Photo Credit: Jorge Novominsky / Flash 90
A dolphin in Eilat -- perhaps preparing for an operation against Hamas?

Hamas leaders are really losing it.

The terrorist organization claimed Monday to its Al-Quds news outlet that a Hamas naval commando found a “killer dolphin” sent by Israel.


Hamas spokesperson Abu Hamza explained in a video posted to the Palestine Breaking News 24 chat list on Telegram that a member of the Hamas Frogman Unit found the “killer dolphin.”

Abu Hamza added that the terror commando was killed last May in the mini war between the terror group and Israel.

Hamas terrorist displays what the terror group claims is a device worn by a “Zionist killer dolphin.”

Also shown in the video is a clip of a Hamas terrorist holding the alleged device worn by the “killer dolphin,” which appears to be outfitted with a sighting device, perhaps for aiming a laser death ray.

H/T to Joe Truzman and Aleph!


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