A female Arab terrorist was neutralized near Halhul (north of Hebron) just after 1 PM on Friday.

Initial reports say the terrorist tried to run soldiers over near the gas station.


No IDF troops were injured in the attack.

The terrorist is in serious condition, but conscious, and taken to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital


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  1. As a trained sniper, my usage of 'neutralize' is to describe a lethal outcome. Unless the liability has needed information, the response should offer zero survivability. The best case scenario, in this situation, would be that her injuries are severe enough to render her incapable of any further terrorist acts.

  2. Yes, technically you are correct. But many will infer killed. I would at least incled the fact that the terrorist is being treated. Israeli response is indeed disproportionate, in that Israel goes to great lengths to save active terrorists, while the arabs go to great lengths to kill innocent women and children.

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