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Israel's National Security Adviser and head of the National Security Council Meir Ben-Shabbat and Senior US Presidential Advisor Jared Kushner meet with United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

An official delegation from the United Arab Emirates is planning to make its first formal visit to the State of Israel on September 22, according to a source quoted Monday by Reuters.

The tentative itinerary was confirmed Monday by an unnamed Israeli official who spoke with Amichai Stein, a Hebrew-language diplomatic affairs reporter with Kan News, on Israel’s public broadcasting network.


The visit would reciprocate the historic trip to Abu Dhabi last week by the high-ranking Israeli and US envoys, during which the process of signing financial and other agreements began.

The ceremonial signing of the peace accords is expected to take place at the White House in Washington DC, possibly before the start of the Jewish High Holy Days which begin at sundown on Sept. 18.

The new Abraham Accord, announced August 13, brokered by President Donald Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, is the first such peace deal to be arranged, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described, as “peace for peace,” rather than as a deal forcing Israel to give up land for peace.

The peace deals signed by Israel with Jordan and Egypt have both turned out to be those of a “cold peace” in which the dream of reciprocal tourism and travel between the countries never evolved.


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