North Korea Helped Iran, Hezbollah Bring Chemical Weapons to Lebanon

North Korean experts reportedly injected thionyl chloride into the missiles under the supervision of an Iranian chemical weapons expert.

Report: Hezbollah Brought Chemical Weapons to Lebanon from Syria

According to the report, missiles equipped with warheads containing toxic thionyl chloride, were delivered to Al Qusayr nearly two weeks ago from Masyaf, Syria.

4 Killed in Reported Israeli Attack on Iranian Targets in Syria

The missile fire targeted weapons and ammunition sites, including an air defense battery.

Step-by-Step: How Lebanon Out-Negotiated Israel, Amos Hochstein and Yair Lapid

Lebanon could give Chris Voss a masterclass on how to say “no” and get everything you want in international negotiations.

Hezbollah: Maritime Border Dispute with Israel Not Over

Nasrallah said there is still 2.5 square kilometers that have not yet been liberated from Israel.

Nasrallah Declare Gas Deal ‘a Great, Great, Great Victory’

Nasrallah also didn't forget to praise "Areen al-Aswood" and Arab terrorist Udai al-Tamimi.

Lapid Signs Controversial Maritime Deal with Lebanon – Enemy Country Insists on Separate Ceremonies

The Netanyahu government, should it take over in November, God willing, must hire an army of lawyers to get Israel out of this insult to its sovereignty.

Syria Blames Israel for Rocket Attack on Damascus, 3rd this Week, 28th in 2022

Israel has managed to destroy 90% of the Iranian-Hezbollah plans to establish a base in Syria.

Side Benefit of Gas Deal Negotiations: Israel Stopped Bombing Iranian Shipments to Hezbollah

Hezbollah be able to literally carpet-bomb northern Israel, if not further south.

Text of the Lebanon Maritime Border Deal, and What Exactly Israel Lost

Anwar Sadar: "Poor Menachem, I got back 90% of the Sinai and the Alma oil fields, and what has Menachem got? A piece of paper."

Shaked: Israel Should Not Reach Deal to Surrender to Enemy’s Threats

Netanyahu warned, "Hezbollah will use the billions from the gas to arm itself with missiles and rockets against Israeli citizens; Iran will position itself against Rosh Hanikra and against Israel’s gas reserves."

Lapid: Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Deal Prevents Military Clash with Hezbollah

"As the Chief of General Staff told the Government, [the deal] does not preserve our security, it enhances our security."

Knesset Begins Review of Israel-Lebanon Maritime Border Deal – But Won’t Vote On It

After the review, the agreement returns to the government cabinet for a final ratification.

Israeli Security Cabinet – and Bennett – Supports Lapid’s Maritime Boundary Deal with Lebanon,...

Alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett supported the agreement with a statement that attempted to side with the opposition as well as with the cabinet vote.

Lapid Govt Tells High Court Lebanon Deal Is Not Irreversible

Considering the current power balance in the 24th Knesset, it is almost certain that a vote would kill the deal.

Biden Pushing Lapid to Sign Lebanese Gas Deal before the Elections

The risky timing may cause Lapid to reconsider the move.

UPDATE: Lebanon, Israel Happy with Final Gas Deal Draft from Hochstein

Now it remains to be seen if the Lapid government would be brazen enough to push the latest draft through before the November 1 elections.

IDF’s Kochavi Sends Explicit Warning to Lebanon

Kochavi showed the French general which Lebanese targets would be destroyed if Hezbollah attacked.

Bennett on the Lebanon Agreement: This Is Not the Deal I Approved

Prime Minister Lapid for his part turned to the age-old strategy of "when in doubt – lie through your teeth."

Netanyahu: Lapid’s Gas Deal a Surrender to Hezbollah, We Are Not Bound by It

“Yair Lapid shamefully capitulated to Nasrallah's threats."

Congress Passes Measure Urging EU to Designate ‘All’ of Hezbollah as Terror Organization

“The European Union cannot enable terrorists by allowing them to participate in diplomacy. Each nation in the EU must . . .designate Hezbollah as the terrorists they have proven themselves to be.”

Nasrallah Issues Fresh Threats as Karish Gas Field Nears Extraction

"We will not allow that oil and gas be extracted from the disputed Karish field before Lebanon obtains its rightful demands."

After 11 Years, Hamas and Syria Restoring Ties

The reconciliation between Syria and Hamas was achieved with the help of Iran, the Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon, and also with Russian involvement.

IDF: Silence on Northern Border ‘More Deceptive Than Ever’

The chief of staff's words reflected warnings from US intelligence and the IDF of a “reasonable possibility” there will soon be a military confrontation with Hezbollah.

US Intelligence, IDF Warn Hezbollah Preparing for War

Many Lebanese fear Hezbollah's threats could jeopardize a maritime boundary deal with Israel that could reboot the country's crashing economy with gas extraction.

US Warns Hezbollah Amassing Weapons on Israel’s Northern Border

“The . . . containers placed by Green Without Borders obstructs UNIFIL’s access to the Blue Line and is heightening tension in the area. . . this so-called environmental group is acting on Hezbollah’s behalf."

Hezbollah Operatives Ordered to ‘Highest Alert’

US energy envoy Amos Hochstein is expected to return in September to continue mediating the negotiations between Lebanon and Israel.


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