Bar-Ilan University Treating C-PTSD in victims of Yazidi genocide

"We feel a moral obligation not only to study the effects of genocide, but to share our know-how to assist those suffering from it."

AMCHA Applauds California for Quashing ‘Blatantly Anti-Semitic’ High School Curriculum

College campuses with anti-Zionist expression and activity are three times more likely to host incidents targeting Jewish students for harm.

UN Grills PA Rep. on Antisemitism and Incitement in Schoolbooks

The European Union has passed a law that prohibits the use of its funds to fund the promotion of hate in the PA curriculum. The United Kingdom is deliberating a similar bill.

California Board of Education Scraps Anti-Israel Ethnic-Studies Curriculum Proposal

It stated that “the current draft model curriculum falls short and needs to be substantially redesigned.” Pro-Israel groups applauded the decision, though vowed to keep watch on the matter.

Bar-Ilan Labs Abuzz with US Internship Program Undergrads

Until now, the only exposure Michal had to Israel was more of a vacation setting and visiting family. This visit was her first opportunity to sense how it would be to actually live and work in Israel.

Bar Ilan: The Brain Inspires a New Type of Artificial Intelligence

The idea of efficient deep learning algorithms based on the very slow brain's dynamics offers an opportunity to implement a new class of advanced artificial intelligence based on fast computers.

83 Groups: California New High School Curriculum Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel

Ethnic Studies curriculum omits information on American Jews and anti-Semitism, uses classic anti-Semitic stereotypes and tropes and is blatantly anti-Israel.

Herzog College Teaches NY-area Yeshiva Teachers to Involve Tanakh in Life Lessons & Jewish...

“We saw that the history of Jerusalem and its present and future are intertwined -- Jerusalem is relevant to our lives today but Athens is not!"

Merkel Party MP Chastised for Saying Refugee Children with Poor German Shouldn’t Go to...

Merkel's coalition government is in an ongoing feud with its more conservative sister party, the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), over tougher immigration controls.

Rivlin Hosts 929 Initiative’s 26th Bible Study Group on ‘David – King and Father’

"Indeed, it is difficult for both of the roles of father and king to coexist. David thus serves both as a role model and a warning sign for us."

Report: Despite Ban, 93 Terrorists Graduate with BA inside Security Prisons

One of the lecturers sanctioned by Abu Dis University is convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti.

Education Minister Peretz Replacing Anti-Ariel U. Professor with Aryeh Eldad on Budget Committee

Commission officials said Shain's tenure was not renewed because of his opposition to the establishment of the school of medicine at Ariel University.

Proposed Anti-Israel Ethnic-Studies Curriculum has California Jews On Alert

“[It] is deeply troubling—not only for its shocking omission of any mention of Jewish Americans or anti-Semitism or its blatant anti-Israel bias and praise of BDS, but for its clear attempt to politically indoctrinate students to adopt the view that Israel and its Jewish supporters are part of ‘interlocking systems of oppression and privilege’ that must be fought with ‘direct action’ and ‘resistance,’ ” said Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, head of the AMCHA Initiative.

For his 140th Birthday Hebrew U Sends Einstein to China

The collection, curated by Avi Muller, will be open to the public for three months in Jerusalem before shipping to Beijing.

Hebrew U. MRI Technique Can ‘See’ Molecular Changes in the Brain

This new technique provides biological readouts of brain tissue—the ability to see what’s going on on a molecular level, and to direct a course of treatment accordingly.

Trapped in Wedge Issues, Rafi Peretz and Bezalel Smotrich Are Killing Religious Zionism

Let Smotrich and Peretz ask Itamar Ben-Gvir and Michael Ben-Ari how it feels to drop from a faction of four MKs in 2009, to 70,000 votes in the last elections, because they were so smart and pure of heart and free-speechy.

Bennett Responds to Rafi Peretz: No One Needs to Convert Anyone

The practice is banned in many countries, and has been blamed for mental suffering, including suicide, on the part of patients.

Professor Posts ‘Zionism = Racism’ on Official CSU Facebook Page

We are 80 civil rights, religious and education organizations, deeply concerned about the unlawful use of the name of California State University or any of its campuses to promulgate anti-Zionist propaganda and promote a boycott of Israel.

Pre-Columbian Carvings from Puerto Rico Examined at Haifa University

In light of the new findings uncovered at the University of Haifa, Prof. Rodríguez is now continuing his quest to unravel the secret of the statuettes.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore Applauds Resignation of Holocaust Denier Florida Principal

“Days ago we celebrated our nation’s victory over tyranny, we cannot allow our children to be taught by Nazi sympathizers who are led by hate and not the Constitution or laws of this land."

Leeds, UK, Reduces Childhood Obesity Using Bar-Ilan Professor’s Program

The program has been tailored to families with children under the age of three.

Hebrew U. Researchers Produce Chemical Insulin that Cuts Frequency of Injections Substantially

The stability of the chemical hormone developed in Prof. Metanis' laboratory will not only affect the duration of its decomposition in the body, but also its transportation.

Florida Removes Principal Who Said Holocaust Not Factual Event

The mother who corresponded with Latson said he was afraid to take a stand on something this obvious for fear of retribution from parents who deny the Holocaust.

Israeli Arab Champion Threatened by Anti-Zionist NGO

"We are hopeful that you will reconsider this participation, and cause the Occupation to miss an opportunity to take advantage of your high-jump to improve their image by jumping on the wounds of our Palestinian nation."

IfNotNow Sends ‘Ransom Note’ to Camp Ramah Leaders

Why, of all the ills plaguing the planet, from climate change to measles, is she so dedicated to get half a million Jews to leave their homes in favor of people she never met.

Israel Invested NIS100 M. in Eastern Jerusalem Arab Neighborhoods, with a Focus on Education

It is part of a five-year plan to develop the Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem through a massive investment of billions.

3,000-Year-Old Purple Dye Industry Revealed Near Haifa

The most prestigious clothes in this era were dyed with the famous purple (Hebrew: argaman and techelet), produced from the glands of maritime snails of the Murex snail family.

In Israel, You Say Tomato, I Say . . . AI?

The research is ultimately aimed at making the crops more robust while improving their nutritional value at the same time.

Israel Allocates $40 Million to Encourage Academic Excellence Among Students of Ethiopian Descent

The new CHE program offers support starting at the pre-academic stage and continuing on to bachelor’s degree studies and advanced degree studies.

Bar-Ilan Pop Up University Launches with Lecture on Growing Medical Cannabis

To advance cannabis research, a 70-square-meter secured greenhouse was recently constructed at Bar-Ilan University.


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