Photo Credit: IDF
Caracal soldiers in training.

UPDATE: Confirmed – One IDF soldier was killed, and 1 wounded seriously injured in the attack. The killed soldier, from an Artillery unit, was from the (religious) town of Nof Ayalon. The family has been notified. His name is Netanel Yahalomi.

IDF forces thwarted a terror attack on Friday, September 21, in which terrorists attempted to infiltrate from Egypt into Israel near. A number of terrorists opened fire on an IDF artillery force stationed along the border to protect the construction of the border fence. A force of the Caracal Battalion, which was stationed nearby, engaged the terrorist squad, injuring at least three terrorists.


One of the terrorists was equipped with an explosive device which exploded. According to initial findings, the IDF force successfully prevented a large-scale attack on Israeli civilians. No terrorists managed to infiltrate into Israel.

The Caracal Battalion is an IDF infantry combat battalion, composed of both male and female soldiers, of both Jewish and Arab descent. It is named after the Caracal, a small cat whose sexes appear the same. As of 2009, approximately 70% of the battalion was female. It is part of the 512th “Sagi” Brigade of Israel’s Southern territorial command.

In the coming hours, a situation assessment will be held, led by Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, in order to investigate the incident.

This July, terrorists opened fire on a bus carrying soldiers near the Israeli-Egyptian border. There were no injuries, but the bus was damaged. This June, a civilian was killed in a combined shooting and mortar attack while working on the border fence.

Roughly two months ago, while touring the border region, the Chief of Staff said, “Bases of terror are expanding in the Sinai region. We expect the Egyptians to exercise their sovereignty.”

“Over ten terror infrastructure in Sinai were revealed and dismantled over the past few months,” Head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, said roughly a month ago. “Sinai is a secondary priority on the Egyptian agenda, and the channels of the terror infrastructure are currently being monitored.”

Al Jazeera is reporting that the terrorists were Salafists from Egypt.


The Caracal Battalion is an infantry combat battalion of the Israel Defense Forces, composed of both male and female soldiers, of both Jewish and Arab descent.[1] It is named after the Caracal, a small cat whose sexes appear the same.[2] As of 2009, approximately 70% of the battalion was female.[1][3] It is part of the 512th “Sagi” Brigade of Israel’s Southern territorial command.



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  1. The Caracal Battalion is a role model for us all. Within this Israeli battalion are both Arabs and Jews, operating on the border with Sinai. Israel and Egypt need to work together, to deal with a common enemy. Already 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed, and now an Israeli soldier has been killed. By the same enemy, the Safalists. Hamas has been fighting the Salafists in Gaza. Hamas needs to join with Israel, for fighting this enemy that both Egypt and Israel have been fighting. Which means Hamas has to recognize the State of Israel, and realize who the real enemy is. So for Hamas it is "Fight The Real Enemy." Because Arabs within Israel are, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is as well.

  2. .I refer you to "Jihad: the forgotten Obligation" pg 2. parg 4 "In my opinion there is no deed more dearer than waiting with my horse and shield in the darkness of night, the shy to be glittering due to the rain, waiting for the onset of dawn, so I can attack the enemy." Al Jihad by Ibne Mubarak, (p88)…p.4 – 3rd parag..Therefore, the Jihad is the best deed and best grade of Jihad is Shahadah (martyrdoom) which the Shaheed (marytr) has acheived. May Allah Subhanahuwa Ta'ala grant all the Muslims the desire for Shahadah. Ameen. The virtues of The Shaheed are numerous and have been recorded in many Hadith books..then he goes on to list 7 virtues and 3 types of martrys..#3. The third type of Shaheed (maryter) is he who set out for Jihad, with his life and wealth intending reward and he is determined to kill or be killed. If he is killed or dies he will come on the Day of Judgment with his sword on his shoulders when the people will be crawling on their knees. He will ask them, "Will you not make way for us as we have sacrified our blood and wealth for Allah Ta'ala."..Christianity, Judaism is as compatable with Islam as Heaven is to Hell…NOT..Innocence…they are as innocent as a serial killer, Hitler, Jim Jones, Charles Mason..and the list goes on & on & the article for yourselves..the religion of death at its finest..G-d bless the IDF, every enemy soldier wants to be a (Shaheed)…they embrace death as we would embrace a child…
    God Bless

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