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Greenblatt in Israel to Meet on ‘Deal of the Century’

Greenblatt said he was planning to meet with both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Blue & White party leader Benny Gantz.

Bennett Claims to Expose Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’, Likud Denies It

Bennett claims the Deal of the Century will create islands of Israel within an ocean of Palestine.

Trump Appoints New US Envoy to Mideast After Greenblatt Resigns

Berkowitz, 30, is an Orthodox Jew who assisted White House adviser Jared Kushner in his years in the private sector, then during US President Donald Trump’s election campaign, and later in the White House he served as a “special assistant.”

US Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt Resigns

The timing of the release of the Trump Middle East peace plan -- and its followup -- is now in question.

Netanyahu: We Are Discussing Applying Israeli Sovereignty to Ma’aleh Adumim

“We’re building new homes here. We'll build another Elkana and another Elkana and another Elkana. We will not uproot anyone here, there will be no more Gush Katif."

Trump May Reveal Deal of the Century Before Israel’s Elections

Last week, Trump said, “We will probably wait for the release of the Middle East peace plan until after the Israeli elections.”

Greenblatt: Trump Not Seeking to Unseat Abbas

President Trump is yet to decide whether he would unveil his "deal of the century" peace plan before or after the September 17 Israeli elections.

Disbanding Gush Katif a Failed Experiment, says General who Helped Carry Out Expulsion

Most of the assumptions proposed by Israel’s military and political establishment ahead of land withdrawals have proven false, while the social impact of such evacuations have left deep scars.

IfNotNow Annoyed: 2 Debates, 20 Democrats, Not One Word About ‘Occupation’

Emma asks sheepishly: "Can you donate $5 to make sure we can make the Occupation a central issue in the next debates?"

White House ‘Peace Team’ Meets in Cairo, Jerusalem, Amman, Riyadh

Both the Egyptian and Jordanian leaders told the Trump peace team the only way to achieve peace will be by establishing a "Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital."

US Denies Report that Peace Plan Soon to be Unveiled

Senior White House adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner was to have arrived Wednesday evening in Israel.

Ambassador Friedman: We Prefer Palestinian Autonomy over State

“The last thing the world needs is a failed Palestinian state."

Israel Votes to Build Palestinian Authority Arab Homes in Area C

Under the approved construction plan, 700 housing units will be built for Arab citizens of the Palestinian Authority, in Area C, under full Israeli control.

Smotrich Endorses Netanyahu’s Decision to Build for Arabs in Area C

"For the first time, we are taking responsibility and formulate strategic government policy regarding Area C after 10 years of only Arab strategy."

Former Shin Bet Chief: PA Has 100% of Blame For Oslo’s Failure

The conference was dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger who was murdered this past March in a terror attack.

Abbas Declares End of Agreements with Israel

It should be noted that the Abbas speech received very little attention in Israel's media.

Survey: Five Years After Gaza War, Israelis Don’t Believe Their Country Is Winning

84% of Jewish Israelis noted that it was important for Israel to achieve victory against the Palestinians. As for whether Israel was currently winning the conflict, fewer than 10% felt this was the case.

Kushner Heading to Israel, Arab Nations for Next Step in ‘Prosperity to Peace’ Plan...

Specifically, the trip is intended to finalize details of the proposed U.S. $50 billion plan to jump-start the Palestinian Authority economy while giving a boost to Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

Greenblatt: ‘Israel is the Victim in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’

“From the moment of its formation, they were attacked multiple times. They continue to be attacked with terrorism . . . they’re trying their best to succeed … under very, very trying circumstances.”

Biden, Booker, O’Rourke Reject IfNotNow’s Anti-Israel Line

Joe Biden stuck by his talking points, Beto O'Rourke said he had no intention of forcing a peace agreement on the two sides, and Cory Booker, God bless him, told her to vote for someone else.

Report: Netanyahu Expresses Reservations about Possible Gaza-Judea & Samaria Passage

Jason Greenblatt said that the hesitation from the Israeli side surprised him because the US administration repeatedly assured Israel that Israel's "security is first and foremost” in the proposal.

IfNotNow Pushing Anti-Settlements Public Statements on Leading Democrat

Mark Mellman, president of Democratic Majority for Israel, on July 9 sent a warning letter to the Democratic presidential candidates regarding a "strongly anti-Israel organization, IfNotNow."

Netanyahu Vows Not to Uproot Any Jewish or Arab Settlement, Reversing Promise on Khan...

Netanyahu also vowed to impose Israeli sovereignty in Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria. That promise and a cheese and tomato sandwich should provide you with a healthy meal.

Mideast Envoy Greenblatt: US Not Seeking Regime Change in Palestinian Authority

“We have to deal with everybody to make this work,” said U.S. special envoy for Mideast peace negotiations Jason Greenblatt. “We cannot make a comprehensive peace unless we make sure that we are dealing with the representatives of all the Palestinian people.”

Israeli Analyst: US Threatens Cutting Off Jordan If King Fails to Support Peace Deal

Should the US cut its aid to Jordan, there's no telling who would fill the void. Sure, it could be the Saudis or the Qataris, but it could also be the Iranians, the Russians, or the Chinese.

EXCLUSIVE: Saeb Erekat: Netanyahu is Left-Wing in Comparison with David Friedman

"How can we talk with anyone who thinks God gave Jerusalem to the Jews?" Saeb Erekat asked cynically.

US ‘Pleased’ PA Has Released Hebron Businessman Arrested for Attending ‘Peace to Prosperity’ Workshop

“We look forward to continuing our conversation with all who attended the workshop and anyone else who wants a better future for the Palestinians.”

Palestinian Authority Businessman Freed After US Embassy Warning to Ramallah

Saleh Abu Mayaleh was arrested Friday night, 24 hours after his return from the U.S.-led “Peace to Prosperity” economic workshop in Bahrain.

Watch Trump: If No Israel-PA Peace Under My Administration, ‘It Will Never Happen’

"I know they want to make a deal, but they want to be a little bit cute, and that’s okay. . . I fully understand where they're coming from.”

PA Arrests Businessman Who Returned from Bahrain Conference

PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat on Friday condemned Trump's peace envoy Jason Greenblatt's statement, suggesting he preferred to call Israeli settlements "neighborhoods and cities."


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