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Underground tunnel found near the Egyptian border. (file)

IDF training and resources in 2015 will be concentrating on strengthening two primary threat assessment areas, protecting Israel’s external borders and tunnel fighting.

The army believes that Israel’s biggest threats will be emanating from across the borders where the various radical Islamic terror groups have taken over, or will be taking over. The IDF will be allocating three times the amount of reserve unit resources to concentrate on protecting Israel’s borders.


The tunnel related training will revolve around underground fighting, as well as destroying the tunnels and the terrorists inside, from above without entering the tunnel.

A new training ground will be built with an underground tunnel systems for the purpose of training the IDF troops, and in particular elite units who will specialize in tunnel fighting.

The IDF also expects a new round of violence in Judea and Samaria this year as the Palestinian Authority’s budgetary problems escalate.



  1. I agree: do not send IDF tunnel rats into that labyrinth of death: tracked robotic delivery systems for over pressure weapons seems the safest route, although secondary explosions from cached weapons stores might still endanger above-ground IDF personnel.

    It might be helpful to find and block the various entrances by pumping colored smoke (with cyanide?) into the holes to reveal each entrance. Block them all but one then roll in with OP weapons.

    The US had a lot of experience with tunnel warfare in Viet Nam. Time to do some research…

  2. When will Israel learn to first fire tear gas into the tunnels before soldiers ( with gas masks of course) enter ! What about a large robotic bomb sent to the start of the tunnel, whenever these are found.

  3. What's wrong with water? Waste water if you want? Or water with a foaming agent? Washing-up liquid? Why go to a lot of trouble and expense to fight an enemy which puts itself in a vulnerable position underground?

  4. Youre starting, that you have already found an entrance! Thats the easy part, the concilied entrances are the incognita!so ghe solution is on outside them, how to detect the holowness undergraund?. Its only with sound and or vibration, kind of radar into the earth! Like the sonar fir detecting fishing in a boat!

  5. Yes they are.. Very dangerous. But all these death scenarios…
    These tunnels are under Israel. If you fill them with gasses and things you just might bring harm to Israeli people… No way…..
    Also it’s horrible. And the Jewish people aren’t that horrible.
    The terrorists would do it with out a blink of a eye… But not the Jewish..
    What they’ve been doing up till now seems to be working…

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