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Noam party Chairman MK Avi Maoz, November 8, 2022.

Noam party leader Avi Maoz submitted his resignation as a deputy minister in the prime minister’s office on Monday night, accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of breaking his coalition promises, according to the Kipa News website.

The resignation takes effect in 48 hours.


Maoz, a deputy minister in the prime minister’s office and Knesset member, wrote in his letter that he will continue as a partner in the coalition to support all the moves “which we agreed on together and among other things, in the all-important legislation to restore the balance between the legislative and judicial authorities, and more.”

The deputy minister went on to write that in the past two months, since the formation of the government, he has tried to act to “implement the agreements between us while creating cooperation with the members of the coalition, in order to cancel the Lapid government procedures in the Education, Welfare and Health ministries.

“Their purpose was to change our fundamental concepts as the people of Israel and the Jewish family,” he wrote.

“I also tried together with my coalition partners to get a new state position written for the Western Wall, according to which the government would work to preserve the sanctity of the site and stop the actions aimed at dividing it.”

Maoz wrote that to his astonishment, he discovered there is “no serious intention to uphold the coalition agreement regarding the Jewish National Identity Authority.”

As a result, he said, he has decided to resign from the position of deputy minister in the prime minister’s office, and fulfill his duties “as a Knesset member in the coalition.”

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