Netanyahu Cutting Germany Visit Short

“In recent days, the prime minister has been updated and is following security developments together with the senior security leadership.”

Northern Israel Security Situation Update

A gag order was placed on the security situation following the bombing near Megiddo.

Syria Accuses Israel of Attacking Aleppo International Airport

The nearby al-Nirab military airport was also attacked.

Hezbollah-Linked Syrian National Indicted in Israel for Espionage

Aith Abdullah has been gathering intelligence along the Syrian-Israeli border since 2019 at the request of his brother-in-law, a Hezbollah operative.

Putin Recruiting ‘Palestinians’ from Lebanon to Fight Ukraine for Russia

The Palestinian Authority embassy in Beirut is coordinating the recruiting.

Hezbollah-Backed Terrorists Form ‘Dozens of Cells’ on Syrian Border

Operatives are continuously gathering pre-attack intelligence on Israel, the Alma Center says.

Hezbollah’s Elite Radwan Force Trains to Invade Northern Israel

Hassan Nasrallah said his Iranian-backed terror group would not allow Israel to continue pumping gas from its Karish field “if there is procrastination regarding the drilling for oil and gas in Lebanese waters.”

Russia ‘Strongly Condemns’ Israeli Attack on Damascus that Could Not Be Launched without Its...

There have been serious disagreements in the past when Israel dared to challenge Russia’s wishes.

Netanyahu to Cabinet: Iran Attacking Israeli Morale and National Unity

Netanyahu responsed to remarks by Hassan Nasrallah and Tom Nides.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Visits Lebanon-Israel Border, Meets with Hezbollah

Ali Bagheri: “The Islamic resistance was able to liberate the land from the occupation and provide Lebanon with stability.”

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Threatens US & Israel in Latest Speech

Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah in a threat to the US: "When your schemes end up hurting our people, we will turn our hands and our weapons to where it hurts - to what is dear to your heart - Israel."

SOHR: Unidentified Drones Attacked 25-Truck Convoy Crossing Syria-Iraq Border, 7 Killed

The attack came only hours after armed drones targeted an Iranian drone manufacturing facility in Isfahan.

US Treasury Department Sanctions Hezbollah Money Exchanger

“The Treasury Department is taking action against a corrupt money exchanger, whose financial engineering actively supports and enables Hezbollah and its interests at the expense of the Lebanese people and economy.”

Hezbollah Built 20-Plus Military Posts Along Border with Israel

Under U.N. Resolution 1701, the Iranian-backed terrorist group is forbidden from operating near the frontier.

Polish Senior UN Official in Lebanon Expresses her Gratitude to Hezbollah

Ammar al-Musawi, the kindly Hezbollah representative who treated Mrs. Wronecka so nicely, is a prominent Hezbollah leader.

Iran Sending Hezbollah Terrorists to Ukraine to Assist Russia with Drone Attacks

The Hezbollah terrorists heading to Ukraine have gathered in the village of al-Dimass, located west of Damascus, in case you were wondering.

Lebanon Court Charges 7 for Attack that Killed an Irish UN Soldier

Hezbollah called the killing of Private Sean Rooney, 23, an "unintentional incident."

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Delivers Live Address, Still Alive and Kicking

“If you do not want another war in the region, you must rein in those crazy officials in Israel.”

Report: Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah in ICU, Son Denies He’s Unconscious

The terror chief reportedly suffered a stroke, according to reports from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

IDF Intelligence 2023 Predictions: Iran Meddling in Region, Arab Terrorism Up, Hezbollah Doesn’t want...

A major concern is what would happen the day after Chairman Mahmoud Abbas dies (he just turned 87).

Report: Israel Attacked Hezbollah’s Drone Making Unit

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Tuesday morning that the Israeli attacks targeted a Hezbollah warehouse.

Report: 420% Rise in Hezbollah Provocations on Lebanon’s Border

The IDF is concerned Hezbollah is losing control over its members.

Reports: Israeli Missiles Attack Hezbollah Warehouse, Air Defense Battery, 2 Gunmen Dead

The raids followed the arrival of an Iranian cargo plane at Damascus airport.

Iran Withdraws More Forces from Syria

The forces were recalled to Iran to contend with the escalating civilian protests in the country.

Irish UNIFIL Peacekeeper Killed by Gunfire in Lebanon

A second soldier is in serious condition; two armored vehicles came under small arms fire while traveling from southern Lebanon to Beirut.

Iran Smuggles Venezuelan Gold to Pay for Lebanese Proxy Hezbollah

“Once the gold was in the capital of Iran he made another trip to Turkey to sell it on the black market. The result of this illegal operation – millions of dollars – was used to finance Hezbollah’s terrorist acts."


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