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Bullets found during raid, 2015 (archive)

Several suspects from the Arab town of Tuba-Zangariye have been arrested by police in the wake of a massive robbery that took place overnight Friday at the IDF’s Tznobar military base, located near the town of Katzrin in the Golan Heights.

The IDF confirmed that 73,000 rounds of ammunition used for military assault rifles were stolen along with 72 grenades used in the M-203 grenade launchers.


Less than a month ago, some 30,000 bullets were stolen from an IDF base in southern Israel as well.

The incident is under investigation by Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service together with Military Police.

One of the issues in the probe is the question of whether soldiers at the base helped in the burglary.

Further details are under a gag order.

Numerous terrorists have been found holding Israeli military bullets during routine searches at checkpoints between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Security personnel discovered nearly 1,000 stolen IDF bullets on the Islamic State inspired gunmen who murdered two Israeli Border Guard Police officers in a terror attack in Hadera this past March.


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