Azrieli Foundation Donates $18 Million to Yeshiva University

The gift—one of the largest focused on Jewish education the institution has ever received—will help boost undergraduate scholarships.

Trump to Sign Executive Order Banning Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

A White House official told several media outlets that the executive order was needed in response to the appalling rise in the number of on-campus anti-Semitic incidents.

Hebrew U Study: Pregnant Smokers at Higher Risk for Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes leads to higher risks for pregnancy and birth complications such as macrosomia (larger than average babies) and caesarean deliveries.

Already a Finalist, Hebrew U Needs Your Vote to Win Science Magazine’s Breakthrough of...

And the winner of 2019’s Breakthrough of the Year People’s Choice is …

McGill Student Union Rejects Motion Forcing Jewish Student to Resign for Traveling to Israel

The anti-Semitic motion caused further outrage as it became clear that a non-Jewish student who will also be on the trip to Israel and, like Wright, holds a role in the student union, was not threatened with sanctions.

Israeli Researchers Decipher Rock Hyrax’s Vocal Communication

Male hyraxes frequently sing complex and loud self-advertisement songs, transmitting their individual quality to both females and neighboring males.

Tell Your Rodent: Haifa U Implants Emotional Memories in Mice

The interesting thing is that these pathways are highly similar across mammals, including humans and mice.

127 Israeli, Jewish Academics Want France to Kill ‘Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism’ Resolution

Le Monde published an open letter from a group of 127 Israeli and Jewish intellectuals who claimed that "cette résolution est hautement problématique," this resolution is highly problematic.

Rivlin Welcomes Israeli Delegations to International Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Informatics Olympiads

“You talented youth are the face of the State of Israel, embodying the enormous potential we have in fields that can change the world.”

Jewish Student at Montreal’s McGill University Told: Cancel Trip to Israel or Withdraw from...

Jordyn Wright has refused to quit or cancel her trip to Israel, risking impeachment once she returns from the Hillel-sponsored trip.

UC Berkeley Students Who Support ‘Palestine’ (Have No Idea Where It Is)

"If misinformation is both a cause and a consequence of political passion, then good teaching is the antidote."

In Ramallah Speech Israeli Academic Accuses Israel of Robbery, Violence, Oppression

Raanan, who last January was called by a French news website "the new Jewish Zuabi," teaches in Sapir College in Sderot.

Columbia University Student Council to Hold Divestment Referendum in 2020

Supporters were recorded chanting the slogan, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which calls for the destruction of Israel.

Israeli-Developed Solar Generator Prototype To Head to Space with NASA

The device, which is about the size of a US 25-cent coin and only 1.7 millimeters thick ... and among other things is expected to ultimately make space travel more affordable.

Hebrew University Discovery May Revolutionize Chemotherapy

It is a method that delivers chemotherapy drugs directly to malignant cells and bypasses healthy ones.

Enter Your Son in the Siyum HaShas Raffle in Israel

Each week, a raffle is drawn with 20 lucky winners. Prizes include vouchers for toys and Sefarim.

Israeli Teens Return Victorious From Yale’s Debate ‘Tournament of Champions’

The delegation included 16 students from two Israeli schools located in Petah Tikva.

Students Furious as Technion Hosts Anti-Israel NGO

According to Im Tirtzu, hosting PHRI is an explicit violation of the Council for Higher Education's ruling to reject the politicization of Israeli academia.

U of Toronto Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Response to Student Request to Secure Kosher Food

The student was told, “I doubt the Executive Committee will be comfortable recommending this motion given that the organization hosting it is openly pro-Israel.”

Israel’s Rishon Lezion Becomes World Model for Chess Education

Numerous countries, including Canada, Korea, Holland, Ukraine and most recently Russia, have adopted an Israeli method for chess education developed and implemented in Israel's coastal city of Rishon Lezion.

Bar Ilan Study: Spending Time Alone Affects Social Behavior

The research calls attention to the potential harmful impact, such as social alienation, of an intensifying cultural phenomena of spending time alone.

NYU Department Co-Sponsors Anti-Israel Speaker, Rejects Request to Host Pro-Israel One

The NYU department “is isolating students who support Israel by adopting and promoting a specific, one-sided narrative to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Jewish Student’s Complaint Starts US Probe of NYU Anti-Semitism

“The administration was very much aware of the situation on the ground where Jewish students felt unsafe.”

No School Friday in Gaza Border Communities After Multiple Ceasefire Breaches

A barrage of five rockets was fired Thursday morning, one rocket was fired in the late afternoon and three rockets were fired shortly after 10 pm.

US Nat’l Guard Bureau Chief Says Israel’s IDF/National Service Model Would Be Good for...

The program places an important emphasis on women’s empowerment and development of women’s leadership in 11th and 12th grades.

Arab Tel Aviv U Students Protest Against IDF and Israel Following Gaza Escalation

Im Tirtzu staged a counter-protest, chanting pro-Israel slogans, waving Israeli flags, and accusing “the Arab students of being hypocrites and inciters.”

President Rivlin to B’nei Akiva: Israeli Education Must Be More Inclusive

"We must ask ourselves again and again how to open up, how far and to what extent, so that the things that are closest to our hearts are not threatened."

Synagogues of India Featured in Art Exhibit at Bar Ilan University

The work is shown with permission of the painter and support from the Indian Jewish Heritage Center of Israel and Embassy of India in Tel Aviv.

Bar-Ilan Features Exhibit on the Synagogues of India

Waronker's work includes numerous paintings of India's unique houses of worship, eighteen of which are currently on display at the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University.

NJ AG to Investigate Monmouth County Schools on Anti-Semitic Harassment

After the girl’s father notified school officials of the offending photograph and group messages, the girl was harassed and mocked as a “snitch” by her fellow students.


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