Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Fireworks in Downtown Jerusalem on the Israel's 69th Day of Independence, May 1, 2017.

We received a few variations of the following list on WhatsApp, and it just needed to be shared.

What a week for Israel…


1. Disclosure of the 100 agent Mossad operation in the heart of Tehran, bringing half a ton of documents to Israel.

2. The destruction of an Iranian S300 air defense system, while it was still in plastic sheets, moments after it landed in Syria. Along with several senior Iranian and Syrian officials.

3. A mysterious explosion of a vehicle in Syria, in which six Syrian officers were killed, who were responsible for the downing of the Israeli aircraft in January.

4. The destruction of dozens of medium-range Iranian missiles with large warheads of hundreds of kilograms each, moments before they were launched into Israel.

5. The exit of a non-tech Israeli company, for $6.5 billion.

6. Trump’s declaration of the cancellation of the nuclear agreement with Iran, contrary to the opinion of the Iranian regime lovers in Europe.

7. A failed barrage of 30 missiles by Iran, four were intercepted by Iron Dome and the rest landed in Syria.

8. The destruction of most of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria, including more than 50 intelligence sites, bases, missile batteries, headquarters, etc.

9. Another exit of a non-tech Israeli company which manufacture of diapers and wipes, for NIS 1.4 billion.

10. Statements by foreign ministers from Arab countries supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against Iranian aggression.

11. Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest.

12. Destroying a terror tunnel from the Gaza Strip before it crossed the Israeli border.

13. The transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. On Jerusalem Day.

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