Freed Hostage Rabbi Demanded Israel Drop Sovereignty Plans in the Settlements

Before I add a sour note to the discussion, I should probably stipulate that Charlie Cytron-Walker must be a nice guy and well-liked in his community.

Israeli Lawmakers Herald Launch of Abraham Accords Caucus in Congress

The Biden administration has signaled that it is working to expand the circle with Muslim-majority countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the Maldives, Comoros, Kuwait and Qatar.

National Library of Israel Online Sees Massive Traffic Increase from Arab Countries

650,000 users from around the Arab world visited NLI online, led by PA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Algeria.

Meretz MK Who Almost Became IDF Chief Calls Homesh Settlers Untermenschen

Turns out not only right-wingers were repulsed by Golan's blatant antisemitism.

Peace Now Warns: Municipality Approved 3,557 Housing Units in Eastern Jerusalem

Mind you, these plans are in neighborhoods that have been part of "Israel proper" for more than fifty years.

Israel’s Elbit Systems Sells Defense and Airborne Electronic Warfare Systems to UAE

Elbit Systems Emirates will deliver a multi-turret configuration of the J-MUSIC Self-Protection System together with Elbit’s Infra-Red-based Passive Airborne Warning System, providing high levels of protection and redundancy.

First Time: Tanya Printed in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Three Chabad Chassidim, Avigdor Factor, Yossi Lipsh, and Moshe Raichman from Ramat Bet Shemesh traveled to Manama, Bahrain to print the Tanya on the Yahrtzeit of the Alter Rebbe's passing, the 24th in the month of Tevet.

Gantz Gives Away the Store to Mahmoud Abbas, Faces Harsh Criticism from the Right

Oh, and Gantz said he and Abbas discussed the need to approve additional PA housing master plans in Area C.

Israel’s Environmental Ministry Delivers Setback to Israel-UAE Pipeline Deal

Hailed as the first major partnership to come out of the Abraham Accords, the deal has come under fire from environmental groups for allegedly posing a risk to the Gulf of Eilat’s coral reefs.

KKL-JNF Hosts Sustainability Panel for Israeli & Arab Youths at Expo Dubai 2020

If the youth are indeed our future, then for climate change, they are a necessity.

Israel’s Magen David Adom and UAE Conduct Joint Emergency Exercise

The point of the exercise was to exchange organizational knowledge on how to deal with emergency situations.

Drawing the Borders First: The Upcoming Mahmoud Abbas-Benny Gantz Meeting

Arab sources claim Mahmoud Abbas will be demanding that permanent border be drawn up between the PA and Israel.

Historic: Bennett First Israeli PM Visiting UAE

"The period since the signing of the Abraham Peace Accords is the best evidence that developing bilateral relations is a precious treasure for us and the entire region."

Israeli & Emirati Students Address Global Challenges Together

Bennett: There's no better time to spread the message of Israel to the world and this mission is an example of proactively spreading that light.

What Else Did Trump Have to Say about Bibi?

Trump exposed what Netanyahu really wanted for the future of the Land of Israel.

UAE Rabbi Kicks Off First Night of Chanukah at Israeli Pavilion in Dubai

Chabad Rabbi Levi Druchman lights the first candle of the menorah at EXPO 2020, in a ceremony attended by local leaders, businesspeople, Jewish residents of the UAE and tourists from around the world.

Groundbreaking Exhibit Featuring Israeli and Emirati Artists Debuts in Jerusalem

The exhibition, titled “Maktoub,” which means both “written” and “destined” in Arabic, features works from 10 calligraphy artists (half from Israel and half from the UAE).

Israel-UAE Bilateral Trade Expected to Surpass Billion Dollars by End of 2021

Bilateral trade reached roughly $610 million between January and July 2021, while imports from the UAE to Israel totaled $400 million.

Israel Aerospace Industries and UAE’s EDGE Will Jointly Develop Advanced Unmanned Surface Vessels

The two will jointly design a first-in-class series of 170 modular-unmanned surface vessels (m-USV) for a range of military and commercial applications.

Israel, Jordan, UAE and US Discuss Joint Solar Farm and Water Projects

The plan sees the solar farm entering operation by 2026 and producing 2 percent of Israel’s energy by 2030.

Jewish Leaders Visit Saudi Arabia to Assess Openness Towards Israel, Form Budding Networks

“Countries have interests, they don’t necessarily have friends, and the Saudis have come to the conclusion that it is in their national interests to make peace with the Israelis,” said attorney Eric Levine, a participant and board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Official: US to Move Ahead with Sale of F-35s to UAE

“We continue consulting with Emirati officials to ensure unmistakable understanding with respect to obligations before, during and after delivery,” said Mira Resnick, a deputy U.S. assistant secretary of state.

IAI Signs Deal to Convert Passenger Aircraft to Cargo Planes for Emirates Airline

The aircraft will be converted at a new site established at the Etihad Engineering’s Maintenance, Repair and Operations center in Abu Dhabi.

UAE Education Minister on Israeli Collaboration: Education is the Antidote for Global Challenges

United Arab Emirates Minister of Education Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi delivered his remarks as part of a senior delegation visiting University of Haifa.

Environment, Tourism, Energy, Foreign Ministries Join Fight Against Emirati Oil Pipeline Deal

The loss of income from an oil spill catastrophe on Eilat's shore would cause a direct loss of income worth NIS 4.5 billion ($1.5 billion).

Israel to Inaugurate First-Ever National Pavilion at Dubai Defense Expo

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz hails Israel’s participation in the event as a sign of deepening relations between the two countries.

Israel, UAE, Bahrain & the US Launch Red Sea Naval Exercise

The drill takes place against the backdrop of a large-scale military exercise that Iran has been conducting in recent days in the Gulf.


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