Photo Credit: Shalom Tzubiri / TPS

At just after 2 PM on Tuesday, the town of Adam went into high alert after a man was seen possibly climbing the fence into the town. A resident of the town saw the man outside the fence.

The town went into lockdown, and residents were told to go inside and lock their doors. Parents were told to not pick up their children from camp until further notice.


The IDF and security forces searched the town, going house to house, looking for the suspected infiltrator.

At 4:55 PM the alert was cancelled after IDF trackers determined that the man seen outside the fence did not cross over into the town.

Last Thursday, an Arab terrorist entered the town, stabbed three people, murdering Adam resident Yotam Ovadia.

As this is a sensitive time for the town, residents of Adam have been asked to not walk near the fence without first informing security that they will be there.