Civilians In Northern Israel Report Renewed Tunnel Digging Sounds

The tunnels were a central pillar of Hezbollah's plan to infiltrate with thousands of fighters the Israeli communities along the border.

Hezbollah Peddling Drugs to Teens in Syria, Locals Joining the Drug Dealing Bandwagon

Cannabis and cannabis products are the primary product being sold to kids in Syria by the Hezbollah drug network.

Report: Syrian Media Allege Israeli Missile Targets Hezbollah Near Quneitra

Daytime attacks by Israeli forces on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria are rare; most raids are carried out at night.

Sisi Warns Hezbollah Against Armed Conflict with Israel

If Hezbollah launched tens of thousands of missiles at Israelis, the president said, "this would have a significant impact on the Middle East, and the region will find itself in a major conflict."

Syria Opens Border Crossing with Iraq, Will Serve an Iranian Bridge to Lebanon

The upgraded Albukamal crossing is expected to serve as an Iranian land bridge through Iraq to Syria and from there to Lebanon, posing a new threat to Israel’s security.

Hezbollah Agent Killed by Car Bomb Was Recruiting Golan Villagers

The agent's recruits hid in their homes explosive devices, light weapons, machine guns and anti-tank missiles, for a future war between Hezbollah and Israel.

Danon to UN Security Council: ‘Beirut Port Has Become Hezbollah’s Port’

Israel revealed new intelligence information in the Security Council: Iran and Syria are smuggling dual-use equipment into Lebanon to build up Hezbollah.

Uganda, Mossad, Expose Hezbollah Agent Involved in International Terrorist Plot

Yassin had already identified at least 100 Lebanese living in Uganda for possible recruitment by Hezbollah.

Hezbollah Reportedly Deploys Forces Along Israel’s Northern Border

Hezbollah: “The sanctions (on Iran) now have us preparing for dealing with the Israeli front. We will fire the first shot this time."

Nasrallah Lists Israeli Targets in Future War

Nasrallah counted the rich targets bank concentrated in a very small area in Tel Aviv

US Designates 3 Senior Hezbollah Terrorists, Nixes Political, Military Arms Distinction

"The United States’ maximum pressure campaign against Iran and its proxies, Hezbollah chief among them, has already succeeded in limiting the financial support Hezbollah receives from the Iranian regime."

Report: Iran Searching for Syrian Moles that Facilitated Quality Attacks on Its Assets

The quality of the targets Israel destroyed in its last attack in Syrian territory earlier this week, stunned the Iranian military leadership, which realized...

Syria Reports: Mutliple Dead, ‘Many Wounded’ in Multi-Pronged Israeli Attack

Damascus, Homs, and Tartous are among the areas were Iranian military sites were attacked overnight.

Lebanon ‘Will Pay a Heavy Price’ if Hezbollah Attacks Israel, IDF General Warns; Drone...

Hezbollah’s allegiance is and has always been to the Supreme Leader of Iran and not to the Lebanese people, the general warned.

Muslim Brotherhood Representative in Southern Lebanon Assassinated

Lebanese sources say that Jarar was threatened by Hezbollah prior to his assassination over his pro-Syrian rebel stances.

UK Govt Hushed Up 2015 Hezbollah Bomb Plot in London

It appears the UK didn't want to undermine the recently signed Iran nuclear deal, by exposing the Hezbollah terror plans.

Germany’s Parliament Votes to Protect Hezbollah

“A full ban of Hezbollah . . . has already happened in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom."

In Urgent Fundraising Effort WJC Reveals Hezbollah Is Dangerous Terror Threat

To my amazement, the WJC reported that "too many nations and leaders turned a blind eye to the magnitude and geographic extent of Hezbollah’s crimes."

Kremlin Warns News of US, Russia, Israel Summit on Syria Mostly Fake

"I want to call on everyone to be very careful about filtering fake news, which will certainly be plentiful in the media."

Anti-Israel Marchers in the Center of London Espouse Anti-Semitism

In previous years the march has been a pro-Hezbollah parade with marchers waving Hezbollah flags.

Syria Claims Israel Attacked T-4 Military Base

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims five were killed in the attack.

Netanyahu: Hezbollah Receives $700M Annually From Iran, But Israel ‘Not Deterred’

"All of the Arab states know it. This is one of the things that is bringing them to a renewed closeness with us.”

Israel Attacks Syrian Military Targets Near Damascus, 10 Reported Killed

"Israeli warplanes and combat helicopters attacked several military targets belonging to the Syrian army."

US State Dept: Hezbollah Withdrawing from Syria was the first to report on Hezbollah's pending withdrawal from Syria.

Take a Look Inside Hezbollah’s Biggest, Baddest Terror Tunnel

In the bucolic southern Lebanese village of Ramiya lies a deadly trap below the surface, aimed at Israel.

Report: Hezbollah Orders Fighters in Syria to Head to Southern Lebanon

According to Lebanese sources, Hezbollah wants its fighters in southern Lebanon within 15 days.

Israel Slams UN Envoy Who Met with Hezbollah Leader

Jan Kubis, the UN’s Special Coordinator for Lebanon, said Monday that he met with Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem and even got a copy of his book.

Facing Financial Crisis, Hezbollah Launches ‘Financial Jihad’

Facing cutbacks Hezbollah has launched a broad fundraising campaign, dubbed “financial Jihad.”

Syria Reports Second Israeli Attack on Iranian Assets in Two Days

“Anti-air defenses intercept unidentified objects that had entered the airspace of the southern region from the occupied territories.”

Jury Finds Former Uggs Salesman Guilty for Working as Hezbollah ‘Sleeper Agent’

Charges against Ali Kourani, 34, consisted of providing support to the U.S.-designated terrorist entity.


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