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Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to launch missiles at an ammonia installation in northern Israel, which could kill tens of thousands of civilians -- including thousands of Israeli Arabs. (2016)

A Lebanese source reported late Saturday night that Hezbollah terrorist chief Hassan Nasrallah and senior group officials have fled to Syria in the wake of last week’s massive double explosion of ammonium nitrate stored at the Port of Beirut that flattened the area and damaged much of the six-mile radius beyond.

It is likely the rumor of Nasrallah’s escape is just that: a rumor and fake news. But it’s also indicative of where the enraged thoughts of the Arab world are heading, as posters of Nasrallah were hung in effigy at angry protests in Lebanon.


(English translation of the Arabic: “Security source: Nasrallah and senior Hizballah officials flee to Syria.”)

The death toll from the Beirut disaster rose to 158 on Friday, with at least 6,000 people injured from the blast, dozens more still missing and at least 300,000 were left homeless.

Lebanese who survived the disaster are now waking up to the fact that in addition to the destruction of their economy and the challenge of a global pandemic, they are now also faced with being forced to rebuild their national capital city as well, and many are beginning to hold Hezbollah responsible for the tragedy.

Hezbollah, which also holds a powerful position in the current Lebanese government, has categorically denied having had anything to do with the blast.

Military analysts in multiple nations have pointed out, however, that the ammonium nitrate was placed in the storage facility at least seven years prior; had it been intended for agricultural use, it would have long since been removed. The material is known to be explosive and numerous warnings were issued by various Lebanese officials about its existence.

On Friday, Hassan Nasrallah warned Lebanese citizens in a televised speech not to hold his Shiite militia responsible for the blast at the port. Hezbollah is believed to use the port for smuggling operations; the group is also known to have stored ammonium nitrate in at least two other countries outside of Lebanon for use in terror operations.

In his speech, televised live by Hezbollah-linked Al Manar TV, Nasrallah warned his group is strong enough to counter a challenge from any faction.

“If you want to start a battle against ‘The Resistance’ over this incident, you will get no results,” he said. “The Resistance (Hezbollah)’ with its strength and patriotism, is mightier, bigger and stronger than to be struck by those liars who want to pressure and incite for civil war,” he said.

“They will fail – and they will always fail. . . The country needs time to heal. After, we will discuss politics,” he added.

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