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Alzheimer's and other dementias challenge researchers to search for ways to diagnose, treat and eventually cure -- if not prevent -- the disease.

The Israeli pharmaceuticals firm ImmunoBrain Checkpoint (IBC), headed by Weizmann Institute of Science Professor Michal Schwartz, is about to begin clinical trials for a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Clinical trials of drug – aimed at modifying the course of the disease and preventing its progression – are set to begin next year. They will take place in eight centers: four in Israel, two in the UK and four in Amsterdam.


Schwartz, a professor of neuroimmunology and the company’s founder and chief science officer, said the experimental antibody treatment correlates the brain with the immune system.

She hailed the company’s “revolutionary approach,” saying her team is the first to discover the brain needs the immune system for its protection and repair.

“I’ve been working on understanding the connection of the brain and the immune system for 22 years,” Schwartz said, according to i24TV. “So it’s not a therapy that was developed by serendipity or trial and error.”


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