Syria Says Israel Carried Out Rare Daylight Raid, Killing 2

Syrian state media and other sources carefully avoided identifying the nationalities of the “military personnel” who were killed.

Gallant: Iran Building Terror Airport in Lebanon 12 Miles from Israeli Border

“Nasrallah has apparently forgotten what the true power relations are between Israel and Hezbollah . . . If he makes a mistake, he will become the 'Destroyer of Lebanon'."

Islamic Jihad Leaders Feel Safer in Beirut, Move from Damascus

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah convened a meeting in Lebanon with the heads of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to coordinate their attacks against Israel.

UNIFIL Mandate Renewal Postponed Following UK, US Objections

The current proposal limited UNIFIL's freedom of movement in Lebanon.

Boycott of Bibi Continues, Gallant Meets Biden Admin Officials in NY

US energy envoy Amos Hochstein is in Lebanon to try to de-escalate tensions at the Israeli border.

Hezbollah Opposes Renewal of UNIFIL Mandate in Lebanon

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has warned UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres the potential for escalation on the Lebanese-Israeli border is growing.

Syria Claims Israeli Attack Took Aleppo International Airport Out of Service

“The aggression caused material damage to the airport runway, thus it went out of service.”

Lebanon Accuses 2 Russians of Spying for Israel

“Their mission was to monitor and try to infiltrate sensitive Hezbollah positions.”

Shin Bet Nabs Arab-Israelis Accused of Smuggling Iranian Bombs

The affair illustrates Hezbollah's and Tehran's efforts to "exploit the Arab citizens of Israel," said a Shin Bet official.

Israel Pushing Security Council to Expand UNIFIL’s Mandate to Include Hezbollah Posts

On Wednesday, the Treasury Department designated Hezbollah's Green Without Borders a terrorist organization.

IDF, Lebanese, Meet to Ease Tensions, Hezbollah Demanding Village that Wants to Remain in...

Needless to say, the folks in Ghajar village would much rather stay under Israeli rule than Hezbollah’s.

US Designates Hezbollah’s ‘Green Without Borders’ a Terrorist Organization

“The United States rejects Hezbollah’s cynical efforts to cloak its destabilizing terrorist activities with false environmentalism.”

Hezbollah Weapons Depot Explodes in Damascus

There were an unspecified number of casualties from the blast near the town of Al-Ruhaiba.

Nasrallah: Israel Will Cease to Exist in a Multi-front War

It seems the thin air in Nasrallah's bunker is causing him some confusion.

Hezbollah Terrorist Hurls Molotov Cocktail into Israel

In response, IDF soldiers fired warning shots into southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah Worried Lebanese Would See Anti-Tank Missiles in Truck Crash

Security sources said the vehicle was carrying anti-tank missiles being sent to Hezbollah from the Islamic Republic.

Hezbollah Opens Fire on Lebanese Civilians, Killing 2

The incident began when a truck carrying a delivery for Hezbollah – accounts differ as to whether the truck carried ammunition, weaponry or captagon pills – flipped over.

Gallant Warns Hezbollah: Make No Mistake. We Will Send Lebanon Back to the Stone...

“The enemy needs to understand that when it comes to Israel’s security, we are all united.”

Israeli Farmers Blame Hezbollah Agents for Widespread Arson

Hezbollah plans a surprise break through the fence, which will end in invading a home in Israel and taking hostages, or even taking over an entire settlement.

Netanyahu, Defense Chiefs Meet on Hezbollah Threats, Provocations

Israel is “not impressed by Nasrallah’s bunker threats. At the moment of truth, he will find us standing together shoulder to shoulder.”

Security Establishment: Nasrallah Escalating Confrontations to Take Advantage of Israel’s Crisis

When Netanyahu takes proper action against Hezbollah, he will be accused of launching a war to avert the people’s attention from the crisis.

Hezbollah Troops Patrol Lebanese Side of Israel’s Northern Border

“The operatives did not cross the Blue Line and were under full surveillance by our forces; if they had crossed, the force would have acted accordingly."

EU Parliament Urges Hezbollah be Designated a Terror Group

Two major legislative bodies have called for Europe to fully repudiate the Iran-backed entity.

Hezbollah Secretly Films IDF Chief of Staff During Visit to Northern Border

The fact that Hezbollah was able to record the footage with such accuracy is significant in that it shows its snipers are also able to target Israel’s highest-ranking military officer.

Israel Asks France to Help Prevent Military Conflict with Hezbollah

“The provocation on the Lebanese border by the Hezbollah terrorist organization could degenerate into a military confrontation."

IDF Thwarts Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon by Hezbollah Terrorists

The area where both incidents took place is clearly delineated by the United Nations-approved, so-called "blue line" as being within Israeli territory.

Hezbollah Demands All Israeli-Lebanese Border Disputes Be Opened for Discussion

Hezbollah says it does not recognize the UN certified Blue Line and disputes numerous points along the border.

US Proposes Israeli Concession for Removal of Illegal Hezbollah Outpost in Israeli Territory

The U.S. has conveyed to Israel a Lebanese demand that Israel halt construction of a security barrier in a village on the border.

Report: Israeli-Russian Researcher Abducted in Iraq, Held by Hezbollah Militia

"Elizabeth Zurkov is still alive, and we see Iraq as responsible for her fate and safety."


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