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David Stern and Family

David Stern was driving with his wife Rachel on the main road through Huwara on Sunday to his home in Itamar, when his car was shot at by a terrorist. David sustained several gunshot wounds to his head and arm, yet heroically managed to shoot back to defend himself and his wife, and even apply a tourniquet to his own arm to stop the bleeding.

Israeli vehicle hit with a barrage of bullets, through the front windshield, in the Palestinian Authority terrorist hotbed of Huwara, March 19, 2023

David is a US Citizen from Far Rockaway/5T in New York and a former US Marine, and is a pillar of his community. He is level-headed, soft spoken, and strong. He is an amazing husband and Abba. He leads a quiet life teaching martial arts to young adults, as well as tending to a small farm.


David is in the hospital and has a long recovery ahead of him. He won’t be able to work for an unknown period of time as his work is physical. David and his family need all of the support that the community can offer.

His family have launched a campaign on his behalf to keep the family afloat as he recovers.

You can donate at the link.

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