Photo Credit: Channel 10 TV / YouTube
Screenshot from wedding video at celebration of nuptials of radical Jewish couple, broadcast on Israel's Channel 10.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court is hearing an appeal Tuesday night against a police request to remand two Jewish detainees who are in custody for participating in the infamous wedding video. The video was distributed by the Shabak and has by now gone viral due to relentless repeats on every imaginable news show in Israel. Four Jews, including the groom, have been arrested on Tuesday in relation to the video.

The video shows several dozen “Hill Youth” imitating an ISIS style war dance, complete with air stabbing and inciting cries.


The appeal for two of the detainees was scheduled for a hearing in Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court at 8:30 PM.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, representing two of the suspects, urgently appealed a police officer’s decision not to bring his clients to Tuesday night’s hearing, but to keep them overnight instead. Ben-Gvir argued that “the suspects will not be able to disrupt the investigation in any case, given the fact that the police have already confiscated the cameras and it is unclear why they should be kept in custody.”

Judge Joya Skappa-Shapiro ordered the state to respond to the appeal by 6:30 PM, and the state responded that it opposes having the hearing on Tuesday and that “the police intends to bring the detainees in to remand their detention in order to carry out urgent investigative actions in which they could cause at least some disruption due to the need for questioning additional persons.”

As stated, the appeal hearing is set for Tuesday night at 8:30 at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court.

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir told hakol Hayehudi: “It is inconceivable that the police would ask to hold the detainees in custody as hostages in order to stop other people who participated in the event. The courts have already ruled many times that in this situation police may not hold detainees in order to arrest more suspects, and they must be released, which I hope that the court will do tonight. Participating in an ugly ceremony is not grounds for arrest.”

According to media reports, police are planning to nab some of the participants in the video for violations of their parole conditions, as well as incitement to violence and possibly use of illegal guns, although Ben-Gvir insists the guns used in the video were toys.


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