Joint Arab List Presents Demands for Endorsing Gantz Government

Blue&White Party leader Benny Gantz must abandon plans to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and reject the idea of a “Jewish majority” government, says Joint List's Ayman Odeh.

WATCH: Elections and the The Real Deal

The elections will have a significant role in how the Deal of the Century gets implemented.

DC Attorney Suing Trump, Netanyahu, Kushner, Cuomo, AIPAC, Miriam Adelson, on Behalf of ‘Palestinians’

In less than a year, people who believe in this toxic stuff, including many young Jews, could take over the White House.

Bennett Advances Master Plan for Judea, Samaria: 1,800 New Housing Units

"Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria is one of the building blocks of Zionism in the State of Israel. We will continue to advance it."

Regavim Campaign: Judea-Samaria Warning Signs Say ‘You Are Entering the State of Palestine’

“If we agree to the “Deal of the Century” map, the Gaza model will be reproduced right in the heart of the Land of Israel."

Reps. Jordan & Johnson Tour Judea & Samaria as Sovereignty Map Lines Drawn for...

The congressmen began their tour on the “Heritage Trail” in Beersheva, where they learned about the biblical Abraham and the ties of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

US-Israel Sovereignty Mapping Committee Announced

"Honored to serve on the Joint Committee. Looking forward to getting started right away."

Greenblatt: ‘Stop Calling Them Settlements’

“I don’t use those terms, 'settlements.' I use the terms 'cities' and 'towns' because that’s what they really are."

Pompeo: UN Blacklist Hurts Efforts to Create Middle East Peace

“Attempts to isolate Israel damage momentum toward Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.”

Police Shut Down Illegal Fatah Event in Jerusalem

Dozens of Arab rioters threw stones and bottles at the Israeli forces as they were leaving the site.

Besties: J Street President Embraces Abbas Following UN Security Council Appearance

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas was joined at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who called Abbas a “man of peace” and the “only partner” Israel has in peace negotiations.

Sanders Wins New Hampshire, Klobuchar Only Pro-Israel Candidate to Win Delegates

In short, Klobuchar's position on Israel is the traditional, Moderate-Democrat position of President Clinton's administration.

Olmert Meeting with Abbas in NY to Help Foster Palestinian State Using Trump’s Plan

In 2007, Olmert and Abbas met in Annapolis, Maryland for peace talks where he agreed that Israel would share Jerusalem as the joint capital with a Palestinian state. Abbas balked.

PA Lawyers Will Sue Businessmen Operating Under Deal of the Century

Behind the initiative stands Ghani Rabe’i, who previously initiated complaints in US Federal Court against 200 businessmen who invested in Israeli economic ventures in Judea and Samaria.

Fearing US Veto, PA Submits Watered-Down Resolution Against Israel and Deal of the Century...

The proposed PA resolution still attacks Israel and the US at the UN, but is less likely to trigger an automatic US veto.

Ambassador David Friedman Warns Against Immediate and Unilateral Israeli Annexation

Last week, settlement leaders said Prime Minister Netanyahu told them there are some technical differences within the US administration.

Abbas to Fatah Commanders: Why is the PA Street Still Calm?

The Palestinian Authority chairman wants to see wide-scale acts of violence against Israelis.

Greenblatt: ‘What Terrible Slander Against AIPAC!’

“What an awful response from Elizabeth Warren. Everyone should be speaking out against this.”

Kushner Blames Abbas for Wave of Violence, Says Chairman Is Jealous

Don't take back the annexation of Jewish communities who are treated as second class citizens by their own government, Jared Kushner. Take back your peace plan.

Trump’s NSA: Israeli Settlements Will Grow As World Jews Flee Anti-Semitism

“This could be the last opportunity for a two-state solution,” O'Brien said.

Did Anyone Say No Settler Will Be Uprooted? Someone Should Tell Bibi

The 150 soldiers and police officers demolished two, count them, two, structures, one of which had been home to a young couple and their baby.

Netanyahu: If Israelis Want Annexation, Vote Likud to Make It So

"We won’t let this great opportunity slip through our fingers. We brought [the plan] and we are here to make it happen."

EU Threatens Israel: Annexation of Judea and Samaria Will ‘Not Pass Unchallenged’

The EU is “especially concerned” by Israel’s statements on the prospect of the annexation of the Jordan Valley and other parts of Judea and Samaria ad stressed that it does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over “the territories occupied since 1967.”

Watch: Arab Lecturer Tells Jewish Youths Palestinian State Will Result in Bloodshed

"it would be a disaster to establish a country for people with a culture of murder and bloodshed, who have been taught for generations that Jews should become food for fish."

Report: Kushner to Present ‘Deal of the Century’ to UN Security Council

Kushner intends to present the plan and then listen to feedback from the 14 members of the Council in the chamber during the session..

Analysis: Is the Deal of the Century a US Impeachment of Abbas?

Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah officials believe they are marching toward the end of the Mahmoud Abbas era and the strategic failure of his “political intifada” against Israel.

Kremlin: Netanyahu Requested Putin Meeting 24 Hours after Trump’s Announcement

It wasn't the Kremlin asking Netanyahu for the scoop about Trump's deal of the century, it was Netanyahu initiating the briefing.


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