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Ethiopian Airlines Formally Names Israeli Crash Victims

The flight crashed on March 10, 2019 shortly after takeoff from the capital, killing all 157 people aboard the aircraft.

9% Increase in Tourists Entering Israel in August

"August continues the trend of month after record-breaking month for incoming tourism."

Jewish State PM Welcomed by Ukraine’s Jewish President

Actor, screenwriter, comedian, director and politician Zelensky, who was inaugurated as President on May 20, was born in 1978 to Jewish parents in Kryvyi Rih, Soviet Ukraine.

Tlaib to Visit Grandmother, Signed Commitment to Keep Low Profile

At this point, Tlaib is planning to visit between Sunday and Friday of next week.

American Airlines to Launch Direct Flights Between Dallas and Tel Aviv

Dallas Airport is also expected to serve as a hub for connecting flights to other destinations, such as Mexico, Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, California and more.

Israelis Warned to Leave Kashmir Immediately

The alert comes in addition to the bureau’s standard travel warning about avoiding visits to the region due to “high-level concrete threats.”

Lufthansa Resumes Flights to Cairo After 24-Hour ‘Safety’ Suspension

It is still not clear why the airline chose to suspend its flights to the Egyptian capital, and the company hasn't offered any explanation.

93% of Tourists in Israel in 2018 Gave High Rank to Experience

Some 54 percent of tourists said that their views on Israel changed for the better after visiting the country.

Fed Ex Plane Lands Safely in Tel Aviv After Emergency Feared

Problems with the flaps on the wings of the aircraft led the pilot to prepare for an emergency landing in Tel Aviv.

IfNotNow Sends ‘Ransom Note’ to Camp Ramah Leaders

Why, of all the ills plaguing the planet, from climate change to measles, is she so dedicated to get half a million Jews to leave their homes in favor of people she never met.

At Start of Travel Season, AP Runs Hatchet Job Against Pro-Settlements Duty Free Chain

Simon Falic also told the AP: “We are proud to support organizations that help promote Jewish life all over the Land of Israel.”

Electra Airways Pilot Makes Successful Landing After Harrowing Ordeal

Miraculously, although the rear left tire was indeed inoperable, the other three tires held up.

Emergency Declared at Ben-Gurion International Airport

The remains of tires from an Israeli Boeing 737-400 flight that departed from Cologne, Germany were found on the runway after the plane took off.

Is Russia Causing the Unexplained GPS Disruptions in Israel?

The IAA assured that “at no stage has there been a safety incident stemming from the GPS disruption in the context of the precision of navigation and flight corridors.”

Reform Clergy Cycles to Auschwitz in ‘Ride for the Living’

The "inspiring one-day, 60-mile bike ride from Auschwitz-Birkenau to JCC Krakow" takes place during the Jewish Culture Festival.

British Youth Who Threatens to Blow Up Plane Just Before Takeoff From Israel Is...

The baggage of the group was removed from the flight, and none of the members of the group were allowed to re-board.

Parks Inspector Captures Brown Tang Reproduction in Eilat Bay at Twilight

"You can see a number of different species such as the Koi who feed on reproductive products, and barracuda who attempt to devour the tangs during the breeding process."

Ukrainian Airline YanAir Suspended over Crazy Landing Mishap, Flew 15 Routes to Israel

Immediately after landing, the crew requested that ambulances urgently meet the aircraft.

Measles Patient Travels from Israel to London

Passengers who have not been vaccinated or whose vaccinations are not up to date may want to consult their healthcare professionals as a precaution.

Plans for Jerusalem Cable Car Approved by National Infrastructure Committee

It will be able to carry 3,000 passengers per hour in each direction, utilizing 73 carriages.

5 Missing on Capsized Boat in Kinneret Recovered

Emergency services received a report about a family of five, parents and their three children, who had not returned from a ride in a sailboat on the Kinneret.

Icelandic Anti-Israel Band Got Cold Shoulder Flying Home on El Al

All three seats were middle seats, each separate from the other, in three separate rows and each in the middle aisle.

Watch: Kamikaze Wild Donkeys in Negev Mountain Nature Preserve

You must be familiar with the sight of an alley cat who suddenly decides to cross the street at racing speed, just in front...

El Al Plane Diverts to Cyprus

“The plane landed safely without damage and the passengers are treated by the El Al station there.”

It’s All Business (and a Little Socializing) at Collaborative Israeli-Anglo Forum in Jerusalem

Several hundred entrepreneurs and business professionals gathered to introduce their products and services, network, hear lectures and attend workshops at the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s second annual Anglo-Israeli/American Jerusalem Expo and Conference.

El Al Begins Direct Flights from Tel Aviv to Las Vegas

The new route begins on June 13 and will depart Ben Gurion International Airport on Friday mornings.

Top 10 Things You Must Do in Tel Aviv During Eurovision Week

Hundreds of local festivities are scheduled as part of the Eurovision celebrations.

Orthodox Jewish Couple Sues Spirit Airlines Over Anti-Semitism

According to the lawsuit, a passenger told the couple that they overheard a crew member calling them “retarded Jews.”

Dozens Killed in Moscow Airport Disaster

There were 78 passengers and five crew members aboard the Sukhoi SSJ100 aircraft.


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