The IDF delusional rules of engagement governing encounters between soldiers and a hostile Arab population often result in injury to the soldiers, who are terrified of the disciplinary action they would sustain should they use force to defend themselves.

In this case, the soldiers, who last Friday were taunted, shoved and kicked by Arab girls in Nabi Saleh, outside Ramallah – are also going up on charges because of their humiliation—made public by a Facebook post. As usual, the generals who write the debilitating rules of engagement get to punish their confused (and battered) underlings.


On Tuesday morning, Border Policewomen arrested Ahad Tamimi, a teenage girl from in Nabi Saleh who led the beatings of those innocent IDF soldiers.

They also confiscated five mobile phones, cameras, sim cards and laptops. According to Arab sources, the Israeli law enforcement folks entered the village in ten jeeps and carried out the arrest without resistance.

The arrest:

“Warning!” wrote the post author, “the Shadow,” a notoriously abrasive, rightwing working class hero, “If you do not want your day to be ruined, do not press Play.”

“I assure you, you are about to be shocked,” the post continued. “I have never seen impotence on this level, it looks like a castrated army. I have never before prayed so hard to see the butt of a gun hitting a person’s face.
The soldier and the officer could have solved this problem with an 80 shekel pepper spray.”

He then added: “For anyone who does not recognize them – these are the Tamimi girls from Nabi Saleh.”

The Tamimi girls from Nabi Saleh are the nasty teenage daughters of a privileged Fatah family who for several years have been taking advantage of the IDF’s reluctance to perform its law enforcement duty in front of the rolling cameras, creating the perfect stage for these girls to kick, bite, and spit at helpless Israeli soldiers who much prefer to take the beating than to face a military court for violating the IDF commandment of “Thou shall not raise your hand to defend yourself against crazed and violent Arab children in front of a camera.”

An initial investigation conducted by the battalion commander on Friday concluded that the commander of the humiliated IDF force acted professionally by not being dragged into using violence. However, the battalion commander continued, they should have arrested the girls, because they used physical violence and because they tried to interfere with the soldiers’ performance of their mission.

Crazymaking is defined as a form of psychological attack on an individual through offering them contradictory alternatives and criticizing them for choosing either. Praising his soldiers for not using violence while criticizing them for not using violence certainly adds this battalion commander to a long list of IDF commanders who are themselves the victims of crazymaking rules of engagement and then abuse their subordinates with the same treatment.


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