Amir Haik Appointed First Israeli Ambassador to the UAE

Haik will replace diplomat Eitan Na’a, who has served as interim commissioner in Abu Dhabi for the past six months.

Two Israeli Airlines Launch First Ever Direct Flights to Morocco

The Israir flight left Tel Aviv at 8:15 A.M. local time with about 100 people on board, including the Israeli businessman Rami Levi.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Awarding Khan Al-Ahmar’s Squatters Israeli Passports

Moving them to the foot of Mt. Masada could solve a major dilemma for the left-right, Lapid-Bennett coalition.

Israel, Morocco Sign Cyber Defense Accord

The accord formalizes operation cooperation, research and development, and the sharing of information and knowledge.

UAE Food and Water Minister Talks Tomatoes with Hebrew U’s Agriculture Experts

Al-Muhairi's strategy is to see UAE's place on the Global food security index advance from 31st to first place by 2051.

Historic First: United Arab Emirates Opens Embassy in Tel Aviv

“Seeing the Emirati flag flying proudly in Tel Aviv might have seemed like a far-fetched dream about a year ago. In many ways nothing could be more natural and normal.”

History Made: Israel, UAE Sign MOU to Cooperate on Agrotech, Research & Development

"The United Arab Emirates and Israel share many challenges when it comes to food security. . . we are cooperating to find innovative and feasible solutions to these challenges."

Israeli FM Lapid and Egyptian FM Shukri meet in Brussels

Egypt stress the need for Israel to restart peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

With Another Senior US Official Visit to the PA, a Resumption of ‘Peace’ Talks...

Jordan and Egypt have been working behind the scenes in recent months and since the entry of Joe Biden into the White House, to bring about a political, Israeli-Palestinian Authority summit under the auspices of the Quartet and an international conference.

Revealed: Mahmoud Abbas’s Preconditions for Negotiations with Israel

According to Ya'ari, the folks in Ramallah have worked out a list of 14 demands that they think are practical and applicable.

Moroccan Air Force Plane Lands in Israel for Regional Military Exercise, PA Arabs Stunned

"The Palestinians are having a hard time digesting the Israeli report on the landing of a Moroccan army cargo plane at the Hatzor Air Force base ahead of a joint air exercise."

Bennett Adds 5 Billion Liters of Water to Jordan’s Drain on the Kinneret

Perhaps PM Bennett should condition selling the thirsty Jordanian more water on Jordan leasing Israel's hungry farmers their lands.

FM Yair Lapid to Makes History with First Israeli State Visit to UAE

Lapid thanked former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who “was the architect of the Abraham Accords and who worked tirelessly to bring them about. This moment is his, no less than it is ours.”

‘Sledgehammer’: Former US Ambassador Friedman Shares Backchannel Efforts in New Memoir

Friedman said his memoir will provide a window into how the Trump administration brokered the Abraham Accords.

Leftist Democrats Pushing Biden to Undo Trump’s Policy Changes on Israel, including Golan Heights

The Biden administration was very careful with the language they used, which refused to confirm their commitment to permanent Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Mnuchin, Friedman Check Out Israeli Startups, Backed by Gulf Investment

Friedman and Mnuchin were evaluating investment potential for a new investment fund they are planning.

Israel’s New Environment Minister Calls to Cancel Pipeline Deal with UAE

“The Gulf of Eilat is in real danger because of the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline,” says Tamar Zandberg.

Interfaith Abrahamic Family House in UAE to Open in 2022

The Abrahamic Family House, the project inspired by the Document on Human Fraternity and constructed on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi and will house a mosque, church, and synagogue, will open in 2020.

Russians Recruit Anti-Israel Journalist to Lure Biden into ‘Peace Process’

Abdel Bari Atwan is the quintessential anti-Israeli journalist.

In New ‘Change’ Coalition It’s Bennett Against Everybody Else

We are beginning to see the reality of assigning the role of prime minister to the leader of a six-member Knesset faction.

Gush Etzion Chief Accuses Gantz of Deal with Biden to Freeze Settlement Construction

It should be noted that only last August, Yesha Council attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for freezing settlement construction.

Israir to Launch Direct Flights to Morocco

Morocco is the fourth Arab nation to join the "circle of peace" recently after the initial signing of the Abraham Accords by Israel, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan.

Joint Israeli-Emirati Water Research Institute to Open in Abu Dhabi

"Throughout history, conflicts have often been centered around controlling water sources. Today we are doing the opposite."

Future Meretz Arab Minister Frej Openly Hopes & Predicts Palestinian State to Be...

"Imagine the unique thing Lapid has done – Yamina, the left, the center, he put them around the same table."

Israir Cancels Flight to Dubai After Failure to Obtain Saudi Airspace Clearance

“The flight was finally approved. It was a technical issue.”

Watch: Netanyahu Tells Blinken Israel Will Respond Powerfully If Hamas Breaks Calm, Won’t Let...

Blinken: “We’ll work with our partners, closely with all to ensure that Hamas does not benefit from the reconstruction assistance.”

Mike Pence Blames Gaza Violence on Joe Biden

"Americans should pray for the peace of Jerusalem and stand without apology for our most cherished ally, Israel, until the violence is quelled and Israel’s security is restored."

Arab Motorist Rams Jewish-Arab Rally for Peace

"In a split second, a large pickup truck emerged, speeding toward us."

International Condemnations Flood Israel Over Arabs’ Temple Mount Riots and Sheikh Jarrah Violence

“Saudi Arabia rejects Israel’s plans and measures to evict dozens of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem and impose Israeli sovereignty over them.”


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