Marva Program Changing Young Jewish Lives with a Pinch of IDF

The program inducts these young people as soldiers and takes them through a shortened enlistment process.

Israel Turns ‘Super Seaweed’ into Natural Health Compounds, Medicine

The study succeeded in dramatically increasing the health and medicinal value of seaweed as superfood, medicine, and cosmetics.

Students’ Attorney Accuses Yeshiva University of ‘Scorched Earth’ Legal Tactics

“Well-meaning politicians are kindly asked to learn the facts before attacking Jewish education,” responded a Becket Fund vice president.
Student blowing a shofar

Jewish Parents, Schools Challenge California Special Education Law

“It takes a special kind of chutzpah to deny Jewish kids with disabilities equal access to special education benefits.”

France, Jerusalem College of Technology, Host Conference on Artificial Intelligence

“Over the past few decades, France has participated in the funding of many research studies in Israel."

TAU Reveals World’s First mRNA Vaccine for Deadly Bacteria

"So far mRNA vaccines, such as the COVID-19 vaccines familiar to all of us, were assumed to be effective against viruses but not against bacteria."

Student’s Specialized Car Seat for Children with Autism Wins Annual ADI Design Competition

ADI centers, located in Jerusalem and the Negev, provide their residents and special education students with the individualized growth plans and specialized services they need to grow and thrive.

Hebrew U Bans Calls for Anti-Government Protests on Its Teaching Platform

The students who complained about the misuse of the classroom program were affiliated with the Zionist Im Tirtzu movement.

Yeshiva University to Open First-Ever US Clinic for Non-Verbal Learning Disorder

NVLD causes cognitive challenges, visual-spatial struggles, motor-skill deficits and difficulty comprehending non-verbal information such as body language and facial expressions.

120 Scholars Urge Chicago U to Prevent Physical Disruptions of Pro-Israel Course

More than 120 scholars from all ranks and various disciplines at US universities and colleges urged the University of Chicago to condemn and prevent...

NY Times Story on Orthodox School Finances ‘Misleading,’ Says School Official

Everything is aboveboard with the way the Kiryas Joel School District educates Chassidic children with special needs, explains district superintendent Joel Petlin.

CUNY Investigation Retaliatory, Jewish Professors Say

The professors at Kingsborough Community College said that the university is punishing them for complaining about campus antisemitism.

Antisemitic Arab Professor Says She Is targeted by GWU, StandWithUs

A guest speaker in Sheehi’s class advocated throwing stones at Israelis as a form of resistance.

Technion Targeted by Ransomware Hackers

It’s not yet clear how many and which classes will be able to continue running, given the current interruption in digital services.

CUNY Offers Hard-Left Definition of Jew-Hatred as Guidance to Those Reporting Antisemitism

The public university’s new online reporting tool for antisemitism also adopts an ‘all lives matter’ approach, critics say.

Oregon University to Fork Over $1M to Jewish Professor Sacked for Complaining about Sexual...

The head of HR she said: "Personally, I don’t believe the Jews have a secret agenda to grab power at all!"

Prof. Abraham Lempel, Inventor of PDF & MP3 Compressions, Dead at 87

His LZ algorithm served as the basis for compression technologies such as TIFF, PNG, ZIP, GIF, PDF, and MP3.

Ben-Gurion University to Honor Dr. Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton and investment banker Marc Mezvinsky were married on July 31, 2010, in an interfaith ceremony.

Bar Ilan Study: AI Outpaces Brain Learning Capabilities

Although the brain’s architecture is very shallow, artificial neural networks' learning capabilities can outperform deep learning.

Israeli Army’s Cyber Unit Now Training 20,000 Students

Netanyahu said that Israel is using artificial intelligence to develop what he called a “cyber iron dome.”

TAU Arab Students Rally: ‘With Spirit and Blood We’ll Redeem Palestine!’

The demonstrators, Israeli Arabs, enjoy all the benefits of Israeli citizenship and wouldn’t dream of uniting with their brothers and sisters in Jenin.

TAU Study: Brain Activation and Synchronization Can Predict Political Orientation

A first study of its kind scanned the brains of dozens of politically involved participants while watching campaign ads.

13-Year-Old Terrorist Left ‘Martyrdom’ Message in School Notebook

“God, or victory, or martyrdom. Forgive me, mother, you're going to be proud of me,” wrote the 13-year-old terrorist who shot 2 people on Saturday.

Hadassah College Arab Students Face Expulsion for Celebrating Friday’s Terrorist Attack

one HAC Arab student posted: "The 21-year-old heroic martyr from East Jerusalem, he brought our revenge."

YU Pushing through Legal Process to Supreme Court Vindication on LGBTQ Club

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett wanted to grant YU the right to deny the gay students’ club.

Right-Wing Woke Trips 2 Israeli Leftist Professors

I don’t want Israel’s right-wing to plead its case through such provocations that only help ignite more strife and even violence.

Bar Ilan U Molecular Blocker Halts Breast Cancer Metastasis

Cellular and structural biology advances are used in fighting breast cancer in a way that was never possible before.

GW Professor Accused of Antisemitism Deleted her Twitter Account But Twitter Doesn’t Forget

The Title VI complaint made the situation untenable for her, so she deleted the account.

TAU Robot Can Smell 10,000 Times More Effectively than Any Other Device

A technological-biological breakthrough by Tel Aviv University.


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