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Miss Hitler 2020 contest

Just when you think you’ve finally seen it all, along comes something that is so far beyond The Pale, it just ‘takes the proverbial biscuit,’ as people from the United Kingdom would say.


People surfing the Tweet Zone on Tuesday might have come across a nasty little item that is rightfully being called to the attention of the public by the Stop Antisemitism Organization.

The GoDaddy internet domain registrar and web hosting company apparently agreed to host a website that is promoting a global “Miss Hitler 2020” beauty pageant.

Yes, friends, it does exist – or did, anyway. The poster advises prospective “beauties” that the competition runs from August 8 to September 3 of this year. The pageant encouraged women to enter by posting girly Nazi-themed images along with an entry explaining why they “love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. . . “Tell someone you know that might participate to register and then help her in the race to win,” the poster urges.

One sends 1 or 3 Fotos (sic), chooses a nick name (sic) and is told to “write a few words.” (Clearly intelligence is not required.) “Send registration complete to the manager of Historical Revisionism or to the page,” the text continues.

Miss Hitler 2020 contest, on the World Truth historical revisionism site

But the Australian Anti-Defamation Commission contacted the GoDaddy Company – which is based in Australia – with a request to shut down the website, contending the competition and the content on its “World Truth historical revisionism” site violate the GoDaddy Terms of Service against hate speech.

“The words sickening and stomach-churning do not even come close to describe this abomination. In fact, it’s hard to imagine anything more vile and this vomit-inducing salute to Hitler by ‘Final Solutionists’ is an incitement to murder, pure and simple,” ADC chairman Dvir Abramovich said.

“This ugly display of abject antisemitism by Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis once again demonstrates that there are extremists groups out there that are determined to recruit young people to their dangerous cause,” Abramovich said.

“It is frightening to think that there are women, including from Australia, who may choose to take part in this blood-chilling competition, aimed at emboldening people to target and intimidate Jewish and other communities,” he added.

The website said a winner would be selected by a popular online vote – but perhaps the Anti-Defamation Commission will have taught GoDaddy the finer points of selection by then instead.


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