Space

The deal also allows airlines from Jordan to fly through Israeli air space, as well as those from the UAE and Bahrain.

Israeli ‘Air Force One’ Ready for Takeoff Within Two Weeks

Upgraded Boeing 767 includes defense systems against cyber and missile attacks, and a conference room equipped with encrypted satellite communications mechanisms.

Rami Levy & Shalom Haim Offer Bid for Israir Airlines

Due to the coronavirus pandemic regardless of who buys the airline, they will simply be grooming the company for an upcoming performance.

Israel Grants Permit to Rozenberg for Control of El Al Airlines

Rozenberg purchased a 43 percent stake in the airline for $107 million in its public offering.

Israelis on Long List of Foreigners Quarantined Upon Entry in NY State

They will be compelled to quarantine and fill out a travel form when they arrive in New York. Failing to obey the rules could result in a $2,000 fine.

United Airlines Changes Motzei Yom Kippur Flight Time After Request from NY Jewish Passenger

Unwilling to simply accept the inevitable, Miriam Werczberger sent an email to Oscar Munoz and Scott Kirby at United Airlines.

El Al Begins Phased Refunds for Canceled Flights

El Al is offering a refund of the value of the ticket plus 30 gift points for frequent flyers, or a voucher at 25 percent higher value for a future flight.

EL AL Offers Customers 125% Vouchers for Canceled Flight Tickets to Avoid Refunds

The recently amended Aviation Act allows airlines to offer vouchers instead of refunds, but the choice of whether to accept them is up to the passengers.

Report: El Al Plans to Restart Passenger Flights in October

On Oct. 12, El Al plans to resume flights along its main routes to New York, London and Paris.

Report: UAE National Carrier Emirates to Launch ‘Kosher Arabia’

“With recent developments, we expect that demand for kosher food in the UAE and region will grow quickly,” says Emirates Flight Catering CEO Saeed Mohammed.

Haredi Investor Eli Rosenberg Beats Tami Mozes Out of Controlling El Al

As the controlling share owner of El Al, Mozes-Borovich – those names represent two of the richest families in Israel – acted as an unchallenged monarch.

United Airlines Starts Nonstop Chicago-Israel Fllights

Throughout 2020, United has been the only carrier to maintain continuous daily service between the U.S. and Israel.

Meir Gurvitz in Israel for ‘Personal’ Discussion of Bid for El Al

Gurvitz is willing to share ownership of the company with the current controlling shareholders, Knafaim Holdings.

Israir to Launch Tel Aviv-Dubai Flights in October

“Israeli aviation is going to completely change,” says expert Yossi Fischer. “The UAE understands what a wonderful opportunity they have and they know the Israeli market well through the companies they own.”

Former US Envoy Jason Greenblatt Advising Rozenberg on Purchase of El Al Airlines

"It is time for El Al to properly get ready to spread its wings again, get people back to work, and get people to and from Israel in a manner deserving of a powerful country like Israel."

Saudi Arabia to Allow All Israel-UAE Flights Through Its Airspace

"Flights will be cheaper and shorter, and it will lead to robust tourism and develop our economy."

UAE Airline Competes with EL AL, Offering Flights to Israelis on Trips to Far...

"In recent weeks we have seen a rise in demand in Israel and a return of the desire to travel.”

El Al to Fly First Commercial Run from Israel to UAE, No Security Officials...

Monday flight on a Boeing 737-800 numbered #LY971• Return flight to Ben-Gurion Airport on Tuesday numbered #LY972.

Bus Driver Who Fled a Stop Where Wheelchair Bound Haredi Child Was Waiting Sued...

"The boy was shocked by the incident and even got into an emotional storm and asked to return home as the incident made him feel bad and scared of traveling on public transport."

Israel Immediately Deports 2 Yeshiva Students from London Arriving without Authorization

A total 17,000 male and female, religious and secular, older and younger foreign students have arrived in Israel for a year of studies -- first entering a 14-day quarantine.

Tel Aviv Extends Visually Stunning Invitation to UEA Tourists

Six of the UAE's most distinctive and impressive landmarks were sculpted from sand at Tel Aviv's Geula Beach.

Report: El Al Extends Ban on Passenger Flights Until End of September

The Israeli airline is extending the unpaid leave of most of its 6,080 employees • El Al CEO: “There is still a significant way to go until the restart of scheduled flights.”

Aviation Analyst: Saudi Arabia Will Permit Dubai-Ben Gurion Flights Over Its Airspace

The flight time over Saudi Arabia between Israel and the UAE will be cut substantially, to about 3 hours.

Israel, UAE Work on Tel Aviv-Dubai-Abu Dhabi Route Over Saudi Arabia

The first thing that will be affected is what we see here: tourism. UAE residents want to come here and will come here.

(Partially) Open Skies: Israel to Accept Foreign Tourists in September

Israel partially reopened its skies this week, with visitors from “green countries” exempt from quarantine upon arrival.

Israel Reopens its Skies, with Caveats

Israelis can fly to Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia, but must be tested for COVID-19 before flying and remain in quarantine upon arrival until receiving the results.

World’s Longest Marlstone Cave Discovered in Israel Near Dead Sea

Since the discovery of the Qumran caves, several other marl caves have been discovered, but their finding was considered episodic and not particularly significant.

Fire Ravages Jewish Girls’ Camp Outside Albany

Due to the coronavirus regulations, the camp was not in session.

Greece, Israel Sign Tourism Deal to Allow 600 Israelis to Visit Per Week

Israelis will reportedly be limited to four locations and will have to remain in quarantine until receiving the results of a pre-flight COVID-19 test.

With No Incoming Tourism, Jerusalem Shifts Focus to Israelis

The city is offering free entrances to tourist attractions, culinary tours, tour guides, and other attractions.


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