Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90
Israelis protesting against the upcoming prisoner release in front of the Prime Minister's residence.

As the date approached for the upcoming 4th round of releasing terrorists, more and more Israeli citizens are protesting.

On Monday at 6 PM, there will be a march from the Sharon shopping mall in Netanya to the Park hotel, in commemoration of the 12 anniversary of the Park hotel Pesach terror attack.


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  1. Do I want evil people put out on the street to do more evil? No. That would cause a _lot_ of hurt. The _one_ question Ha’Shem would have about this is: did My people give their word? If we did, we must follow through. We have sworn to our own hurt and yet we will change not. Give the 1.5 billion Muslims a few more murderers.
    Then next time, do _not_ make this agreement. And change your law to conform with the Law, which says that the murderer must die.

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