New York Ed Department Offers Student Free Field Trips to Museum of Jewish Heritage

The museum visits are the second step in the new anti-hate crimes curriculum for New York City public schools introduced by city officials

York University Reinstates Both Pro-Israel, Anti-Israel Student Groups After Clash

The suspensions meant that the groups’ privileges were temporarily revoked, including reserving rooms, and putting up posters and tables around campus for other events.

A Day in the Life of a Naale Shaalvim Student

Packed days and hard work are staples for teenagers adapting to life in Israel.

New York Private School Fires Jewish Teacher for Anti-Israel Posts, Obscene Gesture at Rabbis

History teacher JB Brager, who is Jewish, accused Israel of exemplifying “ethno-nationalist settler colonialism” in response to the Fieldston school inviting two pro-Israel rabbis, Ammiel Hirsch and Joshua Davidson, to speak at an assembly on anti-Semitism.

Study Finds Clear Evidence Faculty in 40 Universities Use Classroom to Promote BDS

Academic BDS-supporting instructors had an average of 78% of their course readings authored by BDS supporters.

Hebrew U Study: Smoking Damages Your Mental Health

They surveyed more than 2,000 students enrolled at Serbian universities with differing socio-political and economic environments.

Rivlin Receives 2019 Democracy Index: 90% Trust the IDF, 51% the Supreme Court

The split between left and right has become deeper, with 37.5% of the Israeli public seeing this as the most significant tension in the country, a rise of 5.5% since the 2018 index

17-Year-Old Hila Schlakman of Efrat Completes Daf Yomi, Youngest Woman So Far

“With the fuel each page gave me to learn the next, I can truly say it’s an endeavor which brought me so much, and I look forward to starting the next cycle,” said the 17-year-old from Efrat.

Zionist Students Suing Professor Who Called Them ‘Nazi Dogs’

Hebrew U. president Prof. Asher Cohen condemned the chemistry professor's remarks but refused to initiate a disciplinary hearing.

Bar Ilan Physicists Forecast Another Devastating El Niño in 2020

The team is currently expanding the algorithm in order to be able to forecast the strength and length of the weather phenomenon in the future.

Zionist Australians Slam Promotion of Litzman who Supported Alleged Melbourne Pedophile

“On behalf of the Australian Jewish Community, I implore you to reconsider this appointment until the investigation into Yaakov Litzman has concluded.”

Bar-Ilan, Stanford, Researchers Find Treatment for Macular Degeneration Blindness

Retinal prostheses have been shown to restore some useful vision by electrically stimulating the remaining retinal neurons.

Israeli Student at Columbia Files First Violation of Title VI Lawsuit under Trump’s Executive...

In the complaint, Jonathan Karten alleges he was subjected to anti-Semitism on the Columbia University campus.

Hebrew University Team Finds TB Vaccine Lowers Rates of Alzheimer’s Disease in Cancer Patients

The study explores the ways in which our immune system is a major player in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s, and how the BCG vaccine may serve as an effective preventative treatment to this crippling condition.

Pro-Israel Program for Visiting Chinese Students Celebrates 3rd Year

Over the past few years, Chinese enrollment in Israeli universities has sky-rocketed, with thousands of Chinese students currently studying in Israel.

Bar-Ilan Researcher: Longevity Protein SIRT6 Also Protects Against Fatty Liver Disease

SIRT6 regulates many biological processes such as aging, obesity, insulin resistance, inflammation and metabolism.

On Eve of Chanukah Man Sets Fires at YU Dorm

The fires were set while YU students were sleeping in their dorm rooms.

New York Awards $10 Million to Protect Religious-Based Institutions and Schools

Eligible recipients will each get $50,000 for cameras, security training, door-hardening and other security enhancements.

Hebrew U Wins People’s Choice for Breakthrough of the Year – And We Helped

"It’s amazing how scientific discoveries—even those relating to people who lived more than 100,000 years ago—still captivate the imagination of folks around the world.”

DOE Report: Only 2 out of 28 NYC Haredi Yeshivas Meet Core Curriculum Standards

It should also be noted that DOE officials attended 140 elementary and middle school classes where a third were taught exclusively in Yiddish, and the rest were taught in a mix of English and Yiddish.

Hebrew U. Researcher Cracks Newton’s Elusive ‘Three-Body’ Problem

Instead of accepting the systems’ chaotic behavior as an obstacle, the researchers used traditional mathematics to predict the planets’ movements.

Archeologists Find Evidence of Rapidly Rising Sea Levels in Israel 7,000 Years Ago

"The Tel Hreiz seawall represents the earliest example of a coastal defense of this type known to date."

CUNY Cover-Up? The Jewish Press Investigates Anti-Semitism In The Ranks

Reports have emerged of intimidation and discrimination directed not only at Jewish students, but also at Jewish professors.

Azrieli Foundation Donates $18 Million to Yeshiva University

The gift—one of the largest focused on Jewish education the institution has ever received—will help boost undergraduate scholarships.

Trump to Sign Executive Order Banning Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

A White House official told several media outlets that the executive order was needed in response to the appalling rise in the number of on-campus anti-Semitic incidents.

Hebrew U Study: Pregnant Smokers at Higher Risk for Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes leads to higher risks for pregnancy and birth complications such as macrosomia (larger than average babies) and caesarean deliveries.

Already a Finalist, Hebrew U Needs Your Vote to Win Science Magazine’s Breakthrough of...

And the winner of 2019’s Breakthrough of the Year People’s Choice is …

McGill Student Union Rejects Motion Forcing Jewish Student to Resign for Traveling to Israel

The anti-Semitic motion caused further outrage as it became clear that a non-Jewish student who will also be on the trip to Israel and, like Wright, holds a role in the student union, was not threatened with sanctions.

Israeli Researchers Decipher Rock Hyrax’s Vocal Communication

Male hyraxes frequently sing complex and loud self-advertisement songs, transmitting their individual quality to both females and neighboring males.

Tell Your Rodent: Haifa U Implants Emotional Memories in Mice

The interesting thing is that these pathways are highly similar across mammals, including humans and mice.


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