EL AL Stops All Flights Beginning Thursday Night

EL AL will continue to operate “rescue flights” to retrieve stranded Israelis, in addition to the ongoing cargo flights.

US Warns American Travelers: Last Warning – Come Home Now Before It’s Too Late!

"You may be forced to remain outside of the United States for an indefinite time frame."

Update on Non-Citizens Who Will be Allowed into Israel

Israel has updated and clarified which non-citizens will and will not be allowed into Israel.

Report: Elbit’s Controlling Shareholder’s Dan Hotels to Host Coronavirus Patients for DM Bennett

Dan's defense ministry contract, worth 80 shekel per night for 1,200 rooms, would vastly help it to cope with the sharp fall in its revenue.

Watch: Traffic at Ben Gurion International Kept to a Minimum

Brian Schrauger recorded this pastoral scene at Ben Gurion International on a coronavirus Monday

US Extends Travel Ban to UK and Ireland

US citizens and legal residents were exempt but must self-quarantine for 14 days and travel through specific airports upon arrival.

Report: El Al to Lay Off 80% of Employees Until the End of June

The total number of laid off employees will depend on the number of flights the company will be operating, which currently stands at about four daily flights, based on demand.

Israir, Arkia Suspend International Flights

The move follows a decision by Israel to impose a 14-day home quarantine on every person arriving in the Jewish State.

EL AL Airlines Flight LY26 New York to Israel Canceled Due to COVID-19...

No decision has yet been made on travel restrictions for passengers entering Israel from the United States.

Holy City Immersive Experience Opening at Tower of David

For the first time, the holiest sites of Jerusalem have been captured using both volumetric scanning, and Stereo 360 VR filming.

EL AL Management Takes the Cut to Save the Company

The wage cut for executives and managers is to be applied retroactively to salaries effective March 1.

And Then There Were 10 … Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Israel

The total number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Israel now stands at 10.

El Al Cancels Flights to Italy, Thailand

The first confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus was diagnosed in the Netherlands on Thursday. The patient returned from Italy.

Stunning: Israel’s Southern Canyons after the Floods

I am so grateful to Oded Sahar of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority for these images. I could stare at them for hours.

Hebrew U Cracks Airbnb Code: What Makes a Host Look Trustworthy?

A high-resolution, multi-person shot of a smiling, elderly female host is more likely to attract Airbnb guests than photos of young hosts, men, or poor-quality shots.  

Gett’s Kosher Taxi App Faces 150 Million Shekel Racism Class Action Suit

"If there were a sincere religious intent here, they should have insisted on Arab drivers for the Mehadrin taxis."

Worried About Coronavirus, Israel Bars Foreigners from High-Risk Countries

The new restriction will affect those who have traveled within the last two weeks to Thailand, Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Smotrich to Pay El Al Millions to Compensate for Coronavirus Losses

This crisis couldn't have come at a more opportune time for El Al, which will divert the planes from its Asian destinations to its European and American routes, just in time for the lucrative Passover season.

El Al Suspends Flights to Thailand Over Coronavirus

Likewise, the Thai Embassy in Israel has also instructed its own citizens to refrain from traveling to Israel as well.

Tel Aviv Ranked 16th Most Economically Influential City in the World

Forbes magazine has declared the coastal city the second-best worth visiting in the world.

Netanyahu: First Israeli Plane Flew Over Sudan, ‘Vast Changes Are Coming’

Israel is developing ties with a long list of Arab and Muslims countries.

Women of the Wall Fail to Provoke Smotrich into a Brawl: Too Busy

Of course, when he made the statement, Smotrich was referring to Chabadniks, but the statement he made.

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Amar to be Forced to Self-Quarantine Upon Return from Singapore

The rabbi is expected to return this week from visiting Singapore after supervising the opening of a new Jewish cemetery.

3 Israelis On-Board Diamond Princess Contracted the Coronavirus

Apparently, Toshimitsu Motegi does pick up the phone when the person on the other end is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Clergy From Around the Planet Gathered to Pray for the Environment at Megiddo National...

According to the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, Megiddo (Armageddon) is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times.

Boeing 737 Splits into 3 Pieces on Runaway in Istanbul

Videos taken after the crash show passengers exiting through holes in the fuselage.

Israel Flights Can Use Sudan’s Air Space, Says Burhan – Just Not El Al

“We are soon organizing direct flights over Sudan. It may be possible to shorten flights to Latin America by three to four hours.”

Is There Such a Thing as Israeli Cuisine? Who Cares?

In my humble opinion, one can gain half a pound by just looking at these images, they're so delicious.

Here We Go Again: Israeli Traveler Caught with 2.5 Kilos of Cannabis in India

In the past year, 12 Israelis have been arrested in India for possession of Indian hashish – the same substance that was found in the luggage of celebrity charas user Naama Issachar in Moscow airport.


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