Lebanon ‘Will Pay a Heavy Price’ if Hezbollah Attacks Israel, IDF General Warns; Drone...

Hezbollah’s allegiance is and has always been to the Supreme Leader of Iran and not to the Lebanese people, the general warned.

Muslim Brotherhood Representative in Southern Lebanon Assassinated

Lebanese sources say that Jarar was threatened by Hezbollah prior to his assassination over his pro-Syrian rebel stances.

UK Govt Hushed Up 2015 Hezbollah Bomb Plot in London

It appears the UK didn't want to undermine the recently signed Iran nuclear deal, by exposing the Hezbollah terror plans.

Germany’s Parliament Votes to Protect Hezbollah

“A full ban of Hezbollah . . . has already happened in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom."

In Urgent Fundraising Effort WJC Reveals Hezbollah Is Dangerous Terror Threat

To my amazement, the WJC reported that "too many nations and leaders turned a blind eye to the magnitude and geographic extent of Hezbollah’s crimes."

Kremlin Warns News of US, Russia, Israel Summit on Syria Mostly Fake

"I want to call on everyone to be very careful about filtering fake news, which will certainly be plentiful in the media."

Anti-Israel Marchers in the Center of London Espouse Anti-Semitism

In previous years the march has been a pro-Hezbollah parade with marchers waving Hezbollah flags.

Syria Claims Israel Attacked T-4 Military Base

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims five were killed in the attack.

Netanyahu: Hezbollah Receives $700M Annually From Iran, But Israel ‘Not Deterred’

"All of the Arab states know it. This is one of the things that is bringing them to a renewed closeness with us.”

Israel Attacks Syrian Military Targets Near Damascus, 10 Reported Killed

"Israeli warplanes and combat helicopters attacked several military targets belonging to the Syrian army."

US State Dept: Hezbollah Withdrawing from Syria

JewishPress.com was the first to report on Hezbollah's pending withdrawal from Syria.

Take a Look Inside Hezbollah’s Biggest, Baddest Terror Tunnel

In the bucolic southern Lebanese village of Ramiya lies a deadly trap below the surface, aimed at Israel.

Report: Hezbollah Orders Fighters in Syria to Head to Southern Lebanon

According to Lebanese sources, Hezbollah wants its fighters in southern Lebanon within 15 days.

Israel Slams UN Envoy Who Met with Hezbollah Leader

Jan Kubis, the UN’s Special Coordinator for Lebanon, said Monday that he met with Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem and even got a copy of his book.

Facing Financial Crisis, Hezbollah Launches ‘Financial Jihad’

Facing cutbacks Hezbollah has launched a broad fundraising campaign, dubbed “financial Jihad.”

Syria Reports Second Israeli Attack on Iranian Assets in Two Days

“Anti-air defenses intercept unidentified objects that had entered the airspace of the southern region from the occupied territories.”

Jury Finds Former Uggs Salesman Guilty for Working as Hezbollah ‘Sleeper Agent’

Charges against Ali Kourani, 34, consisted of providing support to the U.S.-designated terrorist entity.

US Offers $10M for Info to Disrupt Hezbollah Financing

The money will be paid in connection with the State Department’s ‘Reward for Justice’ program.

Nasrallah: War With Israel in the Summer? Moi?

“I may not remain among you for very long," Nasrallah said, "It is possible that the entire first echelon of leadership could be killed, including myself.”

US Cracks Down on Lebanese Currency Exchange for Ties to Hezbollah, Columbian Cartels

“We are laser-focused on what’s going on in Lebanon,” said U.S. Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. “We will continue to have a heavy focus on any entity or organization that is moving money on behalf of Hezbollah.”

Iran, Hezbollah Secretly Built New Precision Rocket Factory in Lebanon

Israel has repeatedly bombed Iranian weaponry in Syria being imported and transferred to Hezbollah.

Study: 1,139 Hezbollah Terrorists Killed while Fighting in Syria

Most of the operatives killed, 43 percent, were in their early twenties and were sent to Syria without prior combat experience.

14 UN Security Council Members Condemn Trump’s Golan Proclamation

German UN Ambassador Christoph Heusgen suggested the Syrian letter was "deeply cynical."

Hamas Solidifies Ties with Hezbollah, Seeks to Renew Relations with Syria

A Hamas delegation, led by senior Hamas official Saleh Arouri, met in Beirut on Monday with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Trump Signs Proclamation Recognizing Israel’s Sovereignty over Golan Heights

"Under my administration, Israel-US relations have never been stronger," Trump declared before signing his Golan proclamation.

In Lebanon Secretary Pompeo Will Warn Hezbollah-Run Government of the Dangers of… Hezbollah

Seriously? The secretary must be aware that in Lebanon, government institutions, armed forces and internal security are all run or substantially influenced by Hezbollah.

Israel Files Complaint with Security Council after Exposure of Covert Hezbollah Unit Operating in...

“The State of Israel will not ignore the conversion of Syria and Lebanon into a military front against it and will act forcefully and aggressively against Tehran’s aggression.”

IDF Exposes Covert Hezbollah Terror Unit Operating in Syria

Hezbollah has been recruiting hundreds of villagers villagers into a terror network equipped with weapons, anti-tank rockets and explosive.

Former Argentine President Acquitted of Interference in AMIA Bombing Investigation

Former Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was indicted in 2017 for covering up Iran's role in the attack.

Russia, Israel, to Collaborate on Removing Iran from Syria

The foreign involvement in the Syrian Civil War encompasses political, military and operational support to parties involved in the ongoing conflict in Syria that began in March 2011, as well as active foreign involvement.


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