Photo Credit: Oren Rozen via Wikimedia
Price Tag graffiti

The Honenu legal aid society on Wednesday issued a report claiming Israeli Police, apparently in collaboration with other security services, operated an agent provocateur among settlement youth who in at least two cases solicited a minor to perform price tag actions.

According to Honenu attorney Moshe Polski, who represents said minor, documentation he has in his possession show the agent alerted the security forces before, during and after each price tag operation.


In one case, the agent gave the minor a bag with combustible material and spray paint, and coaxed him to carry out a price tag action against Arabs. The minor refused to carry out an arson, and only agreed to spray slogans on Arab property.

According to Polski, the agent drove the minor to the Sheikh Jarrah Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem and instructed him on covering his head while carrying out the price tag slogan spraying. The same agent provided the minor with the text for the graffiti he was to spray on Arab owned homes.

Attorney Polski is expected to ask the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Wednesday morning to allow publication of the details of the case and its investigation materials.

Honenu Attorney Adi Keidar said in a statement that “the phenomenon of the security apparatus employing agents provocateur must be eliminated, and those responsible must be immediately removed from their positions.”

Kedar added that “every time the media publish news that a price tag action had been carried out, the public should know that there’s a chance that the long arm of the security apparatus was involved in carrying it out and possibly even soliciting individuals to do it.”


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