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Israeli Prime Minister's spokesperson Matan Sidi arrives to a government conference at the Hebrew University Givat Ram campus, on Jerusalem Day, May 29, 2022.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced Monday that his spokesperson, Matan Sidi, will step down from the post.

Sidi, 26, also worked with Bennett during his terms as minister of education, and defense, and worked as spokesperson for State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman as well.


He is to be replaced by 32-year-old Yotam Ben-Yitzhak, who is currently serving as Bennett’s political spokesperson. Ben-Yitzhak also served as spokesperson for former Likud finance minister Israel Katz.

The resignation follows similar departures by Bennett’s chief of staff, Tal Gan-Zvi, his political adviser, Shimrit Meir and his personal assistant, Naomi Sasson.

The staff changes are taking place before the final year of Bennett’s term as prime minister.

On August 27, 2023 Yesh Atid Alternate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid is set to begin his two-year term as prime minister in accordance with a rotation agreement signed prior to the formation of Bennett’s government. Lapid’s term will end on November 11, 2025 as set forth in legislation approved by the Knesset last summer in an amendment to Basic Law: The Government.

‘Learned Love of Land, People of Israel’ from Bennett
“Four years ago, the Prime Minister gave me the opportunity of my life,” Sidi said, noting that he has served Bennett as head of communications since the formation of his government.

“Since then, I have had the privilege of being at his side at all junctures, the successes and the challenges that our common path has placed before us.

“I have had the privilege of assisting him and being a partner in the difficult, round-the-clock work for the Israeli public, in all the positions in which he has served,” he said.

“From him I have learned love of the people and the land, public mission and – mainly – withstanding the pressures and fighting for your beliefs when your heart is in the right place.

“The time has now come to turn to new directions and challenges,” he said, without explaining what drove his decision to leave.

Bennett thanked his spokesperson for his service.

PM: ‘Valued, Loyal and Dedicated’
“For the past four and a half years Matan has been at my side at all times, good and bad, running the media campaign thoroughly, professionally and with great talent,” the prime minister said.

“Despite his young age, he demonstrated great ability in all his endeavors along with exceptional capabilities in managing national interests and complex media crises.”

Bennett said Matan has been a “valued, loyal and dedicated person who has worked tirelessly around the clock,” adding that his efforts have been a ‘valuable asset’ to him.

“I am glad that after many years of hard work he has set out to develop his career in the private sector. I wish him great success along the way,” Bennett said.

It remains unclear why Sidi chose this moment to end his service, along with those who preceded him.


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