Israel a World Leader in Volunteering, Ahead of the US, Switzerland, Study Finds

The ultra-Orthodox sector, in particular, reports the highest volunteering rate, with as many as 60% engaging in such activity on a regular basis.

Yahalom NJ Opens Grant Help Center for Parents of Special Needs Children

At the center, parents can receive any assistance that they may need in applying for the grants. Computers are set up so that parents can complete the application process on site.

New York Jewish Food Pantry Worried About Supplies for Hanukah Meals

Alongside a lack of funds, inflation has also eaten its way through the organization’s ability to provide hot meals to all those who need them.

Australian Real Estate Mogul Sir Frank Lowy Gives $18 m. to TAU International Programs

Sir Frank Lowy was knighted in 2017 on the Queen's birthday, for his service to business and his philanthropy.

Jewish Students Create Sensory Hanukah Cards for Disabled Israelis

The students’ holiday masterpieces feature bright colors, interesting textures and 3D elements for ADI’s residents and severely disabled students to look at and touch.

RJC and Steven Mizel Honor and Award Ari Fuld

Ari Fuld fought for the Jewish people on the battlefield and on social media.

Four Children from South Sudan to Undergo Heart Surgery in Israel

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ has built and outfitted the first modern emergency unit at the Juba Teaching Hospital in South Sudan, among other projects.

Israeli Doctors to Correct Gaza Boy’s Heart Defect

“I know there is always tension between Gaza and Israel, but that doesn’t change my child’s story. I trust the Israeli doctors and I know they will save my boy’s life."

SparkIL Gets Help from Detroit to Support Israeli Small Business

One the first borrowers to open a campaign with SparkIL and a resident of a low-income neighborhood in Ashkelon, grows mushrooms that are now being sold to restaurants.

Israeli Aid Organization Helping Floridians Recover After Hurricane Ian

“IsraAID has long-standing ties with communities across Florida, and has supported relief efforts after multiple previous hurricanes."

LiveStream: Ari Fuld Project Announces Recipients of the 1st Ari Fuld Lion of Zion...

The prize is awarded to activists who have dedicated themselves to building Eretz Yisrael and defending the Jewish people.

Man with EpiPen Saves Woman with Anaphylactic Shock in Rosh Tzurim

“Anaphylaxis has a very simple, easy, and lifesaving treatment, but it can only be done if the responders carry EpiPens."

Meet the New ‘Friendship Circle Band’

“Now, our friends with and without disabilities can come together in harmony and make music to uplift others."

Israeli Humanitarian NGO Expanding Aid in Ukraine

IsraAid says it's in the process of setting up offices in Kyiv and Odesa to focus on mental health and psychological support for the millions who have been internally displaced.

Jewish Billionaire Rescues Afghan Female Athletes Fleeing the Taliban

"As a Jew, I am guided by the ancient Jewish cultural imperative called Tikkun Olam."

NYC Holocaust Survivors Get Catskills Vacation

The Adolph and Lotte Rosenberg Summer Retreat Program is a unique experience that survivor beneficiaries look forward to all year long.

Billionaire Jewish Philanthropist Lily Safra, 87, Passes Away

Lily Safra never remarried following the death of her billionaire husband. The couple owned homes in Switzerland, the UK, France, New York and Monaco.

IsraAID to Send Medical Supplies to Afghanistan Following Quake

In September and October of 2021, IsraAID coordinated the evacuation of 167 Afghan nationals to Albania and the United Arab Emirates.

Gratitude to 106-Year-Old for Efforts to Rescue Iranian Jews

Bahruz Israeli sent young Jews to Israel with various and bizarre tricks, risking his life due to the Iranian Shah's ban against sending young people out of the country.

Jewish Superstar Ishay Ribo’s Sold Out Jerusalem Concert Benefits ADI’s Disabled Children

Ribo was so moved by what he saw in a visit last October that he took out his guitar to entertain his new friends.

Central Fund of Israel Under Attack

Tru’ah and its progressive supporters were joined by members of the Congressional "Squad" in their efforts to target the Central Fund of Israel.

The Late Dr. Eli Schussheim of EFRAT C.R.I.B. Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at...

Nir Salomon, Executive Director of EFRAT, added that “there is no doubt that Dr. Schussheim’s tireless efforts have changed Israeli society for the better by empowering women and fighting poverty at the most basic level.”

Cycling Fanatic Donates $1 Million to Complete Bike Trail in Terror-Stricken Elad

The donation will help fund construction as well as lights, fences, and cameras to create a safe cycling track.

Israeli Water-From-Air Generators Arrive in Syria

Watergen’s devices are deployed in more than 80 countries around the world, as well as Gaza.

Russian-Israeli Billionaire Yuri Milner Pledges $100 Million to Aid Ukrainian Refugees

On March 24, 2020, Milner published a statement that he is an Israeli citizen and has never met Vladimir Putin.

Israeli Army Vet Launches Tikkun Olam Project in Africa

“We receive money from people who believe in Tikkun Olam, giving back to the world. I try to explain to people the impact of the money."

Abba, We Won’t Have Chametz After Pesach

The soldiers spent the Passover holiday at an isolated IDF outpost protecting the state of Israel.

Watch: MDA Flies 6 4×4 Ambulances to Ukraine

The six refurbished ambulances have been used on rugged terrain assignments in Israel.


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