Gantz’s National Unity Party: No to ‘Palestinian’ State for Saudi Normalization

Israeli Minister Benny Gantz's party does, however, want an "international civilian governance mechanism for Gaza" that includes "Palestinians."

Saudi Arabia Reportedly Cracking Down on Anti-Israel Voices

The series of arrests is driven by security concerns connected to Oct. 7, according to Riyadh-based diplomats and human rights groups.

State Department: No US-Saudi Defense Pact Without Israel Normalization

“This is a package deal,” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said of the components of a Saudi-Israeli agreement. “None go forward without the others.”

Khamenei Pushes Back on Israel-Saudi Normalization

“Some people think that by forcing neighboring countries to normalize their ties [with Israel] the problem will be solved. They are wrong,” said the Iranian leader.

US Renews Effort to Forge Israeli-Saudi Peace Deal in Exchange for ‘Palestinian’ State

The White House is offering the Saudis a formal defense treaty, civilian nuclear plants, and a chance to boast that they got Israel to agree to a “Palestinian” State.

Saudis say Iran Instigated Gaza War to Sabotage Israel Normalization

“Iran is a nation that endorses terrorism, and the world should have curtailed it much earlier," a member of the royal family told Hebrew media.

Saudis, Emiratis Shared Intel about Iranian Attack with US, Israel

The Arab states were initially hesitant to share the information, fearing Iranian reprisal, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Coordinated Response to Iran’s Attack Was Driven by a New Regional Alliance

Even though MEAD is yet to be ratified by the signatories of the Abraham Accords, the collaboration on Saturday night might as well have been in line with such a treaty.

Efforts for Saudi-Israel Normalization Continue

Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer is scheduled to meet the Saudi ambassador to Washington in pursuit of an historic agreement.

U of Haifa Lab Generates Call for Coexistence from Leaders Across Faith Lines

"This is the greatest achievement of the laboratory thus far."

Israelis Overwhelmingly Reject US, Arab Plan for Palestinian State

"The October 7 lesson is that retreat brings terror. The October 8 lesson is that the Palestinian Authority = Hamas, with the same motivations, only with less capabilities. "Kfar Saba will not be Kfar Gaza."

Egyptian FM Reaffirms Commitment to ‘Reciprocal’ Peace Treaty with Israel

Having peace treaty with Egypt is better than not having a peace treaty with Egypt.

Survey: Israelis Oppose Deal Tying “Palestinian” State to Saudi Relations, Ending War

“Do you support or oppose the notion that as part of a deal to end the war—which will include long-term military quiet, guarantees from the United States, and an agreement with Arab states such as Saudi Arabia—Israel should agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state?”

Thousands, including Ministers & MKs, Gather to Declare Oslo and the Gush Katif Expulsion...

“Part of the fixing of the mistake, the recognition of the sin of the conceptzia that led to the expulsion and to October 7, is to return home!”

NYT: New International Deal Conditioned on Israel Committing Suicide

Netanyahu has rejected this proposal, recently committing to maintaining Israel's military control over the entire area of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

EU Pushing Unilateral Plan to Create Palestinian State while Punishing Israel for Opposing It

The EU are frustrated Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom they see as the main obstacle to their two-state vision.

US Working on Grand Regional Deal to Create ‘Palestinian’ State and End Israel-Hamas War

The plan also envisions normalization between Israel and the Arab world, the release of captives and a new regime in Gaza.

Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian State as Pathway to Saudi Normalization

The Israeli prime minister reportedly dismissed the proposal, brought to him by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Sullivan Links Israel-Saudi Normalization to ‘Palestinian’ State

A two-state solution is part of “the basic recipe" for peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors, said the U.S. National Security Advisor.

UAE-Israel Land Corridor Expanding to Egypt

Use of the route has grown exponentially in the wake of the Houthi attacks on commercial vessels.

UAE-Israel Land Corridor Operating Despite War

Thanks to the Houthis attacking ships, the land-route has become very popular.

Direct Polls: 81% of Israelis Don’t Believe Peace Has a Chance

Among coalition supporters, 59% believed the war should resume after the ceasefire, mirroring the sentiment of 54% of opposition supporters.

Blinken Doesn’t Blink as Abbas Submits Wish List Spelling the End of the Jewish...

The US won’t get in the way of a Palestinian Authority takeover of Gaza, eastern Jerusalem, and the border crossings with Jordan and Egypt.

Bahraini Crown Prince Condemns Hamas, Calls to Free Hostages

Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa also condemned Israel's operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Hear Blood Curdling Prophecy During Gush Katif Expulsion

Dr. Sudi Namir yelled to high heaven prophetic text that predicted predicted in detail the October 7, 2023 massacre.

Normalization ‘Remains on the Table,’ Saudi Minister Says

Minister of Investment Khalid Al-Falih also announced that Riyadh will host three summits on the Hamas war.

Pew: Most Jewish and Arab Israelis Have Given Up on the 2-State Solution

But Israeli secular Jews today express greater optimism about the prospects for a two-state solution than they did in 2017.


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