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A Jerusalem banner raised in solidarity with Iranian women. Jan. 9, 2022

Jerusalem unveiled a mural of solidarity with the women of Iran on Sunday afternoon.

The mural, by Israeli artist Ana Kogan, was spearheaded by Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum and Hooman Khalili, an Iranian-American Christian media personality.


The mural features four women who were killed by Iran, including Mahsa Amini whose death in September 2022 sparked nation-wide anti-government protests. The 22-year-old Amini died in custody after being arrested by Iran’s “Morality Police” for improperly wearing her hijab, a head covering worn by many Muslim women and mandatory in Iran.

“For the Persian people, these four women speak volumes. This is who we are fighting for,” Khalili said.

Hassan-Nahoum, who is also a co-founder of the Gulf-Israel Women’s Forum, told the Tazpit Press Service that it was “very important for us to show solidarity here from Jerusalem.”

The Deputy Mayor told TPS she wanted Iranian women to know “that we are behind their fight for freedom, we are behind their fight for a regular country against the mullahs who are subjugating them, against misogyny, against genocide, against a regime trying to pull back not just themselves but the entire region.”

According to human rights groups, at least 517 protesters have been killed in clashes with government security forces. The regime has already executed four people and another 16 reportedly face death sentences as well.

In December, Iran was expelled from the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

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