Photo Credit: Israel Prisons Service
A screenshot from a video showing imprisoned Fatah terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti, who is leading a "hunger strike," secretly eating a candy bar in the bathroom of his prison cell.

The Palestinian Authority Minister of Jailed Terrorists Issa Karka’a announced that terrorists being held under administrative detention in Israeli jails will begin a hunger strike next week, according to a report on Israel’s Kann News.

In order to maintain the fiction that most of the prisoners are fasting for long periods of time, the majority of the jailed terrorists will fast for a few days, at most, and then switch off with a different prisoner who was not fasting. The process is then repeated.


The Palestinian Authority is then able to consistently report that 500 people are on a hunger strike, when in reality, the hunger strikers merely turned down solid food (not water or juices) for a few days, at most.

Terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti has been repeatedly caught on hidden camera eating, when he claims he is on a hunger strike.

Marwan Barghouti caught eating on hidden camera during a hunger strike. August 17, 2004.

In previous years, Jewish activists have set up barbecues and large fans outside the prisons where the terrorists were hunger striking.

BBQ outside of Ofer Prison where Arab terrorists are hunger striking. April 20, 2017



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