UPDATE: This story may not be true. We are trying to confirm it one way or the other.

A Jewish family in New York has honored the memory of Eyal Yifrah, Gil-Ad Sha’ar and Naftali Fraenkel by naming triplets after the yeshiva students who were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian “freedom fighters” on June 12.


At a brit (circumcision) ceremony Wednesday, the babies were named: Eyal Yosef, Gil-ad Menachem and Naftali Chaim one day after their namesakes were laid to rest – accompanied by 150,000 Israelis.



  1. Not sure if I would want to impose the sad history of three kids’ death on my own three triplets. It sounds like a nice thing to do – but it is dragging a sad event and dumping it on three children who have noting to do with it. This is mixing the fates of six different souls.

  2. Im sorry, but no. This is not real.http://ynet.co.il.d4p.net/articles/0,7340,L-4506367,00.html

    שלישיית דדון
    זו היתה לידה נדירה: שלישייה זהה, שנוצרה בהריון ספונטני. כפיר, לביא ואיתן נולדו בשבוע ה-26 להריון, ומשקלם הכולל היה פחות מ-2.5 ק”ג. בחודשים האחרונים ליווינו את מיטל דדון ובעלה שלומי במסע הארוך ושמענו מהם על ההחייאות בפגיה, השגרה השוחקת ואיך מאכילים שלושה תינוקות שרעבים באותו זמן? הסיפור המלא – במוסף…

  3. If you have ANY corroborating info, (*including the names of both parents) then please post.

    I have seen a lot of information out there that would lead to the undeniable conclusion that this story was all fantasy of a young lady who posted on her facebook page that an "aunt of a friend" named her children after the victims, a status which went viral.

    If I am wrong, PLEASE let me know.

    I would LOVE to see my information proved wrong.

  4. I did research as well along with plenty of other people and it looks like we are all on the same page…I posted almost the same thing a few hours ago (without knowing who you were or your conclusions)…teenage kids who wanted to play a "lets see if this can go viral"…

  5. As much as I wish this was true.

    Unfortunately this appears to be fake, which The Jewish Press and others got sucked into, by someone playing on our emotions at this time.


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