Photo Credit: Dov Hikind via Twitter
Americans Against Antisemitism founder and former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind showing Nazi films being sold on Amazon. Jan. 11, 2022

The mammoth Amazon e-commerce company is selling Nazi propaganda films on its site, according to the Americans Against Antisemitism organization.


According to Americans AA founder Dov Hikind, Amazon is selling “more than 30 original version Nazi propaganda films.”

The former New York State Assemblyman added that he has not heard back from Amazon – which he contacted – “despite their recognizing having made the same error repeatedly.”

“I can’t believe what I came across on Amazon,” Hikind said.

“’Triumph of Will’, a film that was produced under the direction of the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany, [Joseph] Goebbels, and under the direction of Adolph Hitler.

“Can you imagine how proud Goebbels is?? To think that the work that he was involved in, is being celebrated by people all over the world, thanks to Amazon??

“Is this insane? It makes no sense!” Hikind declared.

He wondered why “Amazon, in 2022 – not only this film but dozens of other films that glorify the Nazis – and on all of these films, there is no explanation; there is no commentary, there is nothing,” he emphasized.

Many will watch these films, he warned, adding that the viewers will “literally, literally, say, ‘This is amazing, this is extraordinary!’

“Why would Amazon be making money off Nazis??” he demanded to know.

Following the publication of the report, one of the Nazi movies was removed from Amazon.


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