Moscow Wants to Run Netanyahu-Abbas Summit

Since May 20, when Abbas announced that all cooperation with Israel, the IDF has not initiated arrests of terror suspects in the PA.

Pompeo: We Hope PA Leaders Will See Peace Plan is in People’s Best Interest

"The Palestinians have continued to refuse to just simply sit down and enter into negotiations based on President Trump's vision for peace."

Sovereignty in Our Time? Abbas Terminates All Agreements with Israel, Hands Over Responsibility for...

The cooperation between the PA security forces and Israel will continue, because it serves the interests of the PLO government in Ramallah.

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo Talks Iran, COVID-19, Peace Plan During Lightning Israel Visit

At a joint press conference in Jerusalem, America's top diplomat says that the IDF soldier's murder in a Palestinian rock attack the previous day “reminds us of the importance of making sure that people across the world know that Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Democratic Senators Circulate New, Watered-Down Draft of Letter Opposing Annexation

The senators originally threatened to destroy bipartisan support for Israel.

EU said to Debate Punishing Israel Over Annexation Plans

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell is reportedly pushing to penalize Jerusalem if it moves ahead with plans to apply Israeli law to parts of Judea and Samaria.

Poll: Most Jewish Israelis Support Applying Sovereignty

Only 47% of Israeli Arabs throught that PA Arabs living in the annexed areas should be given Israeli citizenship.

Interview with Amb. David Friedman: ‘For Israel to Give up Hebron and Beit El...

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman believes that applying Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria can take place in a matter of weeks. In a special interview, he dismisses the Left's criticism, saying, "We have doubled areas A' and B' and reassures the Right it will only have to contend with a Palestinian state "if the Palestinians become Canadian."

It’s Official: Yamina Prefers the Opposition Over Netanyahu-Gantz Government

Likud officials rejected Yamina's statement, saying, "If Yamina had received one more portfolio, it would have been rightwing enough for them?"

Warning: Ambassador Friedman’s Vision for Contiguous Palestinian State Will Become Joe Biden’s Policy

With Netanyahu's de facto recognition of a Palestinian State for the next four years, expect a Joe Biden White House to take this concept, adjust and amend it as they see fit, and recognize a Palestinian State.

Abbas: If Israel Declares Sovereignty in Judea, Samaria, ‘We Are Absolved of All Agreements’

Abbas has previously threatened to sever all their and end all treaties signed with Israel on several occasions.

Mixed Reactions in Judea and Samaria ​to Amb. Friedman’s Sovereignty Promises

Much remains unclear as to how Israel will progress with the implementation of this plan.

Trump’s New Disengagement: Restricted Sovereignty, Settlement Freeze, Mandatory Palestinian State Negotiations

It's a plan. It could even be a good plan if instead of Arabs, Israel's neighbors were, say, Serbs, or Irish.

Biden Vows to Keep Jerusalem Embassy, But His Record on Israel’s Capital Is Troubling

Vote Trump or vote Biden, but don't expect anything different from either one of them regarding Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and that worthless two-state solution.

PA Condemns Machpela Wheelchair Access Project as ‘Judaization’

All activities and building by Israel in Jerusalem and Hebron, even when it benefits the Arab population, are condemned as “Judaization” by the Palestinian Authority.

Arab FMs to Hold Emergency Meeting on US Endorsement of Israeli Sovereignty

Last Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the annexation is "ultimately Israel's decision to make."

Joint Arab List Presents Demands for Endorsing Gantz Government

Blue&White Party leader Benny Gantz must abandon plans to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and reject the idea of a “Jewish majority” government, says Joint List's Ayman Odeh.

WATCH: Elections and the The Real Deal

The elections will have a significant role in how the Deal of the Century gets implemented.

DC Attorney Suing Trump, Netanyahu, Kushner, Cuomo, AIPAC, Miriam Adelson, on Behalf of ‘Palestinians’

In less than a year, people who believe in this toxic stuff, including many young Jews, could take over the White House.

Bennett Advances Master Plan for Judea, Samaria: 1,800 New Housing Units

"Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria is one of the building blocks of Zionism in the State of Israel. We will continue to advance it."

Regavim Campaign: Judea-Samaria Warning Signs Say ‘You Are Entering the State of Palestine’

“If we agree to the “Deal of the Century” map, the Gaza model will be reproduced right in the heart of the Land of Israel."

Reps. Jordan & Johnson Tour Judea & Samaria as Sovereignty Map Lines Drawn for...

The congressmen began their tour on the “Heritage Trail” in Beersheva, where they learned about the biblical Abraham and the ties of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

US-Israel Sovereignty Mapping Committee Announced

"Honored to serve on the Joint Committee. Looking forward to getting started right away."

Greenblatt: ‘Stop Calling Them Settlements’

“I don’t use those terms, 'settlements.' I use the terms 'cities' and 'towns' because that’s what they really are."

Pompeo: UN Blacklist Hurts Efforts to Create Middle East Peace

“Attempts to isolate Israel damage momentum toward Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.”

Police Shut Down Illegal Fatah Event in Jerusalem

Dozens of Arab rioters threw stones and bottles at the Israeli forces as they were leaving the site.


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