Arizona State Student Government Aadopts Universal Definition of Anti-Semitism

Koral Zaarur said the measure was in response to posters of Adolf Hitler and swastikas on campus, though it “turned into so much more.”

Study Reveals 11% of US Millennials, Gen Z, Believe the Jews Caused the Holocaust

In New York State an astounding 19% of Millennial and Gen Z respondents felt Jews caused the Holocaust.

Billboards in New York’s Times Square Display Send-Off of Masa Israel Fellows

Thousands of young adults from around the world have arrived in or are preparing to travel to Israel for a gap year, internship, study abroad, volunteer or professional training program.

Emirati University, Israel’s Weizmann Institute to Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence Research

Dr. Al Jaber stated that welcomed the opportunity to “collaborate with such a renowned establishment as the Weizmann Institute of Science.”

Haifa U: Flourishing Canaanite Palatial Site Suddenly Abandoned 3,700 Years Ago – Now We...

Recognizing past earthquakes can be extremely challenging in the archaeological record, especially at sites where there isn’t much stone masonry and degradable construction materials.

German Fund Gives $13 Million of Nazi War Profits to Hebrew U to Research...

The Alfred Landecker Foundation was established by the Reimann family in June 2019 to atone for their father and grandfather's war crimes.

Wexner Foundation Sponsored Harvard Grads Sue Yair Netanyahu for Defamation

The plaintiffs claim Yair Netanyahu called the foundation's graduates a "pedophile cult."

Preventing Firearm Suicide During Covid-19, Social Unrest, as Firearm Purchases Hit the Roof

Since March, America has seen a surge in firearm purchases and increased difficulty in access to mental health care, especially in communities most affected by the virus.

YU Announces LGBTQ Inclusive Policies While Banning LGBTQ Club

It remains to be seen whether YU will manage to escape state and federal rebuke for banning the LGBTQ club with the force of all the loving and acceptance being poured on the heads of its gay students.

Bar Ilan’s Social Incubator Brings Improved Healthcare to Disadvantaged Populations in Israel

"The Raphael Project has demonstrated that the concept of a 'social incubator' can be successful in bringing about health benefits to disadvantaged communities."

San Francisco State’s Ethnicities Department to Host Documented Terrorist

A university spokesperson told JNS that “an invitation to a public figure to speak to a class should not be construed as an endorsement of point of view.”

UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative Launches COVID-19 Survey

The survey will assess the effect of the pandemic on recreational and medical cannabis and CBD use.

Tel Aviv Mayor Inaugurated the New School Year

The students who arrived in more than 70 elementary and middle schools were greeted by some 200 street performers at the school gates.

2.4 Million Israeli Students Start School Year, Red City Schools Remain Closed

If your city is badly infected, your schools would be easily as harmful to the general population, stay home.

1,500 Children of Olim Who Arrived During the Pandemic Set to Start School September...

Most of the Olim who will begin their first year of school in Israel this week are children and teenagers, aged 6 to 17 years old.

Prof. Barbash: No Normal Country Would Dare Open Schools with an Infection Rate of...

"The leadership is too attentive to what the public wants and not to what it needs and makes decisions that make it difficult to manage the crisis."

Israeli Scientists Develop Mapping System for Blind Pedestrians

The developed software was tested by blind volunteers and an orientation and mobility guide in several locations.

Russian Scientists Predicted Increased Unrest in the United States Back in 2010

It turned out that in full accordance with the forecasts for 2010-2012 in the United States over the past 10 years, the number of anti-government demonstrations and street riots has increased significantly.

School Year Reboot in Israel: Classrooms in Green Zones, Zooming in Red Zones

This past Friday, there were more than 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in Israel.

Bar-Ilan U. Joins Prestigious Network of French-Speaking Higher-Education Institutions

AUF is one of the largest associations of higher education and research institutions in the world.

Israel Immediately Deports 2 Yeshiva Students from London Arriving without Authorization

A total 17,000 male and female, religious and secular, older and younger foreign students have arrived in Israel for a year of studies -- first entering a 14-day quarantine.

Federal Judge Slams Betsy DeVos’ Coronavirus Aid that Includes Yeshivas

The money, about $13.5 billion, was included for K-12 schools in Congress’s $2 trillion-aid package, the CARES Act, which was enacted last March to mitigate economic damage from the pandemic.

California Bill to Require High School Students to Take Ethnic Studies Passes Committee

It will now go before the full Senate and then the State Assembly, and must pass before the Aug. 31 deadline.

Fire Ravages Jewish Girls’ Camp Outside Albany

Due to the coronavirus regulations, the camp was not in session.

90 Groups Urge California Gov. Newsom to Kill Ethnic Studies Program Pushing BDS

Anti-Zionism and BDS intrinsic part of ‘Critical’ ethnic studies mission.

Haifa U. Researchers Discover Most Animal Species Don’t Synthesize Cholesterol

This discovery raised a fundamental question: How do animals survive without the ability to synthesize cholesterol?

Bar Ilan U: Properly Equipped Laypersons Can Reverse Opioid Overdose Mortality

There are striking parallels for emergency healthcare delivery between opioid overdose in the community and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Corona Czar Gamzu Approves Entry of 17,000 American Students

Prof. Gamzu on Sunday instructed the Ministry to maintain tight control over the project's population, with regular supervision. Dedicated inspectors will be recruited to carry this out.


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