US Sanctions Seven People Linked to Hezbollah Financing

About $500 million was transferred on behalf of a Hezbollah-linked entity, according to the U.S. State Department.

Hezbollah on High Alert ahead of IDF’s Largest-Ever Drill

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi decided not to cancel or postpone the exercise despite the mounting tensions in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the Gaza Strip.

New Reports Map out Hezbollah’s Missile Arsenal, Expose New Military Sites

From short-range Burkan rockets with massive warheads that can destroy buildings to medium-range Iranian Fateh 110 missiles that can reach greater Tel Aviv, the Alma Center sheds new light on how Lebanon is brimming with Hezbollah’s firepower.

MEMRI: Parts of Syria Under Total Control of Iran, Hezbollah

"There are areas in Syria that are controlled by Iranian officers. Al-Assad does not know and does not want to know [what goes on there]."

Hezbollah Using Christian-Owned Oil Companies to Control Lebanon’s Energy Market

Based on the findings collected by Alma, it appears that the Yamin brothers and the companies under their control act on behalf of Hezbollah’s interests in the Lebanese energy market.

Quds Force Deputy Commander Mohammad Hejazi Dies of Heart Attack

In 2019 Hejazi was marked by Israel’s military as one of the people responsible for the accuracy of precision-guided missiles fired by Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Hezbollah Steps Up Preparations for Lebanon’s Collapse

The Lebanese terror group readies its “economic battle plan” as the situation in the country continues to deteriorate.

Former Lebanese Justice Minister: Hezbollah is an Enemy of the State

Former Lebanese police chief Maj. Gen. (ret.) Ashraf Rifi compares Iran to Nazi Germany and says Hezbollah is leading Lebanon to suicide.

Knesset Approves Campaign Medals to South Lebanese Soldiers Who Collaborated with IDF

The bill gives the Defense Minister the authority to award the medal to South Lebanon Army soldiers who fought alongside IDF soldiers in the security zone in south Lebanon.

Israeli President, IDF Chief of Staff in Europe to Discuss Hezbollah, Iran Threats

“We trust our European friends will stand with us on this important issue,” Kochavi said.

Hezbollah’s Latest Threats: An ‘Intimidation Campaign’ to Silence Criticism Within Lebanon

A speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and a video released a day later showing targets in Israel are designed to falsely legitimize the terror group’s use of human shields, states Maj. (res.) Tal Beeri of the Alma Center, which exposed four new missile sites in Beirut.

4 More Sites Linked to Hezbollah Missile Array Exposed in Heart of Beirut

Hezbollah will bring the next war onto Lebanese civilians in Beirut.

Hezbollah Abductor of Late IDF Reservists Goldwasser & Regev Dies of COVID-19 Complications

The bodies of Goldwasser and Regev were only returned to Israel on July 16, 2008. Their abductors were never captured.

Hezbollah Threatens Israel In Response to IDF Military Drill

“No one can guarantee that a few days of combat between us and Israel won’t lead to a wider war."

IDF ‘Galilee Rose’ Military Drill Ends With Message to Hezbollah

“During a month of fighting in southern Lebanon in 2006, we attacked some 3,500 targets, the same number we have simulated in just one day.”

IDF Intelligence: Iran 2 Years Away from A Bomb, Hezbollah will Attack Israel in...

The IDF Intelligence Division presented its annual intelligence forecast for the region in 2021.

New Report Exposes Hezbollah Missile Sites Near Beirut Charity-Run Schools

The Islamic Shiite Waqf Committee in Burj al Barajneh foundation is suspected of being used to hide ballistic missiles and launch sites, according to the Alma research organization.

US Officials Condemn Assassination of Lebanese Anti-Hezbollah Activist

Lokman Slim, 58, a publisher and filmmaker, was part of a small group of Shi’ite Muslim political activists who openly criticized the terror group.

IDF Drone Crashes in Lebanon, Hezbollah Claims it Downed It

The IDF stated that the drone crashed while on an operation on the Lebanese border, and that there is no fear of an intelligence leakage.

IDF and UNIFIL Heads Discuss Hezbollah, Lebanon

The IDF noted that throughout last year, the Hezbollah terror organization has “continually violated” UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and other international resolutions.

Hezbollah Cyber Terror Goes Unnoticed for Years, Even in Israel

The operations -- by Hezbollah's "Lebanese Cedar" hacking group were first discovered by Check-Point researchers and Kaspersky labs in 2015, says ClearSky.

IDF Arrests Suspected Hezbollah Scout Who Crossed into Israel

The man, a shepherd, intentionally crossed the Blue Line from Lebanon into Israeli territory in the Har Dov area.

IAF Bombs Iranian Militia Targets in Syria, State Media Reports

“We have struck over 500 targets this year, on all fronts, in addition to multiple clandestine missions.”

Update: Northern Border Area Reopened After Brief Closure by IDF

Intelligence reports from the US and Israel indicated Iran and its proxies were planning to strike this weekend.

SAM Battery, More Iranian Arms for Hezbollah Destroyed in Air Strikes Near Damascus

“These weapons were planned to be sent to the Lebanon & Quneitra in order to be used by Hezbollah against Israel.”

Hezbollah’s Banking Arm Hacked, Sensitive Information Leaked

The Al-Qard Al-Hassan Association has 32 branches around Lebanon, operating as a charity offering financial assistance to the Shiite population.

Putin, Netanyahu Exchange New Year’s Wishes Despite Spat over Key Security Issues

Last Friday, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said she was baffled by Israel's reaction to an attack by Russian Ambassador Anatoly Viktorov.


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