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Jew recites the "Shema" prayer on the Temple Mount. (Archive: 2013)

Two people were arrested by Israeli police on Monday morning for praying on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, according to TPS reports.

The first man arrested was a Rabbi from Beit Shemesh who said the “Aleinu L’Shabeach” prayer, one of the oldest prayers in Judaism.


He has since been released and a court hearing has been scheduled for him.

The second person arrested said a “Mishaberach l’Cholim” (Prayer for the sick).

He’s currently still in custody.

Both are being assisted by lawyers from Honeinu.


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  1. This is one case where I believe (and I don’t like it) that Israel needs to respect the status quo established regarding the Temple Mount after 67. We are dealing with psychotic extremists and there is one incendiary issue that can unite them all– the Al Qusa mosque. I prefer to be smart than right. I’m not willing for Jews to die so that a few fanatics on our side go up there to pray. There are enough places in the Holy Land for Jews to pray without getting the whole Muslim world united in a holy jihad against us. Are those two who were arrested willing to have the blood of Jews on their conscience? I am afraid of the fanatics on our side just as much as I fear the fanatics on their side. All it could take is one pyromaniac to start a conflagration that would take us all up in smoke. I’m not willing to take that chance. Let’s wait patiently for the mashiach.

  2. It is beyond comprehension that a Jew can be arrested for praying at the holiest site in the Jewish religion. The Temple Mount has NOTHING to do with Muslims. Jews were there before there were Muslims. Jerusalem isn’t even mentioned in the Koran. The agreement with Jordan is nothing but a political ploy enacted by the Muslim leaders. In 2015, Jews are considered second class citizens in their own homeland..Take a look around the world and see what Muslims are doing. It’s happening here too and it needs to stop.

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