Robert Kraft: No Support for Columbia ‘Until Corrective Action is Taken’

"I am deeply saddened at the virulent hate that continues to grow on campus and throughout our country," the Jewish philanthropist said.

Chabad Opens Jewish Info Center in Newark Airport’s Terminal A

EL AL Airlines staff celebrate the Jewish holidays throughout the year with Chabad emissary Rabbi Avremy Kanelsy, who runs the activities at the airport.

Israeli Social Lender to Offer $100 Million War Relief to 250,000 Israelis in Need

Ogen is offering interest-free loans of up to 60,000 NIS to individuals and families experiencing financial hardships as a result of the war.

Israel Police Partners to Bring Purim Packages to Israeli Victims of Terror

"We hope to remind victims of terror and their families that they are not alone, that we are here to help them every step of the way."

Great Neck’s Mashadi Jewish Community Hosts Group Bat Mitzvah with Israel’s Bereaved

“At home, there is nothing we can do. We watch the news, and we're angry. We came into a war, and Israelis uplifted us. This spirit is what we needed."

Families of Fallen Soldiers Dedicate IDF Base Synagogue to Loved Ones

The synagogue, at the Lamed-Hey base in Gush Etzion, was also dedicated in memory of Ari Fuld, who was murdered by an Arab terrorist in 2018.

Jewish Philanthropist Gives $1 Billion to Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Ruth Gottesman, who is part of a prominent Jewish family that has donated to many organizations, including Yeshiva University, is supporting students at YU's former medical school.

Study Finds Antisemitism Motivates US Jews to Give 10 Times More to Charity

Younger generations had the highest participation rates in giving to Israel-focused organizations, and the highest amounts.

Israel’s Yad Sarah Medical, Rehab Supplies Dodge Houthi Red Sea Attacks

“Yad Sarah is working tirelessly to overcome shipping disruptions and wartime equipment shortages in order to maintain uninterrupted aid."

IFCJ Procures 9 Armored Vehicles for Border Communities

Since the onset of the war, the IFCJ has distributed more than $19 million to communities throughout the country.

14 New Ambulances Arrive Samaritan’s Purse to Replace Oct. 7 Losses

"My wish for us all is that these ambulances will be used for delivering babies and nothing else."

North American Jews Unite with Israelis to Help Farmers in Wartime Israel

“There is such a spirit of unity and desire on behalf of Jews across the globe to give and support Israel in any way possible during this difficult period."

Israeli Bar Mitzvah Boy Forgoes Party, Treats 200 Soldiers to Dinner

Amichi said "I felt that it wasn’t appropriate to have a party now. When I saw the soldiers eating and enjoying themselves, I felt that it was 1,000 times more meaningful."

International Volunteers Join Israel Food Rescue Project to Help Israeli Farmers

Each of the volunteers from Australia, Russia, Holland, Portugal and the United States came to help for the same reason: love of Israel.

United Hatzalah Raises $250K in ‘Symphony of the Stars’ Event in New York

"We are immensely grateful for the outpouring of support during this challenging time."

‘Lights in a Box’ Bring Joy to Displaced Israeli Refugee Children on Hanukkah

Two thousand families received the Hanukkah therapy packages, which are intended to build family and community resilience.

IDF Colonel’s Twins Finally Celebrate their Bar Mitzvah that Was Cancelled by Hamas Rockets

"Because they simply deserve it,” says Haredi businessman David Hagar from Los Angeles.

Yes, Muslim Israelis Volunteer in ZAKA; They, Too, Served on Oct. 7

Like his Jewish colleagues, this Muslim ZAKA volunteer was deeply traumatized by the Hamas atrocities he witnessed.

Israelis Embrace Besieged Residents of the South with Helping Organizations

It is in the darkest hour that those who disagree most among the people of the Jewish State come together to help and protect each other in their time of need. So it is at present.

WATCH: 2nd Annual Ari Fuld ‘Lion of Zion’ Award Ceremony, Honoring Yishai Fleisher

Each year, the prize is awarded to a worthy Zionist activist who exemplifies the values and ideals that Ari lived by and promoted.

Ben Gvir Severs Israel Police Ties with Left-Leaning Wexner Foundation

The proof for the claims about the Wexner Foundation’s leftist agenda is in the list of some of its more renowned graduates.

Federations Mission Lands in Ukraine, Spends Night in Bomb Shelter

The next morning, the delegation visited the places where they have been helping people live and escape, said JNFA head Eric Fingerhut.

Met Council Receives $1 Million in Federal Funding

The nonprofit feeds more than 250,000 people annually with kosher and halal meals.

Jewish Levi Strauss Heir Challenging Mayor of San Francisco

After decades of capitalizing on its proximity to Silicon Valley, everything in San Francisco changed when the pandemic hit.

Israeli NGOs Screen South Sudan Children for Life-Saving Heart Surgery

“There are many children in need here, and we will do our best to screen and diagnose as many children as we can."

United Hatzalah Volunteer Killed in Car Crash on her Way Home from the Hospital

A special fundraising page has been opened where people can donate to support the family.

Israeli WaterGen Provides Kherson, Ukraine with Clean Water from the Air

The generators were donated by American Jewish organizations.

JNF-KKL Volunteers Renovate Homes of Holocaust Survivors in Gaza Envelope

After each day’s work, the volunteers sat down for conversations with the Holocaust survivors who shared their stories.

With Rabbinic Dispensation, New York Jews Ship Emergency Supplies to Montreal on Passover

Yossi Margaretten of Chaverim of Rockland, N.Y., told JNS how and why his second night of Passover was different from all his other second Passover nights.


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