Netanyahu to Judea, Samaria Leaders: Palestinian State Plan Not as Bad as It Sounds

Israel continues to trust the Palestinians to torpedo their own chances of winning a state.

Abbas, Palestinian Authority Leaders to Convene When Trump Releases Peace Plan

Abbas: “We need to escalate popular resistance on all fronts and recruit the young. We will examine the position of Hamas and Islamic Jihad."

Gantz: ‘Will Work for Peace Plan in Permanent Government and with Countries in...

"After the elections, I will work toward implementing it from within a stable functioning Israeli government ... with the other countries."

Report: Abbas Refused Call from Trump Ahead of Peace Plan Release

“There were attempts by Trump to hold a phone call with Abbas, but the latter refused,” a source told the Anadolu news agency.

Trump: Many Arab Nations Agreed To Peace Plan, ‘Palestinians Should, Too’

"They probably won’t want it initially, but I think at the end they will. It’s very good for them, in fact, it’s overly good to them."

WATCH: Netanyahu Meets with Trump at White House

A separate meeting with Blue and White faction leader Benny Gantz followed.

Netanyahu Affiliated Reporter: Expect 2nd Balfour Declaration

The administration has been sending messages to the visiting Israelis that it is preferable to carry out the annexation moves in the near future.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II Says ‘No’ to Trump Peace Plan

"Our stance is well known. The word 'no' is clear to everyone."

In DC, Gantz Looks Forward to Meeting with ‘Friendliest President’

"I am looking forward . . . to discuss these crucial issues to the future of Israel with strategic consequences."

‘Unwilling to Act Rationally/Professionally’ – Jason Greenblatt Criticizes PA Leadership for Rejecting the Unreleased...

Greenblatt has clashed with the PA’s leadership on several occasions and has accused them of choosing terrorism over peace, at the expense of their own people.

Settlers Launching Deal of the Century Pushback

Dagan claims that the Trump plan would include the establishment of a Palestinian state and the surrender of about 70% of Judea and Samaria.

Gantz Before Meeting Trump, Netanyahu: What Happens in the Oval Office Stays in the...

"When you invite the Israeli prime minister and you don't invite the PA chairman, then between whom is this agreement? Between Bibi and Gantz?"

Netanyahu: Trump Middle East Peace Plan Presents ‘Historic Opportunity’

“I am full of hope that we are on the verge of a historic moment in the annals of our state.”

Netanyahu and Gantz to Visit White House Next Week for the Deal of the...

Two major party leaders don’t “come to Washington just for a conversation,” which poses questions as to why an initiative would be released a month before the third round of Israeli elections, says Aaron David Miller, a former Mideast negotiator.

Trump to Release ‘Deal of the Century’ Before Next Tuesday

“It’s a great plan. It’s a plan that really would work.”

Netanyahu Demands International Sanctions Against International Criminal Court

"I urge all your viewers to [...] ask for concrete actions, sanction against the international court, its officials, prosecutors, everyone."

US and Israeli leaders Announce Major Policy Changes at Kohelet Policy Forum Conference

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo opened the conference by announcing that the United States is “disavowing” the 1978 Hansell Memorandum, a State Department memo that claimed Israeli settlements violate international law.

Watch: Pompeo Says US is ‘Disavowing’ Hansell Memorandum

"We’re disavowing the deeply flawed 1978 Hansell memo, and we’re returning to a balanced and sober Reagan-era approach.”

2,370 Arab Terror Attacks Against Jews You Never Heard About in 2019

Some of these were fatal. And mainstream media do not report them.

Jordanian Parliament Opposes Buying Gas from Israel, but Receiving Free Water from Israel is...

Jordanian Members of Parliament (MP) are pushing for an urgent legislative initiative to repeal the agreement in which Israel will supply gas to the Hashemite Kingdom, ahead of the soon-to-be-launched natural gas pipeline between the two countries.

Smotrich to Netanyahu: Annexing Jordan Valley a Proper Zionist Response to Hague Lawfare Attack

The time has come to make it clear that unilateral measures will be met with unilateral measures.

Geula Cohen Was Right

Geula Cohen, brave woman, you were right and so many of us were dead wrong. Which is why so many of us are dead, before our time.

Report: Trump Weighs Publishing Peace Deal Now Vs. Pushing It Off to 2nd Term

The American peace team must decide now, probably before the end of the year, to run with it, come what may, or stash the deal until January 2021.

Biden in Iowa: Sanders’ Notion of Leveraging US Aid Against Israel ‘Bizarre’

Biden said he was getting “tired of everybody giving the Palestinian Authority a pass ... as if they’re not continuing to foment all of this.”

US House of Representatives Passes Resolution Reaffirming Support for Two-State Solution

The final tally was 226 in favor, 188 against, and two present—with most Democrats voting for it, and most Republicans voting against it.

Bennett Warned EU Ambassadors He Would Demolish their Illegal Construction in Area C

Bennett clarified that Israel would destroy any illegal construction, and therefore "it would be a shame to waste your money."

Jews Have Rights in Judea

The new promises of new construction for the Jews of Hebron offered by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.


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