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Jalma checkpoint between Jenin and Afula.

Two terrorists tried to stab and kill a soldier at the same checkpoint Monday morning where a teenage terrorist last week tried to stab guards.

As in last week’s attack, none of the soldiers or guards was wounded.


One of the terrorists in today’s attack was shot and killed, and the other apparently was shot and then arrested. His condition is not known.

The “Jalamel” checkpoint is located between Jenin, in northern central Samaria, and Afula, located between the Jordan Valley and the Mediterranean Sea.

In last week’s stabbing attempt, the Arab teenager was selling a snack food to motorists lined up at the checkpoint and suddenly ran towards guards with a knife in his hand before he was shot and killed.

Elsewhere in Israel Monday morning, an Arab woman sprayed paint on a woman guard who was inspecting her possessions at a checkpoint when a metal detector warning sounded.

The policewoman was not injured, and the Arab woman was detained for questioning.




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