Bar-Ilan U Study Shows that in Visual Memory, SIZE Matters

The findings may have implications on the use of large vs. small screens.

Report: History, Heritage & Culture of Mizrahi Jews ‘Massively Underrepresented’ in Israeli Schools

The Farhud, Operation Magic Carpet and Rabbi Shalom Shabazi are unknown in the Israeli education system, the survey found.

New Research Cracks the Code to Fastest Growing Algae on Earth

The research is ultimately aimed at developing new engineering tools that could provide a solution for sustainable food.

Bar-Ilan U Study Shows two Vaccine Doses May Protect Against Long COVID

The Bar-Ilan University-led study is the first in an ongoing series examining the long-term effects of COVID-19.

DNA as Text: BGU Researchers Apply Linguistics to the Study of DNA Replication

DNA-protein interactions underpin living cells and understanding them could lead to the ability to control their replication.

TAU Study: Ketogenic Diet Reduces Damage from Traumatic Brain Injuries

The diet improves spatial memory and visual memory, lowers indices of brain inflammation, causes less neuronal death and slows down the rate of cellular aging.

MU President Mark Schlissel Fired over ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ with Subordinate

Under Mark Schlissel, the University of Michigan's tuition has risen to the highest of any American public university.

SpaceX Launches into Orbit 8 Satellites Built by Israeli High School Students

The teams, who spent three years on the project, gathered with officials in Florida to watch the live launch via video from NASA.

TAU: Fight Against Marine Plastic Pollution Mired in Disorganization

Plastic pollution is extremely harmful to marine life: organisms swallow particles and toxins and become entangled in larger products and nets.

Federal Commissioner Calls Allegations of Antisemitism at Stanford ‘Deeply Troubling’

To date, Stanford has refused to recognize the problem or take appropriate corrective action to address it.

Universities in PA: Center for Opposition to Mahmoud Abbas

It's suspected that Hamas is behind some of the violence Palestinian Authority universities.

National Library of Israel Online Sees Massive Traffic Increase from Arab Countries

650,000 users from around the Arab world visited NLI online, led by PA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Algeria.

Haifa U Study: Male Songbirds Set Fashion Trends at Females’ Expense

The more extensively the birds replace their plain feathers with new colorful ones, the more exposed they will be to aggression from other birds.

Murder Rates of Women Down in 2021 Even Among Israeli Arabs, But More Sons...

Overall, there were 16 femicides in Israel in 2021, down from 21 murders in 2020.

Study: Jerusalem Nobility Suffered from Infectious Diseases due to Poor Sanitary Conditions

The 2,700-year-old remains of intestinal parasite eggs were discovered in a cesspit beneath the toilet in the garden of a luxury estate uncovered at the Armon Hanatziv Promenade in Jerusalem.

Bar-Ilan U. & Mifne Center Show Autism Can Be Detected in First Year of...

Bridging the gap between early detection and early therapeutic intervention may very significantly reduce the severity of lifelong developmental deviation.

Samaria Regional Council Advises Parents on Explaining Chaim Walder’s Suicide to Children

"Remember – an inclusive and safe response will help children process content in a beneficial way."

Israeli & Turkish Scientists Discover Victim Remains from Bronze Age Tsunami 3,500 Years Ago

International research collaboration co-led with University of Haifa’s Dr. Beverly Goodman-Tchernov unearths remarkable discovery within tsunami debris.

30K Israeli Students Start Zoom Classes Due to COVID-19

Early childhood education, afternoon and special education programs plus those for immigrants and at-risk youth are not affected by the restrictions.

Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors Offer to Teach DC Children following Librarian Fiasco

Will 3GDC succeed in educating DC schoolchildren about the lessons of the Holocaust? One can only hope.

Hebrew U. Study Finds Shaming or Giving Your Kids the Silent Treatment Can Work...

"Parenting behavior doesn't work in the same way in different cultural and religious contexts."

Hebrew U. Developed Blood Test Detecting Immune and Inflammatory Activity Sans Biopsies or Imaging

Based on this, scientists can identify from which tissue the circulating fragments of DNA originated and infer disease states.

CUNY Chancellor Rejects BDS Resolution Passed by Law-School Student Government

On Dec. 2, the LSGA passed a resolution that calls on CUNY to cut all ties with companies that “aid in or profit from Israeli colonization, occupation and war crimes.”

The Ari Fuld Project Launches Fellowship Program with Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh

Fellows in the new program are learning from Ari Fuld's teaching to help disseminate them to future generations of Jews.

Not a Book Club: 100 Women Complete Daf Yomi’s Tractate Taanit

"Knowing that so many others were doing it with me created a sense of excitement and encouraged me to continue until the finish line.”


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