Photo Credit: Im Tirtzu
A B'Tselem Activist in the Field

Israeli security forces arrested two activists of the extreme-left B’Tselem organization suspected of setting fire to land owned by Israel on Hill 16, near Kiryat Arba.

The detainees are well-known activists, Imad Abu Shamsiya and Araf Jaber.


Abu Shamsiya is a photographer for B’Tselem and the coordinator of the Human Rights Defenders organization. He also is involved in the anti-Israel BDS movement and is active in the release of Arab terrorists.

Hill 16 is located on state land, and it appears that the two set fire to the land to prepare it for future agricultural activities as part of a move to illegally gain control of the area.

The information about the two came through a DMU Project which documents the activities of anti-Israel activists, and especially those working for foreign organizations.

Matan Peleg, chairman of the Im Tirzu Zionist movement, stated in response that “this is not the first time that a link has been discovered between activists in anti-Zionist propaganda organizations working with foreign governments, the New Israel Fund, and acts of terrorism.”

“For the terrorists and those who seek to cause Israel harm, these are different activities in nature but with the same purpose. Sometimes it is found that these are the same people committing them. The anti-Zionist B’Tselem organization has never done anything good with the millions of dollars it is fed by foreign countries, but only makes a living from the existence of the conflict and takes care to perpetuate it,” he charged.

He called on the Israeli government to “act immediately to reduce the funding of foreign governments for delegitimization organizations operating in Israel.”

B’Tselem claims the land is owned by Jaber and the two were working on it.


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