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The Technion Institute in Haifa

The Technion’s American Medical School (TeAMS) announces the launch of an affiliate Medical Beit Medrash program – Beit Medrash Govoha for Medical Professionals.

The Beit Medrash program is under the distinguished rabbinical leadership of Rabbi Asher Weiss, Shlit”a – a renowned international rabbinical authority on medical Halacha. Rabbi Yossi Sprung, Director of the Institute for Halachic Implications in Emerging Technologies and long-standing halachic assistant to Rabbi Asher Weiss will serve as Rosh Beit Medrash.


Housed near the Technion Bat Galim campus, the program will be open to observant, male, medical students.

With the opening of this first-of-its-kind Beit Medrash program, the Technion affirms its status as a leader in innovative medical education. The Program provides observant medical students a rigorous, high-level environment for developing approaches to technological and medical innovations through the prism of Halacha.

“We are at a unique time in Jewish History. Many variables have lined up to produce this kind of program,” says Tzvi Wilbur MD, Director of Beit Medrash Govoha for Medical Professionals.

TeAMS has long been recognized for its unique medical program with a dual focus on research and clinical studies. Students of the Beit Medrash Program will benefit from TeAMS unparalleled research resources, intimate class size, diverse study body and high match rates. Additionally, students of the program will have full access to the Technion, shadow top researchers and practitioners and gain invaluable, well-rounded experience.

By introducing the new Medical Beit Medrash Program, TeAMS is furthering its mission to advance scholarship in medicine and train compassionate clinicians, researchers and teachers.

Both Rabbi Sprung and Dr. Tzvi Wilbur will join TeAMS recruiters at upcoming parlor meetings in the Tristate area, at the end of the month and early May.

For more information on please contact Tzvi Wilbur, MD, at [email protected].


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