American Cancel Culture Takes Aim at Dr. Seuss on His Birthday

President Joe Biden has taken the lead in America’s effort to cancel Dr. Seuss.

Now Hear This: Tel Aviv U Researchers Connect Locust’s Ear to a Robot

A world first: A robot able to “hear” through the ear of a locust.

Michigan University Professor Fired for Saying ‘Covid19 Is another Jewish Revolution’

"Their end-goal is a technocratic, one-world government, where everyone, Jew and Gentile, will be microchipped and tracked 24/7."

Netanyahu, Gallant: Israeli School Year to be Extended to July 31

“We must give children the opportunity to acquire what they have missed. We will take care of the teachers’ rights as well."

Tel Aviv U Researchers: Our Brain Grew after Large Animals Became Extinct and We...

"We correlate the increase in human brain volume with the need to become smarter hunters," explains Dr. Ben-Dor.

Anti-Zionist Group Withdraws Impeachment Complaint Against Tuft Jewish Student

"They tried to intimidate the Jewish community into silence, to force Jews to renounce their shared heritage, to exclude Jews from leadership."

Into the Future: Tel Aviv University Launches New Artificial-Intelligence Center

“The AI revolution is expected to impact our way of life in every aspect,” from drug development to security systems, robotics and even social issues,” said Professor Meir Feder, who will head the center.

Tufts U Student Government Official Threatened with Disciplinary Action by Anti-Zionists for Identifying as...

The Jewish student's legal advocates demand Tufts' president to intervene immediately, but were rejected.

Hebrew U Researchers Observe First Evidence of Delayed Radio Flares from Tidal Disruption Event...

Flares are believed to be caused by a huge velocity jet launched when the star is destroyed and sucked into the black hole or as a result of the outward explosion of debris from the explosion.

Tel Aviv U First: Biological Therapy Proven a Suitable Alternative to Antibiotics

Tel Aviv University researchers have developed a biological substitute for the treatment of tuberculosis, which in the future could serve as an alternative for the traditional "chemical" antibiotic therapy.

TAU-SAT1 – First Miniature Satellite Built on Tel Aviv U Campus – Orbiting Earth

At an altitude of 400 km above sea level, the nanosatellite will orbit the earth at a dizzying speed of 27,600 km per hour, or 7.6 km per second, completing a cycle around Earth every 90 minutes.

Andrew Yang Tells Jewish Agenda Mayoral Forum He Won’t Enforce Core Curriculum Subjects in...

“I do not think we should be prescribing a curriculum unless that curriculum can be demonstrated to have improved impact on people’s career trajectories and prospects afterwards.”

Bar Ilan U Researchers Found Delayed Surgical Intervention Improved Outcome of Syrian Civil War...

Treating the wounded civilians also provided insight into injuries caused by sniper fire and high-velocity projectile injuries unique to a battlefield.

Hebrew U Research Examines Effect of Natural Disasters on Charitable and Criminal Activity

Neighboring regions and even those communities more distanced from the disaster zone would see a marked increase in philanthropy.

Opposition Scorns Education Minister Galant for Corona-Related Failures

Education Minister Yoav Galant (Likud) had been summoned by 25 MKs to discuss the “state of the education system in Israel."

Israeli Flag Gets Pelted with Eggs at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“We are not the type of people to be scared. We’re not the type of people that would be silenced. We’re not the type of people to back down from what we believe in,” says student Jeremy Zelner.

Bar-Ilan U Study: Single COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Yields Strong Immune Response in Previously Infected...

Strong response detected regardless of duration between infection and vaccination; multi-ethnic groups exhibit similar responses.

Yad Vashem ‘Deeply Disturbed’ by Polish Court’s Verdict Forcing Historians to Apologize for their...

In her ruling, Judge Ewa Jonczyk said that “the court’s ruling must not have a cooling effect on academic research."

Head of Efrat Hesder Yeshiva Won’t Admit Unvaccinated Students

Rabby Neria explained that unvaccinated individuals are likely to infect fellow students and bring about the shutting down of the yeshiva.

Israeli and Diaspora Experts Meet to Exchange Views on Fighting COVID-19, Warn Against Complacency

The Center for Jewish Impact, in cooperation with Bar-Ilan University, held a very special online briefing on the coronavirus and the vaccine campaign in Israel.

Swastikas, Anti-Semitic Graffiti Smeared on California Jewish Fraternity House

"This morning, a hateful group of people committed an antisemitic hate crime on our chapter house."

Israel’s Schools Start Reopening Thursday, Pediatricians Warn Lockdown Severely Impacted Children’s Mental Health

The pediatricians point to a large increase in the incidence of tantrums, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, anorexia in girls and boys, and obesity.

Orthodox Summer Camp Suing Upstate NY County for Religious Discrimination Masquerading as Corona Regulations

Also, according to court records, local officials were considering hanging outside the camp a “big sign up there with a swastika,” or inviting “skinheads” to pay the Oorah folks a visit.

No School Tuesday for the Children of Israel; Classes to Open ‘Gradually in Coming...

"This is a mutation which is very powerful and is at least 50 percent fatal. . . We will carefully open the education system in the coming days."

University of Haifa Researchers Say 45% of Israelis Admit to Polluting Natural Treasures

When the average Israeli is asked why they pollute they reply: "Because there was no trash can." When asked why others pollute they say: "because they enjoy it."

Hebrew U Researchers Invented Inexpensive Blood Test to End Invasive Biopsies

A new blood test has the potential to diagnose cancers, liver diseases, immune disorders, without need for invasive and painful biopsies.

Hebrew U. Researchers Find Minuscule Worm May Hold Secret to Reversing Brain Damage

Hebrew University research successfully produces genetically engineered synapses circumventing neural damage.


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