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NGO demonstrators protesting against a visiting of US Congressional delegation. February 22, 2018.

NGO Monitor on Wednesday issued an analysis of all the grants reported annually by 39 Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 2012 to 2016, organizing data according to the size of the grant, identity of the donor, source of the grant (private, governmental, or unclear) and whether the donor is a government or a church groups. Given the central role played by politicized NGOs in Israeli society, often masquerading as human rights advocates, the sheer size of foreign intervention in Israel’s internal affairs is mind boggling.

According to the report, from 2012 to 2016, those 39 NGOs received more than half a billion shekels ($145 million). Of this, 60.1% (310 million shekel or $87 million) came from governments (through direct and indirect funding) and 39.87% (206 million shekel or $58 million) from private donors.


Of the 39 groups examined, 28 receive more than 50% of their funding from governments. The three NGOs receiving the highest share of foreign government funding are Akevot (100%), Terrestrial Jerusalem (99.66%), and Who Profits (94.49%). Now you know who profits…

The anti-Israel NGOs are: Al Marsad, Sabeel, Al Qaws, Amnesty Israel, Baladna, Bimkom, B’Tselem, Gisha, ACRI, The Social TV, Hamoked, Public Committee against Torture in Israel, Alternative Information Center, Human Rights Defenders Fund, Zochrot, Parents Circle Families Forum, Terrestrial Jerusalem, Yesh Din, Kerem Navot, Combatants for Peace, Mada al-Carmel, Molad, Who Profits, Mossawa, Sadaka Reut, Adalah, Ir Amim, Emek Shaveh, Akevot, Negev Coexistence Forum, New Profile, Coalition of Women for Peace, Comet Me, Women’s Fund for Human Rights (Machsom Watch), Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, Breaking the Silence, Rabbis for Human Rights, +972 Magazine, Peace Now.


25 governmental and intergovernmental entities – including the EU, UN, and the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat – fund these 39 Israeli NGOs. Germany is the largest donor, providing 50 million shekel or $14 million), followed by the EU and Norway.

Government Funding to Israeli NGOs (Courtesy NGO Monitor)

Country/International Body Total
Total 309,745,266
Germany 49,688,588
European Union 45,044,122
Norway 33,851,900
Netherlands 30,443,364
Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark 25,016,556
United Kingdom 18,974,586
Switzerland 18,087,482
Multiple Governments 12,878,865
United States 11,760,571
United Nations 11,466,826
Ireland 11,257,925
Sweden 10,591,131
Spain 8,996,940
Belgium 8,860,470
France 5,216,877
Denmark 3,556,257
Finland 1,942,114
Austria 600,864
Israel 530,181
Scotland 485,360
Canada 307,699
Unclear 87,069
Japan 52,719
New Zealand 22,098
Luxembourg 20,830
Taiwan 3,872


Of the 206 million shekel or $58 million in private funding given to these NGOs, the New Israel Fund (NIF) provides 13%; Sigrid Rausing Trust 10%; Open Society Institute 7%; Amnesty International 6%; Moriah Fund 4%; Social Justice Fund 2.59%; Rockefeller Brothers Foundation 2%; and the Galilee Foundation 2%.

Government Funded Church Aid Societies that Fund Politicized Israeli NGOs, 2012-2016 (Courtesy NGO Monitor)

Church Aid Society Government Donor Total (NIS)
Total 93,981,616
Bread for the World/EED Germany 17077443
Misereor Germany 9,014,275
EED Germany 6,714,774
Diakonia Sweden 6,580,500
Broederlijk Delen Belgium 5,308,462
Christian Aid United Kingdom 5,124,948
Cordaid Netherlands 4,972,224
Heks Eper Switzerland 4,952,679
Catholic Relief Services United States 4,598,850
Trocaire Ireland 3,827,227
DanChurchAid Denmark 3,817,228
ICCO Netherlands 3,776,828
CCFD France 3,174,560
Kerk in Actie Netherlands 2,839,659
Norwegian Church Aid Norway 2,082,837
Caritas Belgium 1,334,127
CAFOD United Kingdom 1,136,629
Finn Church Aid Finland 910,648
Church of Sweden Sweden 612,172
Diakonie Austria Austria 600,864
Christian Aid Ireland Ireland 579,449
Church of Scotland Scotland 485,360
The United Church of Canada Canada 307,699
Stichting Het Solidariets Fonds Netherlands 265,943
Det Norske Menneskeretting Hetspond Norway 249,580
World Vision United States 162,577


20% of the total funding (101 million shekel or $28 million) is donated by Christian groups (churches and Christian humanitarian aid organizations). Most of these institutions receive large sums of government funding. A further 7% of total donations was provided by private religious institutions and/or individuals.

A large percentage of the government-funded church entities are themselves involved in anti-Israeli campaigns abroad, including BDS, lawfare, and other delegitimization campaigns against Israel.

The NGOs examined in the NGO Monitor report are politically active in the Arab-Israeli conflict; registered in Israel as a non-profit association or as a corporation for the public benefit, and therefore report their income annually; conduct a considerable part of their activities abroad, including lobbying the International Criminal Court at the Hague to prosecute Israeli officials and/or the State; lobby the EU, US and UN with anti-Israel projects such as the Goldstone Report following the 2008-2009 Gaza war and the Schabas/Davis Report following the 2014 Gaza war); and participate and lead other delegitimization campaigns against Israel.