Photo Credit: Israel Ministry of Defense Spokesperson's Office
The Ofek 13 satellite was launched into space Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

The IMoD Space and Satellite Administration in the Directorate of Defense Research & Development, the IDF, and Israel Aerospace Industries successfully launched the Ofek 13 satellite into space at 2:10 AM Wednesday. The launch took place at a test site in central Israel using a Shavit launcher.

The Ofek 13 satellite is a SAR observation satellite with advanced capabilities. Once the satellite enters orbit, it will undergo a series of tests to ensure its propriety and performance levels.

The Ofek 13 satellite was launched into space using a Shavit rocket Wednesday, March 29, 2023. / Israel Ministry of Defense Spokesperson’s Office

The IMoD’s Space and Satellite Administration has led the development and production of the satellite and its launcher. The development process involved the IDF’s 9900 Intelligence Unit and the Israeli Air Force. The Space & Missile Division in IAI is the prime contractor for the program alongside ELTA, an IAI subsidiary, and other divisions in the company. The launch engines were developed by Rafael Advanced Systems and Tomer, a government-owned company.

The Ofek 13 satellite was developed based on the experience of the defense establishment and IAI in the production of earlier satellites in the Ofek series, which were launched as early as 1988.


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