TAU Ultrasound and Nanobubbles Helping Destroy Cancerous Tumors without Invasive Treatments

The nanobubbles and ultrasound waves cause the bubbles concentrated in the cancerous tumor to explode.
A yeshiva elementary school classroom in Jerusalem.

Yeshiva Group Requests Court Injunction to Block NYS Board of Regents’ New Regulations

Prof. Krakowski: The NYS Board of Regents' new regulations would "force haredim to leave New York State or risk having their entire religious life wiped out in an act of cultural genocide."

Hebrew U Announces Breakthrough in Fighting Antibiotic-Resistant Infection

The chip emulates normal human physiology, producing far more accurate behavior than do small animals.

Hebrew U Research Shows Philip Morris Targets Most Israeli Ads at Haredi Consumers

Despite a partial ban on smoking ads in Israel, tobacco companies continue to spend big to attract new target audiences.

AMCHA Report: Attacks on Jewish Identity Doubled on US Campuses

There were 254 attacks on Jewish identity documented on 63 campuses in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Hebrew U Study Shows Significant Decline in Sperm Counts Globally

Prof. Levine attributed the decline to “lifestyle choices and chemicals in the environment."

TAU Researchers Bring Hope to Patients with Severe Bone Loss

"We developed a hydrogel that mimics the natural substances in the extracellular matrix of bones, stimulating bone growth."

Hebrew U Archaeologists Discover First Sentence Ever in Canaanite Language

"May this [ivory] tusk root out the lice of the hair and the beard.”

TAU Graduates 7th in the World in Launching Startups

Outside the US, Tel Aviv University, Cambridge, and Oxford made the top 10 list.

Hadash TAU Students Rally in Support of Lions’ Den Terrorists

Their chants were recorded by Im Tirtzu activists who came to protest the support for terrorism on the grounds of a state-funded university.

UCLA Students May Soon Be Able to Major in Hate

It takes a multidisciplinary approach to study hate effectively.

Williamsburg Hasidic School Fined $8 Million for ‘Several Overlapping Frauds’

The FBI's investigation into the fictitious meal program uncovered evidence of other fraudulent conduct by the yeshiva and its employees.

Ben Gurion U Disciplines Arab Student for Inciting Terrorism

"We hope the university's decision will be her immediate removal."

Hebrew U. Innovative System Seeks Life on Distant Planets

The research team examined TRAPPIST-1e, a planet located some 40 light years from Earth.

Israeli Teachers Sign New Contract, Starting Salary to be NIS 9,000

Teachers will have a choice of two vacation days, and the procedures for severance will be streamlined.

Israel ‘Apartheid’ Event Sponsored by Law Firm that Exonerated Morningstar of Anti-Israel Bias

White & Case is advertised as sponsoring University of Chicago Law School’s “Apartheid: International Law in the Israel-Palestine Conflict,” where calls were made to prosecute Israel in international bodies.

Report: More than 350 Antisemitic Incidents Occurred on US College Campuses Last School Year

The ADL’s Campus Report documented and categorized incidents such as protests and events, BDS resolutions, vandalism, harassment and physical assault

Hebrew U: Thousands of Online Reviewers Agree Sweeter Is Not Better

One of the ingredients that most frequently led to reviews citing oversweetness was the artificial sweetener Sucralose.

AOC, Bowman, among 6 Democrats Attacking YU’s Religious Policy

And don't bother us with your religious sentiments, we don't need no stinking religious sentiments.

Brooklyn College Schedules Obligatory ‘Implicit Bias Coaching’ on Yom Kippur

The college’s former interim president said there were “too many Jews” on the school’s faculty.

CUNY Pulls Former CAIR Staffer from Anti-Zionism Investigation

Prof. Jeffrey Lax says choosing a former employee of the Council on American–Islamic Relations to conduct the probe showed “at best, extremely poor judgment.”

TAU Study Exposes Facebook’s Negative Impact on College Students’ Mental Health

According to the findings, there was a rise in the number of students reporting severe depression and anxiety.

Arab School Principal Suspended over his IDF Service

An Education Ministry inspector allegedly leaked the information about his IDF service to the activists.

Brandeis Center: Vermont U President’s Response to Feds’ Antisemitism Probe ‘Offensive’

Despite its advocacy of hate, the UVM Revolutionary Socialist Union Book Club gets funding and university facilities.

Yeshiva University Finds Workaround to Block LGBTQ Student Group

The university announced all of the school's undergraduate club activities had been placed on hold in light of the upcoming Jewish holidays.

University of Vermont Investigated for Antisemitism

"We follow the same policy with Zionists that we follow with those trolling or harassing others: blocked.”

Outed Transgender Religious School 3rd Grader Focal Point of Left-Right Battle

A mother who secretly decided that her two-year-old daughter was a boy, is imposing her decision on the community.


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