Israeli TV to Compensate Zionist Yeshiva Rabbi They Vilified

The report, which slandered and shattered the public image of Rabbi Assaf Naumburg irreparably, was produced using unparalleled faking.

Health, Education Ministries Disagree on COVID-19 Guidelines, Morbidity Still Skyrocketing

"There is a dramatic rise in the number of confirmed cases among those returning from abroad. Almost 80 percent are vaccinated."

Report: PM, Education Minister Clash over Vaccinating Schoolchildren

Shasha Bitton denied the clash story, but confirmed that she opposes vaccinations in the schools.

Haifa’s Technion Institute of Technology Ends Use of Disposable Utensils in Move to ‘Environmentally...

“There is no doubt that recycling is important, but reuse and reduction are especially important goals because they prevent pollution already in the production phase.”

Rhode Island District Superintendent Resigns over Starting School Year on Rosh Hashanah

"The first day of school will not be on Rosh Hashanah. That’s a promise. It won’t happen.”

Dozens Quit CUNY Faculty Union over Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Resolution

Eugene M. Chudnovsky, Distinguished Professor of Physics at Lehman College and the Graduate School of CUNY, took offense at calling Israel “a settler-colonial state.”

Bar-Ilan U. Biologist Found Spotted Hyenas’ Social Ties Are Inherited

Massive study of data collected over 27 years sheds light on social networks, rank and survival of this African species.

UAE Food and Water Minister Talks Tomatoes with Hebrew U’s Agriculture Experts

Al-Muhairi's strategy is to see UAE's place on the Global food security index advance from 31st to first place by 2051.

Erasing Years of Work, California Bill Revives Anti-Semitic Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Rossman-Benjamin was the first to expose how the discipline of Critical Ethnic Studies is deeply antisemitic and anti-Zionist.

Israel Unveils Plan to Teach Hi-Tech Starting from Kindergarten

The program will begin with a pilot for middle-school pupils in the upcoming school year and will expose them to computer science, robotics and other fields, in order to advance technological excellence, and deepen the scientific thinking among Israeli students.

Alabama Schools Drop ADL Program for Mixing Combating Anti-Semitism with Critical Race Theory, ADL...

“As a child, as a Jewish child growing up in Mountain Brook, in the second grade when a girl told me she could not play with me because I killed Jesus,” Goldstein said.

TAU Technology Restores Sense of Touch in Damaged Nerves After Amputation

This unique development is body friendly and does not require electricity, wires, or batteries.

Hebrew U. Exposes Tobacco Companies’ Tactics to Bypass Regulators & Get Kids Hooked

“Israel’s Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz announced that he is committed to advancing tobacco legislation."

New Education Minister Upholds Decision to Deny Israel Prize to Pro-BDS Professor

"We need to embrace those who take part in building the country and society, not those who work to destroy it."

TAU Nanotech Development to Enable Body to Produce ‘Healthy’ Electric Current

The innovative material that creates green energy through mechanical force.

Sen. Cotton Warns Teaching Critical Race Theory to US Troops Is ‘Literally Risking our...

Gen. Milley defended the fact that critical race theory is included on a curriculum syllabus at West Point.

Beit Shemesh Mayor Fires Likud, UTJ Council Members for Sabotaging her Education Program

"I cannot allow further damage to the city by those who have authority but have no responsibility."

TAU Develops Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic RNAs to Cancer Cells Only

“Our development actually changes the world of therapeutic antibodies."

Jewish Agency’s Global Summer Camp Hebrew Ed Program Connects Younger Generation to Israel

For Herzog, who will be sworn in next month as Israel's 11th President, this new Hebrew language program is the perfect closure to his tenure as head of The Jewish Agency.

CUNY Jewish Professor Resigns from Union, Concerned About Anti-Semitism Within Ranks

Jeffrey Lax says a recent resolution seeks to put an end to American financial support to Israel, which is tantamount to divestment.

Former Druze MK to Represent Israel as Senior Emissary on North American Colleges

"In the name of pluralism and diversity, we will work to connect, bridge, and emphasize what we have in common, for our country and our future.”

TAU Study of 10,000 Israeli Men: If They Believe They’re in a Bad Marriage...

According to the findings, the risk is higher among relatively young men, aged 50 and under.

Hebrew U Reveals Impact of Medical Marijuana on Children

Matok and his team found that medical cannabis is particularly successful at treating severe epilepsy and chemotherapy’s pernicious side effects.

Israeli Study: Low vitamin D Associated with More Severe COVID-19 Infection

"This study can highlight the risks of vitamin D deficiency in terms of COVID-19."

Federal Complaint: Stanford Jewish Employees Suffered ‘Severe and Persistent’ Anti-Semitic Harassment

Jewish staff were pressured to join a racially segregated “whiteness accountability” affinity group, created for “staff who hold privilege via white identity."

Study: Smartphones, Texting May Boost Children’s Literacy

The research team hopes that by leveraging technology that’s already in everyone’s pockets, they can make a big difference to young children’s literacy.

Florida Governor Goes to Lubavitch Shul to Sign Moment of Silence Bill

The governor signed the bill one day after the 27th anniversary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.


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