Photo Credit: IDF
A Sa'ar 4.5-class Corvette of the Israeli Navy fires its canons during a naval exercise off the coast of Israel.

The Israel Navy is leading a 10-nation military exercise that began Sunday morning and is slated to continue throughout the week, with activities ending on Thursday, the IDF said.

The drill is taking place in the port of Haifa and in various sites around Israel’s northern region, according to the IDF Spokesperson. However, the identity of the nations taking part in the exercise was not disclosed.


Military personnel will be faced with an earthquake scenario to engage their skills in dealing with humanitarian aid situations in the aftermath of the disaster, including intense movements of military helicopters and naval vessels, both foreign and domestic.

The drill will compel participants of 10 foreign fleets to use and upgrade their ability to engage in international cooperation on the territory of the State of Israel.

The IDF underlined in its announcement that the exercise was pre-planned as part of its 2019 training program and as with other military exercises, is intended to maintain the alert stance and fitness of its forces.