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An anti-Judicial Reform protest in Haifa. Jan. 28, 2023

According to a survey by the Israel Democracy Institute from the Voice of Israel index survey, published in Yedioth, the demographic breakdown of participants in the anti-judicial reform protests has been revealed. These latest protests are actually just another iteration of the previous anti-Netanyahu demonstrations.

The survey found that the protesters are largely homogeneous in their makeup. The majority are secular, Jewish, over 55 years old, and Ashkenazi, which is a (somewhat stereotypical) reflection of the left-wing, bourgeoisie demographic of Tel Aviv, but not representative of the broader population of the state of Israel.


Secular: 75%
Traditional: 22%
Religious: 3%
Haredi: 0%

Jewish: 93%
Arab: 7%

55+: 50%
45-55: 9%
35-44: 17%
25-34: 16%
18-24: 8%

Ethnicity (among Jews)
Ashkenazi: 51%
Mizrachi: 26%
Mixed: 14%
Other: 9%

Additional results and data from the survey will be published next week.

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